GoTo vs Grab: Which One Is The Better Super App In SEA?

GoTo vs Grab

Ever wondered which super app reigns supreme in the bustling South Asian region? Well, buckle up because we’re diving into a thorough comparative analysis of GoTo vs Grab! These tech giants have been revolutionizing the way you travel, order food, and manage your finances.

GoTo vs Grab

GoTo boasts a strong foothold in Indonesia, while Grab dominates across multiple ASEAN countries. 

But which one truly takes the crown? 

Join us on this thrilling journey as we dissect their features, market presence, and future prospects to determine which super app deserves the title of the “ultimate digital companion” in South Asia!

(A) GoTo vs Grab: Profile Comparison

First of all, let’s compare the profiles of both the companies-

Name of the CompanyGoTo Gojek Tokipedia TbkGrab Holding Inc.
Trade NameGoToGRAB
Company TypePublicPublic
Operating IndustryTechnologyTechnology, Transportation, Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Parcel delivery, E-commerce, Online payment, Financial services, Vehicle rental
FoundedMay 2021June 2012 (as MyTeksi) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FoundersNadiem MakarimKevin AluwiMichaelangelo MoranAnthony TanTan Hooi Ling
HeadquartersKebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia3 Media Cl, One-north, Singapore 138498
Area ServedIndonesia, Singapore, VietnamSingapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
SubsidiariesGojek, Tokopedia (25%), GoTo FinancialJaya Grocer, Trans-cab Services Pte Ltd. Singapore, OVO
Competitors Akulaku, and Whiplash, GrabUber, Gojek, GoTo, Lyft
GoTo vs Grab: Profile Comparison

In the next two sections, we will dive into the individual info of both companies. 

(B) GoTo: Gojek Tokipedia Tbk


PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk, known as GoTo, is a large tech company in Indonesia. It was created in 2021 when two major companies, Gojek and Tokopedia, joined together in a pretty big deal – the biggest merger in Indonesia’s history up to that point.

GoTo is one of the top super-app companies in Southeast Asia, along with Grab and Shopee. It’s worth a lot of money and is the most valuable startup in Indonesia. It’s so big that it makes up about 2% of Indonesia’s economy!

GoTo, whether you call it Gojek or GoTo, has been recognized by Fortune magazine many times. They’re on the same list as other famous tech companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, Apple, Accenture, and Shopee.

(C) Grab Holding Inc.


Grab is a multinational company from Singapore that makes apps for your phone. These apps help you get rides, order food, and pay for things online. You can use Grab’s apps in lots of countries in Southeast Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The company started in 2012 as MyTeksi to make taxi rides safer in Malaysia. Then, in 2016, it changed its name to Grab and started working with more partners in Southeast Asia. They also made apps for delivery people.

Grab is a really big deal in Southeast Asia. It is a decacorn and the biggest tech startup in the region. In 2021, Grab started selling its shares on a stock market called NASDAQ. This was one of the biggest deals like this at the time. In 2023, a magazine called Fast Company said Grab was one of the most innovative companies in Asia-Pacific!

(D) Business Comparison of GoTo vs Grab

The businesswise comparison of GoTo vs Grab provides consumers, investors, and industry stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive features of each brand. By scrutinizing key business aspects such as product formulations, market presence, and financial performance, you can make educated choices based on your preferences and requirements. 

Business AspectsGoToGrab
Market CapitalizationIDR 84.10 trillion ($5.2 billion)$ 12.51 billion
Revenue Earned$0.97 billion (2023)$1.433 billion 
ExpenditureIDR 25.06 trillion ($1.5 billion)$2.878B billion (2023)
Profit/LossLoss of IDR 10.27 trillion ($645 million)Profit of $11 million
Geographical ReachGoTo has a strong presence in Indonesia, the largest ASEAN nation with over 270 million people.Grab operates across nearly 300 metro areas in ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines
LeadershipGoTo must execute its merger successfully and deepen investments in GoPay for sustained ecosystem growth. Grab has good overall leadership and local expertise in each market.
Future ProspectsPoised to become a leading super app in Southeast Asia, leveraging its diverse offerings and market reach.Continues to expand its services and strengthen its ecosystem, aiming for sustained growth and dominance.
Business Comparison of GoTo vs Grab

From the table, we learn several key insights about GoTo and Grab’s business aspects. Let’s unpack them briefly.

GoTo’s market capitalization stands at IDR 84.10 trillion, equivalent to $5.2 billion, whereas Grab’s is significantly higher at $12.51 billion. While GoTo generated a revenue of $0.97 billion in 2023, Grab earned $1.433 billion during the same period. However, when it comes to expenditure, GoTo spent IDR 25.06 trillion ($1.5 billion), while Grab’s expenditure was notably higher at $2.878 billion.

Financially, Grab reported a profit of $11 million, contrasting GoTo’s loss of IDR 10.27 trillion ($645 million). Despite this, both companies boast impressive geographical reach, with GoTo dominating Indonesia, the largest ASEAN nation, while Grab operates in nearly 300 metro areas across various ASEAN countries.

Leadership-wise, GoTo is focusing on executing its merger successfully and deepening investments in GoPay for sustained ecosystem growth. On the other hand, Grab benefits from strong overall leadership and local expertise in each market it operates in.

Looking ahead, GoTo aims to become a leading super app in Southeast Asia, leveraging its diverse offerings and market reach. Similarly, Grab continues to expand its services and strengthen its ecosystem, aiming for sustained growth and dominance in the region!

(E) GoTo vs Grab: Features Comparison

Now let’s compare the features of GoTo vs Grab-

Food DeliveryYesYes
Parcel DeliveryYesLimited Availability
Digital PaymentsYesYes
Financial ServicesLimitedYes
Lifestyle ServicesLimitedYes (e.g., hotel bookings, event ticketing)
Grocery DeliveryLimitedYes
EntertainmentLimitedYes (eg., streaming services)
Health ServicesLimitedYes (e.g., telemedicine)  
Loyalty ProgramYesYes
User InterfaceEasy to use, good for virtual meetingsUser-friendly and intuitive  
Customer SupportGoTo connectGenerally responsive
Market Availability Primarily Indonesia, expandingWidely available across Southeast Asia
Language SupportEnglish, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Italian, and SpanishEnglish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Filipino
GoTo vs Grab: Features Comparison

Some other notable features-

Regulatory ComplianceAdheres to local regulations Navigates complex regulatory environments
Integration PotentialIntegrating Gojek and tokopedia’s servicesContinuously integrating new features and services 
InnovationFocused on enhancing user experience Constantly introducing new features 
Brand PartnershipsTechnology partnershipsCollaborates with various businesses for enhanced offerings
Accessibility   Accessible through a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices.Accessible via mobile app (Both Android and iOS 12.0 or later)
Future Development Expanding services and market reachContinued growth and innovation
GoTo vs Grab: Features Comparison

Both companies offer similar features with few key differences!

(F) Final Words: Which one is the better super app?

In a nutshell, both GoTo and Grab have their strengths and weaknesses in the competitive landscape of the South Asian region. While GoTo shows potential with its strong presence in Indonesia and diverse offerings, Grab’s expansive reach across multiple ASEAN countries and higher market capitalization position it as a formidable competitor. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences. 

Whether you prioritize geographical coverage, financial performance, or service variety, both super apps offer valuable solutions in the ever-evolving digital landscape of Southeast Asia!

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