Astrotalk Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

Astrotalk funding, valuation, & shareholders

Astrotalk, one of the best online astrology prediction websites. The website has over 16,197 + astrologers, comprises astrologers from domestic as well as internationally space.

Astrotalk funding, valuation, & shareholders

A platform that has been using new innovations and technologies with the age-old concept of astrology, is being a driving force in the astrology space in the current era. By connecting many individuals with the right guidance about their constellation signs, stars of their horoscopes, Astrotalk is emerging to be at the forefront of the astrology world.

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Astrotalk Funding 

Founded in 2017, hasn’t raised its money from any external source so far, until 2021. This astro website has only one funding round till date in which it has raised an amount of $811K in 1 round of funding.

The funding round that took place was a seed funding round, and took place on August 3, 2021.

Astrotalk funding

This funding round was led by Qed Innovation Labs, in which 1 investor participated. Apart from that Qed Innovation Labs is the biggest institutional investor in Astrotalk, and it has only one Angel investor, i.e. Vijay Kumar Garg. 

The platform has been eyeing to become an IPO in two years. 

  • Since its inception, Astrotalk has been operating through its revenues, which are being made from its online astrology business, until its funding round happened. 
  • For the current year i.e. FY23, the company’s operating revenue accounts for Rs.283 crores, a substantial increase observed as compared to its previous year’s operating revenue of Rs.115 crores.

Astrotalk funding values

  • The primary source accountable for its revenue is the sale of its consultation services, and around 65% of the consultation services have been done via chats, and the rest of services were provided through phone call service. 
  • Astrotalk’s total expenses have reached a new number for the FY23, i.e. Rs.269 crores, a total of 149% increase as compared to the previous year’s expenses, that was Rs.108 crores in FY22. 
  • Not only has its revenue increased, its profits also increased to a good number as compared to last year’s profit. Astrotalk saw its profit rise to a number of Rs.8.5 crores in FY23, a 41.7% increase as compared to last year’s FY22 number of Rs.6 crores. 

Astrotalk Valuation Sights

The company, after raising its seed funding round in 2021, is currently in talks to seek a valuation of around Rs.1,430 crores, while its revenue mark was set around Rs.650 crores in FY23.

Apart from the above revenue number for FY23, it has set a target number for its revenue to reach at Rs.100 crores profit in FY24. 

Currently, Astrotalk claims to have a 80% market share in the astrology market segment. 

Current market share of astrology 80%
Total number of astrologers on its platform Over 16,197+, under which 13,000+
best astrologers are from India. 
Daily revenue Rs.1.8 crores
Salary range Between Rs.2 lakhs – Rs.4.5 lakhs
Average annual salary Rs.4.1 lakhs
Serves its services Both at domestic as well as at
international platform 
Customer base Over 34.8 million
Country base Across 60+ countries 
Revenue breakdown 65% via chats & 35% via calls 
Per minute charges The platform provides users to get
services at as low as Rs 10 per
minute to Rs 250 per minute.
Collaboration Collaborated with many Indian film
celebrities as well as television personalities. 
Options available on website It includes 
Chat with an astrologer, 
Talk with an astrologer, 
Book a pooja, 
Free kundali,
Horoscopes, etc. 
Total record of minutes of chats/calls 518 million 
Astrotalk Company Insights

Astrotalk provides the option of both free and paid, to chat with the astrologer online. 

The daily revenue of Astrotalk marks around Rs.1.8 crores a day in consultation services while the operating revenue for FY23 reached at Rs.283 crores. 

Astrotalk has been consistent in providing its services at both levels, nationally and internationally, and has a tremendous base across 60+ countries. Its revenue breakdown includes consultation services done via chats 65% & 35% is generated from calls. 

Astrotalk website

A user-friendly website that contains options like, to chat with an astrologer, talk with an astrologer, book a pooja, etc. 

The company claims to have over 34.8 million customers on its platform, and has a record of total 518 million minutes of chats/calls. 

The platform has collaborated with many Indian Film celebrities like Shraddha Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Bipasha Basu, Mouni Roy, etc. as well as television personalities, like Delnaaz Irani, Tejasswi Prakash, etc. While its current brand ambassador seems to be Indian Celebrity Archana Puran Singh.

Astrotalk advertisement
Astrotalk Advertisement

The platform claims to have astrologers above 16,197+, under which 13,000+ best astrologers are from India. 

Astrotalk Shareholder’s List

Shareholders Name Percentage of Shares Owned 
Founder 89.1%
(Employee Stock Ownership Program
Fund 1.0%
Other People 0.90%
Shareholding Pattern of Astrotalk

  • The founder of the company holds the majority of shares in the company with a net worth of Rs.537 crores. While the funds hold 1 % of shares with a net worth of Rs.5.03 crores, as till now it has been only funded once, and before that was operating with its revenue. 
  • While ESOP i.e. Employee Stock Ownership Program holds 9% of shares with a net worth of Rs.54.3 crores. 
  • At last with a net worth of Rs.5.43 crores, the other people segment holds 0.90% of shares.

Summing Up Astrotalk Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown

Astrotalk company

Before the inception, Astrotalk has been operating its operations and providing its services through its revenue generation. Post its inception in 2017, this astrology startup has managed well and has become a prominent name in the astro world.

Astrotalk funding, the valuation it has raised till now, and the shareholders owning shares, planning to become an IPO in coming years, all are the major aspects of its way leading towards growth and success.

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