Mahindra vs Tata: Who Is Ruling The Automobile Space In India?

Mahindra vs Tata

Mahindra and Tata motors since their establishment in the market, has been catering well to people, by bringing new, innovative, budget friendly, automobiles with updated features. These two automobile giants give a rough tough competition to each other, be it in terms of sales, revenue, market cap, and in other aspects too.

Mahindra vs Tata

So, to have a better understanding of which one among the two is having a better hold in the automobile industry, let’s explore the differences between Mahindra vs Tata. 

(1) Mahindra vs Tata: Introduction

Factors Mahindra Tata Motors 
Founded 1945 1945 
Founders Jagdish Chandra Mahindra, his brother Kailash
Chandra Mahindra, and partner Ghulam Mohammed
Tata Group (which established in 1868)
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Parent company Mahindra & Mahindra LimitedTata Group 
Global presence It has a presence in over 100 countries. Has a presence in over 175 countries.
Market share11.4%15%
Revenue (2023) INR 849.6 billionINR 3.5 trillion
Company Profiles of Mahindra & Tata Motors

Both the companies which started in 1945, and hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra, vary a lot in terms of their market share and revenue generation. 

Mahindra launched their first car i.e. the Jeep CJ3 in 1954 in the automobile industry. Following it, in 1965, the company started assembling light commercial vehicles. Tata Motors in 1991 entered the passenger vehicle market with the launch of the Tata Sierra, a multi utility vehicle. 

(2) Mahindra vs Tata: Market Capitalization 

Market cap determines what the company worth is on the open market and how much hold it has on the market. 

Year Mahindra Tata Motors 
2024 $27.61 billion $41.89 billion
2023 $25.85 billion $34.36 billion
2022$18.76 billion $17.70 billion 
2021$13.98 billion $10.31 billion 
2020 $12.24 billion $0.11 billion 
Market Capitalization of Mahindra & Tata Motors

From the above table it is pretty visible that Tata Motors has been leading the race by having a greater market value than Mahindra. Tata motors for the current year i.e. 2024 has a market cap of $41.89 billion, while Mahindra stands at $27.61 billion for the same year. 

  • Tata motors has left behind Maruti automobile company in terms of market capitalization. Tata motors for the first time in seven years has surpassed the market capitalization of Maruti, and has topped the list. With this Tata motors has become the country’s most valuable car brand as of now in 2024. 

(3) Mahindra vs Tata: Market Share 

Market share determines the portion or a part of a market controlled by a particular company or a product. It is simply the percentage of the total revenue or sales that a company’s business makes up in the market. 

Tata motors here too seems to be playing at the forefront. Tata motors has a market share of 15%, and has sold more number of passenger vehicles in 2023 as compared to its previous year 2022 numbers. 

Mahindra vs Tata

On the other hand, Mahindra has a market share of 11.4% in the automobile industry. The numbers clearly show which company has a better hold of the market. 

(4) Mahindra vs Tata: Sales 

Let’s have a look at the sales made by both the companies over the years. According to the sources, the sales of the both the companies are as follows: 

Year Mahindra Sales  (in thousand)Tata Motors Sales (in thousand)
2023 500 thousand units 954.6 thousand units 
2022480 thousand units 729.1 thousand units 
2021327 thousand units 485.3 thousand units 
2020400 thousand units 473.3 thousands units 
2019 N/A 731.9 thousand units 
Sales of Mahindra & Tata Motors

The sales number too depicts the same story as above. Tata motors has more number of sales units as compared to Mahindra sales units. Sales numbers for Tata have increased over the years.

Mahindra too has a similar trend. The sales of Mahindra has increased over the years, while in 2021 its sales units declined, however, after that it has maintained a good number for its sales count. But are less than that of Tata Motors.

(5) Mahindra vs Tata: Revenue 

Tata motors has recorded INR 3.5 trillion as its revenue for the year 2023. A significant increase was observed in its revenue numbers as compared to its previous year’s number. Tata motors has witnessed an increase in its sales over the years, which eventually has led them to generate more revenue for the company. 

Talking about the revenue numbers for Mahindra, it recorded INR 849.6 billion as its revenue for the year 2023, a 3x times higher than its previous year revenue numbers which were INR 557.4 billion. Not only this from the year 2021, Mahindra has observed a rise in its revenue numbers. 

Now let’s have a comparison between the two famous cars by both the companies! 

(6) Mahindra XUV300 vs Tata Nexon 

Factors Mahindra XUV300Tata Nexon 
Mileage Diesel (Manual Gearbox)20.10 Km/LDiesel (Manual Gearbox)21.19 Km/L
Petrol (Manual Gearbox)20 Km/L Petrol (Manual Gearbox)17.57 Km/L
Safety Global NCAP Rating 5 stars 5 stars 
Airbags provided 6 airbags 2 airbags 
Seats offered The XUV300 offers a 6-way adjustable driver seat and also a flat floor on the second row. As for the Nexon, it comes with a driver and co-passenger ventilated seat.The Nexon offers a driver and co-passenger ventilated seat.
Infotainment system This one has a 7-inch touchscreen display with six speakers. Along with that it also offers the convenience of voice recognition and navigation.It has a Harman infotainment system along with 8 JBL speakers. 
Additional features Fuel efficient diesel AMT (Automated Manual Transmission),
Offers best in class torque from the petrol and diesel engines,
Bigger dimensions big cabins, 
Solid road presence, etc.
It offers multiple variants,
Special additions,
Branded infotainment systems,
Good petrol engine, etc.
Comparative Analysis of Mahindra XUV300 & Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon seems to have the edge over the XUV300 in terms of music system with more speakers and branded infotainment system. 

(7) Summing Up: Mahindra vs Tata 

From the above factors and stats stated, Tata Motors emerges as the leading player in the battle between Mahindra vs Tata. 

Tata motors enjoys a greater percentage of market share, i.e. 15.10%, as compared to Mahindra, which has a market share of 11.4%. Not only this, Tata Motors has a higher number of sales units too and also has a higher market capitalization. 

Mahindra vs Tata

Both the automobile companies offer their customers a wide range of automobile options with new innovations, technology, upgraded features, facilities, and more of it. They offer products with different set of features! 

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Sikander Sharma
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Sales numbers of Tata motors is indeed an amazing sight to look at!