Nykaa Marketing Strategy: How Nykaa Became Huge With Branding

Nykaa marketing strategy

Nykaa, the name is on the tips of every beauty and fashion enthusiast out there and is considered among the top beauty e-commerce websites. 

Nykaa Marketing Strategy

The brand is headed by Falguni Nayar and was founded in 2012 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The brand first operated only on online platforms, and with time the brand expanded its approach towards having an omnichannel presence. Nykaa is one of the most selling brands and has an interactive website too. Nykaa has 38% of the market share in the beauty and personal care market in India.

The brand not only operates in the beauty and cosmetics segment only, but also offers great fashion products to the users. Nykaa has an omnichannel presence and has a good market presence, and Nykaa business model serves as the base for it! 

To know how it became a big name among all of us and in the market & how it markets its products along with its strategies, let’s begin with discussing Nykaa marketing strategy! 

(A) Nykaa Marketing Strategy 

Marketing strategies form the basis for the success of any company or organization. These strategies help any brand, business or a company to sustain in the market and cater to the ever changing demands and preferences of the users. 

Same is applied to Nykaa marketing strategy. Nykaa over the time has used engaging as well as unique marketing tactics that has helped them to have a constant engagement with its audience. 

They incorporate marketing strategies like the marketing mix, social media marketing, digital marketing, diverse product catalog, and more of it. 

Let’s begin with each of these factors! 

(B) Marketing Mix 

Marketing mix is one of the basic points that a brand or any other company employs that helps them to become a leading name in their operating industry. Same is with Nykaa, it follows 4Ps of marketing mix strategy, which are Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. 

(B.1) Product Strategy 

Nykaa, which started as only selling beauty and cosmetic products, today boasts a wide range of fashion products too.  Nykaa focuses more on the product quality and with that invest heavily in research and analytics for the brand. 

Nykaa product line includes:

  • Skin products,
  • Makeup products, 
  • Hair products,
  • Lipsticks,
  • Tools and Brushes,
  • Fashion products, 
  • Wellness products,
  • Mom & Baby products, 
  • Concealer, 
  • Nail paints, etc. 

(B.2) Placing Strategy 

Nykaa has a wide network of distribution for its products. For that it uses different channels and mediums to make their products available to everyone. Their product placement strategy includes their presence through both ways, i.e. Online as well as Offline means. 

As per the latest reports of 2023, Nykaa has around 145 stores across the country, and is planning to expand more by 2030, according to the founder of Nykaa. 


Nykaa has expanded internationally too! Nykaa ships its fashion products to Canada, UAE, Australia, US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Afghanistan, and South Africa. 

Nykaa employs different methods that help them to stand out in the market among other competitors in the beauty cosmetic e-commerce industry. All this placing strategies results in attracting a new base of the customer and keeping the existing ones interested in the brand. 

(B.3) Pricing Strategy 

Nykaa employs a simple yet effective pricing strategy. Nykaa offers its customers with different ranges of prices and deals, which eventually helps them in making the customer interested in their brand.

Nykaa offers its products via different pricing strategies like:

  • Value based pricing:  Since its launch in the market, Nykaa has offered competitive prices on all of its products. Apart from that Nykaa offers free shipping on its orders worth Rs.500, which makes customers more interested in the brand. 
  • Cost based pricing: By making use of the cost-based pricing strategy, Nykaa easily determines the cost of producing the product and charges it according to it. 
  • Offers & Discounts: We all are pretty aware about the Nykaa’s sale over the time. It offers various seasonal discounts and offers which make the customer more interested in the brand. Like its Pink Friday Sale, festive discounts, and more like that. 

(B.4) Promotional Strategy 

For the promotion of its products and the brand. Nykaa uses various platforms and strategies for it. 

Nykaa promotion strategy encompasses its engaging campaigns, collaborations with celebrities and influencers, television advertisements, sponsorships, festive promotions, and so on. All this has very well captivated the customers attention towards the brand. 

(C) Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Nykaa has around 2.5 million followers on its Instagram account and around 40.3K followers on its twitter account, all marking a strong as well as a growing presence of the brand on social media platforms. 

Nykaa interacts with various influencers on social media platforms through collaborations. The influencers try out and promote their product on their social media handles, which helps the brand to create a more human based review for their products. 

