11 Most Well Executed Moment Marketing Examples By Brands

Moment Marketi Examples

Can you guess what’s the most important factor in marketing? Connecting with the audience! If you position your brand in front of your target audience at the right time, you can win their hearts and transform them from audience to customer… This approach is called Moment Marketing. It refers to the ad campaigns relevant to a special occasion and a particular period.

Moment Marketing Examples

Just observe when a special occasion comes, brands begin to associate their products with that special occasion or the trend. For example- “Tata IPL 2024 on Jio Cinema: Sab Yahaan, Aur Kahaan!”

That’s the tip of the iceberg because our market is full of such moment marketing examples.

In this article, we will discuss the 11 most well-executed moment marketing examples by brands. So stay tuned!

Amul: Javel in the Crown- Gold Medal Olympics

Amul Moment Marketing

Amul, you know, that famous dairy brand, they were over the moon about Neeraj Chopra’s big win at the Tokyo Olympics 2020! Neeraj, also known as the “golden boy,’” scored a gold medal in the Men’s Javelin event, all the way from Panipat in Haryana. He threw that javelin an impressive distance of 87.58 meters!

Now, to celebrate Neeraj’s incredible feat, Amul got creative and made this adorable animated doodle- Neeraj proudly holding his javelin and gold medal, with the iconic Amul girl giving him a salute of admiration. 

Amul even shared this cute doodle with a caption saying, “#Amul Topical: India wins her first-ever track and field gold medal (sic).” And guess what? The doodle also had the message, “Neeraj on the thrown,” adding a playful touch to his victory.

This sweet post got loads of attention, with thousands of likes and comments pouring in from folks online, all cheering for Neeraj Chopra’s historic win and admiring Amul.

We have explained the topic of Amul Marketing Strategies thoroughly! Go through the link for more details.

Bisleri: Har Paani Ki Bottle Bisleri Nahi

Bisleri Moment Marketing

When duplicate products pop up, like those fake Bisleri bottles, it’s a serious problem. But not long ago, something interesting happened on social media. People started sharing pictures of fake Bisleri bottles alongside the real ones using hashtags like #BeOriginal and #BeBisleri. It got a lot of attention! Folks on Twitter got really creative, making funny memes with these pictures and tagging the official Bisleri page. 

Bisleri saw this as a chance and cleverly brought back their famous campaign “Har paani ki bottle Bisleri nahi hoti” in a stronger way.

Let me tell you why they did it. Anjana Ghosh, who works in marketing at Bisleri, explained that sometimes people ask for Bisleri but end up settling for any water the shopkeeper gives them. To stand out and tackle this issue, Bisleri launched this campaign. 

The packaged water industry is huge, worth about Rs 14,000 crore, and growing at 20% each year. Ghosh believes this campaign will not only fight counterfeit products but also boost Bisleri’s sales!

Fevicol: Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi

Fevicol Moment Marketing

As a football fan, you had your eyes glued to the screen for the Euro 2020. But apart from the game, all the buzz was about Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football star. Remember when he made headlines during a post-match press conference? He swapped two Coca-Cola bottles for a bottle of water, sending a message against soft drinks.

That moment went viral on social media, sparking a trend that many brands jumped on. Even Fevicol, known for its witty ads, joined in. They shared their own version of the conference on Twitter, replacing Ronaldo with two Fevicol bottles. Their caption was, “Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi,” a clever twist on their famous tagline.

This version also went viral, and desi netizens praised its creativity. Many called it “innovative marketing” and “Bohot Hard,” appreciating Fevicol for staying on trend with what’s buzzing online.

Uber: Thankyou for not Riding!

Uber Moment Marketing

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally, companies like Uber, which rely on transportation, faced a tough time. But here’s where Uber got creative, finding a way to help out while also making an impact on their customers. Remember back in April 2020 when they launched the ‘Thank You For Not Riding’ initiative?

As part of this campaign, they did something unexpected and unique. They offered free rides to frontline healthcare workers and free meals to first responders and healthcare workers. It wasn’t just a nice gesture, it also encouraged people to stay home and follow social distancing guidelines.

This move didn’t just make customers happy, it also earned Uber a lot of positive attention. The “Thank You For Not Riding” campaign showed how companies can blend customer service and social responsibility, even during tough times like a pandemic. It goes to show, even when things are rough, there are still ways to connect with customers and make a difference.

