Chanel vs Dior: Which Fashion Brand Is Leading The Way?

Chanel vs Dior

Here comes the fashion showdown of top two well established players in the fashion and apparel industry, i.e. Chanel vs Dior! These two are not only well established and recognized names in the fashion game, but are also the great competitors of each other. 

Chanel vs Dior

Both the brands hailing from the same place, i.e. France has very well stamped their name in the fashion industry. 

To know which one is leading the way through the fashion industry and has been on the top, let’s compare, Chanel vs Dior, on several factors!

Chanel vs Dior: Company Overview 

Here is the short description of company profiles of both the fashion powerhouses! 

Parameters Chanel Dior 
Founded 19101946 
Founders Coco Chanel Christian Dior 
Base of the company France, but later in 2018, Chanel headquarters shifted to London, United Kingdom.Paris, France 
Parent company It is privately owned by the Wealtheimer family  Louis Vuitton or LVMH 
Number of stores Has around 310 Chanel boutiques. Has around 220 Dior boutiques around the world. 
Brand value (2023)$19,386 million $9,965 million 
Market capitalization/ Market Value N/A $156.57 billion (Market Cap)
Company Profiles of Chanel and Dior

As we can see from the above table, Chanel has a more presence in the market as compared to Dior. Chanel has over 310 stores, while Dior stands with 220 stores in the market. 

Not only this, Channels brand value is way higher than that of Dior. Chanel has a brand value of $19.386 million, while Dior has a brand value of $9.965 million. 

Chanel vs Dior: Brand Value 

Brand value determines the worth of the brand. If some other business or entity wanted to merge or bought up your company, and use your logo and services, brand value would be the amount they would pay you for that. 

Year Chanel Dior 
2023 $19,386 million $9,965 million
2022$15,260 million $8,919 million 
2021$13,240 million $7,024 million 
2020$13,705 million $5,988 million
2019$11,480 million $6,045 million 
2018 $5,884 million $5,223 million 
Brand Value of Chanel and Dior

Looking at the numbers above in the table, it is pretty clear which brand has a better brand value in the market. Chanel has been leading the table by acquiring a higher number for its brand value than Dior over the years. For the latest year, i.e. 2023, Chanel recorded a brand value of $19,386 million, while Dior stands at $9,965 for its brand value. 

Chanel vs Dior: Revenue Comparison Analysis 

Year Chanel Dior 
2022$17.22 billion $84.80 billion
2021$15.64 billion $72.72 billion 
2020$10.11 billion $54.91 billion 
2019$12.27 billion $60.12 billion 
2018$11.12 billion $53.56 billion
2017 $9.62 billion $52.42 billion 
Revenue Comparison of Chanel and Dior

Dior recorded a higher number for its revenue as compared to Chanel revenue numbers. For the year 2022, Chanel recorded $17.22 billion as its revenue, white Dior recorded $84.80 billion as its revenue. Here, Dior seems to have an upper hand in terms of revenue generations. 

However, as per the latest, Chanel recorded a 13% increase in its revenue for the year 2023. It recorded a revenue of 86.2 billion euros. Apart from that, Chanel net profit amounted to around 6.3 billion euros, resulting in an increase of 9 percent. On the other hand, revenue numbers of Dior for the year 2023, weren’t available. 

Let’s see the revenue generation by both the fashion powerhouses across different regions!

Chanel vs Dior: Revenue Generation Across Different Regions 

Chanel Revenue Across Different Regions 

According to the sources, Chanel has collected the following revenue across different regions.

Year                             Region 
Asia Pacific Americas Europe 
2022$8.65 billion$3.86 billion $4.72 billion 
2021$8.06 billion$3.52 billion $4.04 billion 
2020$5.26 billion $1.97 billion$2.89 billion 
2019$5.43 billion$2.31 billion $4.53 billion 
2018$4.73 billion $2.11 billion $4.28 billion 
Chanel Revenue Across Different Regions

From the table, we can see that Chanel has its most of the revenue generated from Asia Pacific regions. While others like America and Europe are following the line. 

Dior Revenue Share Across Different Regions

Region Revenue Share 
Asia (Eliminating Japan)35%
United States 26%
Europe (Eliminating France)15%
Other markets 11%
Japan 7%
France 6%
Dior Revenue Share Across Different Regions

Dior has its most of the revenue share from Asia Pacific regions, i.,e. 35%, but Japan doesn’t count in this list. Dior has its separate revenue generation from Japan for about 7%. The second highest region for revenue generation for Dior is the United States, which is about 26%. 

Chanel vs Dior: Sales Comparison 

For Chanel 

Chanel for the year 2022 recorded a higher percentage of its offline sales rather than its online sales. In 2022, Chanel offline sales increased to a percentage of 96.9%, a slight increase from its sales in 2021, which were 96.8%.  On the other hand, in 2020, its offline sales were 95.7%. 

Talking about its online sales, it saw a fall from the year 2020 to 2022. In 2022, its online sales were around 3.1%, while in 2021, its online sales were 3.2%. 

For Dior 

Dior witnessed an increase in its sales of cosmetics and perfumes in the year 2022. It recorded 7.7 billion euros for the sale of its cosmetics and perfumes, which was an increase from its sales from 2019, which were around 6.81 billion euros. 

Chanel vs Dior: Feature Analysis 

Parameter Chanel Dior 
Exclusivity Chanel has started to place the limit on the exclusivity of its products. Its products are available at its official store and website only. There is no such limit in accessing Dior’s fashion accessories. 
Price range Chanel prices are comparatively high as compared to Dior’s prices and are slightly expensive. Dior prices are comparatively less. Dior also increases its prices but not as much as Chanel. 
Resale value Due to the limited availability of its products, Chanel’s resale value is higher. Dior also has a good resale value, but is less than that of Chanel’s. 
Aesthetics appeal Chanel products display more simplicity and timeless elegance with it.Dior design represents more of the trendy, womanish, and elegance with its products. 
Packaging Chanel sells its products in classic luxurious packaging. Dior provides its products in an elegant finishing packaging. 
Chanel and Dior Feature Comparison

Both the fashion brands offer their customers with a different set of features, while Chanel has a better resale value for its products and on the other hand, Dior, offers its product in a comparatively less price range than Chanel. 

Summing Up: Chanel vs Dior 

In the battle of Chanel vs Dior, we unfolded several factors like the brand value, sales count, revenue in different regions, etc. which helped us to differentiate between the two. These fashion brands have established themselves into the reputable giants among the fashion industry. 

If we look at the brand value of both the brands, then Chanel comes out to be the leading player between the two, by having a value of $19,386 million for 2023, while Dior has a brand value of $9,965 million for the same year. 

Chanel vs Dior

On the other hand, if we look at the revenue numbers, Dior leads the game by having $84.80 billion for the year 2022, while Chanel for the same year has a revenue of $17.22 billion. 

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In the end, choosing between the two ultimately rolls down to your fashion game, preferences, choice of products, budget, range of products you want, etc. Both the brands offer great services to their customers! 

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