Traya vs Vedix: Which Hair Care Company Is Doing Better?

Traya vs Vedix

The two top hair care brands that give a tough competition to each other in the industry are Traya vs Vedix. Both the companies offer personalized hair care services and wellness solutions to their customers by deeply analyzing the cause of hair related issues. 

Traya vs Vedix

This article describes which hair care company is doing better- Traya or Vedix.

1. Company Overview 

Aspects Traya Vedix 
Founded 2019 2017 
Founders Saloni Anand and Altaf Saiyed. Chaitanya Nallan, Sangram Simha,
Jatin Gujarati, and Veerendra Shivhare. 
Headquarters Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra. Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana. 
Parent company Traya Health Incut Lifestyle Retail Pvt. Ltd. 
Revenue $937K (2022)$27.5 million(2022)
Company Overview of Traya and Vedix

Both are privately listed companies and haven’t revealed their plans about becoming a public listed company. 

2. Revenue 

Traya revenue for the year 2022 war reported to be $937K, while Vedix stands at a number of $27.5 million for its revenue. Looking at the revenue numbers, Vedix seems to have a better command over Traya. However, it may change with time as the latest revenue numbers haven’t been disclosed by both the companies. 

3. Growth 

Recently, Traya has raised Rs.75 crore in its latest funding round, and aims to double its revenue and funding in the coming time, according to the founder of the company. Apart from that the company has witnessed a 13x growth in its business FY22-23. 

While talking about Vedix, in the year 2021, the brand aimed to turn in Rs.500 crore revenue over the next five years, however the latest growth rates of the company aren’t available. The brand till date has raised a total of $4 million in its funding rounds. 

4. Website Ranking 

According to the source Similarweb, Traya website ranks at 13th position in the health and wellness sector, while Vedix website ranked at 56th position in the health and beauty wellness list. The ranking clearly shows which one has an upper command over the online space in the market. 

5. Features Comparison 

Here are some crucial factors that will help to understand the difference between Traya vs Vedix.

(5.1) Product Variation 


  • Treats hair fall and other hair related issues of their customers, only after they have taken the hair test set by the brand, already explained in Traya’s success story
  • Its users a vast line up of customized products which are recommended after analyzing the root cause of their hair fall issues.

Traya products

  • They have hair oils which help in strengthening hair, ayurvedic shampoos and hair masks that help to treat the damaged hair and deep conditioning of it.
  • Hair serums, hair sprays, supplements, and more of it, which all are required for the treatment of hair issues. Also with that, they recommend diet plans too. 


  • Vedix is also famous for recommending personal hair care solutions.
  • They have a range of customized shampoos, hair oils, hair serums, etc. for their customers. 
  • The products are being suggested to the users only after they have given the hair test offered by the brand. 
  • Offers hair supplements, hair masks, vitamins, which helps in making hair healthier. 

(5.2) Price Comparison 


  • Traya offers a free hair care test to the customers.
  • Their consultation and service plan starts from Rs.1,800 to Rs.2,500.
  • It has different pricing options which are pretty affordable.
  • The pricing depends on the number of products received. 
  • Also they have a subscription based plan, which makes it easy to reorder the products.  

Vedix Products


  • Vedix also offers a free hair care test, after which the monthly payment of consultation and service starts at Rs.999.
  • Vedix recommends customized hair care products after assessing the causes of hair fall or other related issues. 
  • The product price varies from product to product being recommended. 

(5.3) Ingredients of the products 


Traya uses top natural ayurvedic ingredients in the making of their products, which are being chosen only after thorough research and study. The ingredients chosen help in making the hair gentle and also delivers effective results for hair growth.


Vedix also uses natural ayurvedic ingredients in the making of their products. It has a variety of product mix, which are suitable and are needed to treat the specific issues of hair. 

(5.4) Discounts and Offers 


Traya offers its users with the subscription plan which in turn helps their users with the more personalized product options and service plans. With that Traya, offers timely discounts and offers, which help their users to save a good amount of money. 


The brand also offers their users with the customized hair care solutions through their subscription service plan, and with that have special discounts and offers associated with it. 

(5.5) User Feedback 


After taking the hair test and consultation from the medical and hair professionals at Traya, users have noticed a change in their hair. According to the users, they have witnessed results like regrowth of their hair, thicker hairs, less hair fall, improved hair texture, and more. 


Vedix also has a mix of reviews from its users, and within which they like the customized approach of the brand more. 

Summing Up 

Both the brands have their unique strengths and capabilities and address their customers with the customized products and services for their hair related issues. Traya excels in adapting to a holistic approach for the analysis of the root cause of the hair problems, while on the other hand Vedix makes its mark with the more personalized product options and consultation services. Choosing between the two totally depends on the suitability and personal preference of individuals. 

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Nishtha Pant
Nishtha Pant
3 months ago

Traya should be considered as the go to choice to stop hair fall issues, as in the past I’ve tried the vedix products and in turn it hadn’t benefitted much! After that I switched to Traya to treat my hair issues and now I’m observing good results for it!

Kartik Singh
Kartik Singh
3 months ago

Both the brands by offering the customized hair care products has been capturing the market very well!

Pratigya Srivastava
Pratigya Srivastava
3 months ago

Was wondering which one to consider between the two to treat my hair fall issues, thanks for the detailed information!