Zomato: Acche din is finally here;  Elon Bhai-Thepla

When it comes to moment marketing, Zomato is always the front-runner! Its creative ad campaigns have won the hearts of millions giving rise to their popularity and revenue. Here are two famous moment marketing campaigns of Zomato-

Traditional marketing method of Zomato

Zomato got political while asserting that good days are finally here due to the unbelievable deals on the app.

Here is the second one-

Zomato moment marketing strategy

We have already discussed all the marketing strategies of Zomato including moment marketing here- Zomato Marketing Strategy: Uncovering The Recipe Of Success!

Nike: Just do it! Campaign

Nike Just do it Campaign

Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign is legendary, and known as one of the most successful in advertising history. It all began in 1988, with TV ads, print ads, and billboards showcasing famous athletes like Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and John McEnroe.

The impact was huge! How? Nike’s sales surged from $877 million in 1988 to over $9 billion in 1998, while its market share jumped from 18% to 43%. One big reason for its success? It perfectly captured the spirit of the times.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, fitness and sports were gaining popularity, and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign rode that wave. It urged people like you to push yourselves to greatness, resonating deeply with the culture of the era and propelling Nike to unprecedented success.

Netflix: Mumbai rains, Now streaming; Rasode mein Kaun Tha- Oppenheimer

Netflix moment marketing

When it comes to great examples of moment marketing, Netflix shines bright. They’ve mastered the art of making a splash on digital platforms, especially Twitter, where they engage with their audience in a way that perfectly matches their brand personality. Netflix has a talent for seizing the moment with new releases, cultural trends, and even the weather to create excitement and boost viewership.

Think about their tweet during a rainy day in Mumbai. They cleverly tied the wet weather to the idea of binge-watching, showing they understand their audience’s habits and preferences.

And remember when they hopped on the “Rasode mein kaun tha” viral meme? It created a buzz around their show Peaky Blinders, generating loads of engagement.

But Netflix’s social media strategy goes beyond just crafting witty tweets. They also know how to turn those interactions into profits. During the lockdowns and social distancing of the pandemic, more people turned to streaming services like Netflix for entertainment, and the company gained the benefits.

KitKat: Breaking from Gravity toward Space

Kitkat moment marketing

Let’s talk about a clever marketing move by KitKat. On October 13, 2012, they did something out of this world: they sent a KitKat into space! It was a cool way to show support for Felix Baumgartner and his team before his record-breaking skydive on October 14. The idea came from JWT London, and it gave Baumgartner and his crew a fun break before their big jump.

Oreo: “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl tweet

Oreo moment marketing

During the 2013 Super Bowl, a memorable moment occurred when the lights suddenly went out, halting the game. Oreo saw this as a golden marketing opportunity and acted fast. They tweeted a photo of an Oreo cookie with the caption, “You can still dunk in the dark.”

This clever tweet quickly gained popularity, receiving hundreds of shares. Oreo’s quick response and clever approach helped them stand out amidst the confusion, making it one of the most successful real-time advertising moments. This showcases the power of moment marketing i.e., seizing the perfect moment to create something memorable.

Swiggy Instamert: To Celebrate Virath’s 50th- ICC World Cup 2023

Swiggy moment marketing

Swiggy Instamart rolled out its moment marketing campaign during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Just before the finals, they introduced a clever ad using innovative Adaptive Technology. The ad promised speedy delivery of snacks in just 10 minutes.

Faasos: Andheri/Andhera; SacredWraps

Faasos moment marketing

Even during a power outage in Mumbai, Fasoos didn’t let it stop them from promoting their delivery service. Their catchy slogan, “Andheri or Andhera, we’re still delivering,” showed their determination to keep serving up delicious treats right to your doorstep.

Faasos is known for seizing opportunities to make an impact. Take their #SacredWraps campaign, for example. It was a smart marketing move where they named wraps after characters from the popular TV show Sacred Games. 

This campaign reached a staggering 47 million impressions and garnered over 45,000 engagements on social media. They sure know how to make the most of every chance they get!

So, these were the 11 Most Well-Executed Moment Marketing Examples by Brands. You must have come across other sets of examples too… Don’t forget to share them in the comment section below!

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Aarav sharma
Aarav sharma
3 months ago

This campaign by Bisleri “Har paani ki bottle Bisleri nahi” is surely a master move by the company in the market and is very well remembered by each of us! 😄

3 months ago

Fevicol marketing is always interesting and trendy.