Talking about its DIGITAL MARKETING strategy, these strategies have helped them to witness and enjoy a strong and reputable recognition on various platforms. Its digital marketing strategy includes:

Digital marketing strategy Description 
Email marketing strategy Nykaa has made good use of email marketing to its full mark. By using email marketing strategy, Nykaa ensures to have a constant engagement with its users. Under this they send out emails to their highly engaged and existing consumers. These emails provide the details about the early look at their upcoming sales, offers, various deals, making consumers visit their product.
Customer relationship management Nykaa keeps notifying their customers about their new launches, offers, deals, and discounts. Also provides them the personalized product recommendations and updates. 
Referral marketing They plan various contests and and events during special occasions on various platforms that contributes to more visibility of their brand. Also offers referral programs with various deals and offers. 
Nykaa Digital Marketing Strategy

(D) Content Marketing Strategy 

Nykaa has employed different channels to showcase their high-end content which eventually helps them to acquire a wide base of its customers. 

Some of them are:

(D.1) YouTube Marketing Strategy 

Nykaa has a separate channel for its YouTube marketing, which goes by the name “Nykaa TV”. Through that channel Nykaa features various makeup tutorials, behind the scenes look, product reviews, how to style, etc. The company through their YouTube channel doesn’t sell their products directly, instead they share personal care tips, celebrity beauty tips, beauty tips, quick makeup hacks, tutorials, and more of it. 

They also have “How to” videos in which they help viewers and their customers to to know more about their wellness products. 

(D.2) Website Marketing 

Nykaa lays a strong focus on its website marketing. For that they also have a “Nykaa Beauty Blog”, which keeps a constant engagement on the website. The blog contains helpful article pieces about hair care tips, personal care, beauty aspects, and more like that. 

In website marketing, Nykaa makes use of strategies like SEO marketing and Ads marketing. 

Strategy Explanation 
SEO marketing strategy Nykaa uses SEO strategy to improve organic traffic and to create more brand visibility. Nykaa implements SEO strategy to improve its content with possible keywords that rank higher in the search results of the users. Not only this, the brand has also optimized articles and blogs according to it which helps them to get quickly indexed and searched by Google. 
Ads marketing strategy Nykaa displays ads from various brands on its platform, which in turn help them to generate more visibility on their website. 
Nykaa Website Marketing Strategy

(E) Influencer Marketing  

Nykaa has appropriately made a good use of influencer marketing. Nykaa has made use of every possible marketing strategy which helps them to make a good mark of their brand in the market. 

Nykaa onboarded various social media influencers like ShivShakti Sachdev, Mallika Dua, Tarini Peshwaria and more like that. It has also collaborated with celebrity Janhavi Kapoor, who is also the brand ambassador of Nykaa since 2018. 

Nykaa has heavily invested in its influencer marketing and digital marketing. 

Let’s have a look at the engaging marketing campaigns of Nykaa! 

(F) Marketing Campaigns of Nykaa

(F.1) Nykaa Femina Awards

Nykaa organizes their event called “Nykaa Femina Awards” every year and that celebrates the achievement of women in various fields. The awards first started in 2013 and since then it has become one of the prestigious awards. 

(F.2) Power of Makeup Campaign 

Another major campaign by Nykaa. This marketing campaign of Nykaa launched with the goal to aim to increase its brand awareness and to create more of their buzz in the market. 

The tagline of the campaign was “Power of Makeup” and featured various make-up products. 

(F.3) All That You Love with Nykaa

Nykaa marketing campaign

One of the largest campaigns launched by Nykaa. The campaign featured Janhavi Kapoor. The campaign celebrates the customer’s relations with its beauty products. Also showcased how makeup becomes a joy of happiness among women.

(G) Summing Up: Nykaa Marketing Strategy 

Nykaa marketing strategy is one of the key elements of its success over the years. 

These strategies prove to be an effective as well as great companion for the brand which has helped them in achieving new heights and growth. 

Nykaa marketing strategy is a blend of its marketing mix, new product categories, collaborations, customer approach, a good digital presence, and also the engaging yet effective marketing campaigns, all of which has made this name among the e-commerce beauty and cosmetic industry. 

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