10 Biggest Credit Card Issuers In India – 2024

Biggest credit card issuers in India 2023

The credit card industry is teeming with numerous options that provide exciting offers, privileges, payment solutions, reward points, financial convenience, and whatnot. The credit card issuers in India, the innovators and visionaries behind this have transformed the financial sphere.

Biggest credit card issuers in India 2023

for us, the way we shop, do payments, travel, to name a few. 

Here are the biggest credit card issuers in India-

HDFC  Bank1.88 crore 
ICICI Bank1.88 crore 
SBI Bank1.78 crore
AXIS Bank1.31 crore  
IDFC Bank 19.1 lakh
INDUSIND Bank25 lakh
YES Bank16 lakh
AMERICAN Express Bank 13.6 lakh
AU Bank7 lakh
HSBC Bank 6 lakh

Note: The credit card issuing banks in the above table are ranked based on the number of their active credit cards in the market.

(A) HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading private sector banks, headquartered in Mumbai, Marashtra, India. It is considered as the fourth largest bank in the world. With its innovative features and approach in the Indian credit card landscape, HDFC is coming at the forefront in the financial sphere.

From travel perks, reward points, shopping benefits, discount offers, and whatnot, HDFC credit cards are offered in all these domains.

HDFC card

  • The bank is currently reported to have around 1.88 crore active credit cards in the market.
  • These credit cards often come either with the HDFC bank label or come with co-branded labels or even come with the premium credit card features.
  • Some of the credit cards of this bank offer rewarding loyalty, that means there are HDFC credit cards that are known for offering loyalty programs. 
  • HDFC credit cards come with different annual fees or no annual fee that vary according to the credit card and the features it offers. 
  • Some of its most popular credit cards are – 
  • HDFC Bank Infinia credit card, 
  • Diners club credit card, 
  • Regalia Gold credit card, 
  • Swiggy HDFC bank credit card, 
  • Diners club privilege credit card, 
  • Millenia credit card, and more to it. 

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(B) ICICI Bank 

ICICI bank has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the credit card sphere. The ICICI bank is considered to be at the second-largest position in terms of revenue and market capitalization. ICICI bank does have a wide portfolio of credit cards, each of which offers a set of unique features that vary from card to card.

ICICI card

  • The bank currently has upto 1.88 crore active credit card present in the market. 
  • The bank is said to provide features and benefits in almost all major domain categories like, lifestyle, dining, lounges, travel, fuel, cashless payments, etc,.
  • The bank has collaborated with India’s biggest loyalty program like PAYBACK, that offers reward points to the customers. 
  • ICICI bank also offers co-branded and branded credit cards with their names.
  • ICICI bank has strategically forged alliances with numerous airlines, lifestyle brands, etc. to present a range of co-branded credit cards.
  • Some of the popular credit cards offered by the bank are – 
  • ICICI Sapphiro credit card, 
  • ICICI Coral credit card, 
  • ICICI bank Emeralde private metal credit card, 
  • Amazon Pay ICICI credit card, 
  • Emirates Skywards ICICI bank Rubyx credit card, 
  • ICICI Rubyx credit card, and more of it.

(C) SBI Bank 

State Bank of India (SBI) has played a pivotal role in shaping the face of credit cards in India. SBI has a vast portfolio of credit cards and features, each catering to different requirements and needs of finance. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. The bank has its branches in more than 100 cities in the country.

SBI card

  • The bank is considered as the second largest credit card issuer in the country with 1.78 crore active credit cards currently in the market. 
  • SBI credit cards are the only publicly listed credit card issuer in the country. 
  • Also only the single credit card company that got listed in the stock market.
  • The bank offers credit cards in both ways, cards with only the bank name and also the co-branded cards. 
  • Credit cards offer uncountable benefits on lifestyle, travel, shopping, payment services, reward points, etc. 
  • Credit cards come with fees that vary according to the card and the benefits that come along with it.
  • Some of the most popular credit cards of SBI are – 
  • SBI card PRIME, 
  • SBI Elite credit card, 
  • SBI Aurum credit card, 
  • SBI simply SAVE credit card, 
  • BPCL SBI credit card, and a lot to it.

(D) AXIS Bank 

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The bank has made a significant mark in the credit card by offering a vast portfolio of cards that are innovative and are customer friendly, and remains true to its commitment.

AXIS card

  • The card is reportedly considered to have around 1.31 crore active credit cards in the Indian credit card market. 
  • The card benefits range from premium to the basic level requirements and convenience. 
  • The cards offer best benefits for categories like shopping, travel, movie tickets bookings, payment convenience, lounge access, dining, etc.
  • Provides co-branded cards too, like Flipkart Axis credit card, and collaborates with various airlines also to provide numerous perks to its customers. 
  • Some of the popular cards offered by the bank are – 
  • Axis bank ACE credit card, 
  • Flipkart Axis bank credit card, 
  • Axis bank Atlas credit card, 
  • Axis bank Neo credit card, 
  • Airtel Axis bank credit card, etc. 

(E) IDFC Bank  

Founded in 2015, IDFC bank has made significant and recognizable strides into the credit card market. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, has above 800 branches. The credit card comes with loaded benefits that range from premium to the basic ones.

IDFC card

  • IDFC bank currently has above 19.1 lakh active credit cards in the Indian credit card market.
  • The credit card often comes with loaded benefits and high-end features.
  • Provides co-branded cards too, often partners with airlines, brands, etc. to offer high privilege advantage to its users.
  • IDFC bank credit cards provide advantages in various categories like, dining, lounges, shopping etc. 
  • The cards also offer digital banking, mobile app facility and payment convenience. 
  • Some of the popular cards offered by the bank are – 
  • IDFC First Millenia credit card, 
  • IDFC First wealth credit card, 
  • IDFC First select credit card, 
  • IDFC First WoW credit card, 
  • IDFC First classic credit card, and more of it.


The bank got its inspiration for its name from the Indus valley civilization, and was established in 1994. Emerges as a prominent name in the private sector bank sector in India. The bank is said to have around 25 lakh active credit cards in India. The portfolio of cards varies from different features and ranges from premium to the masses. 

Indusind card

  • Offers various perks on dining, traveling, airport lounge services, discounts, etc. 
  • Collaborates with various airlines, lifestyle brands, online shopping sites, etc. to provide co-branded cards.
  • Card fees often vary from card to card. 
  • Earned reward points can be used for making payments like bills, insurance premium, and other charges.
  • Some of the popular credit cards are – 
  • IndusInd bank Pioneer Heritage Credit Card, 
  • IndusInd Bank Celesta Credit Card, 
  • IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card, 
  • IndusInd Bank Pinnacle World Credit Card, 
  • IndusInd Bank EazyDiner Credit Card, 
  • IndusIns bank iconia visa credit card, etc.

(G) YES Bank  

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. YES bank offers a diverse range of credit cards, each of which is designed to address every customer needs and preferences. YES bank credit card offers benefits on travel, payment mode, reward points, shopping, fuel, annual fee, etc.

Yes bank card

  • YES bank currently has over 16 lakh active credit cards in the credit card market. 
  • The bank also operates in services like retail banking, investment banking, corporate finance, etc.
  • The bank also offers digital banking by providing a user-friendly interface app. 
  • Some of the popular credit cards offered by the bank include – 
  • Yes Private Prime Credit Card, 
  • Yes First Exclusive Credit Card, 
  • Yes First Preferred Credit Card, 
  • Yes Premia Credit Card, 
  • Yes RuPay Credit Card, 
  • Yes Prosperity Edge Credit Card, etc.

(H) American Express Bank 

The bank which is also known as Am.Ex is a U.S based financial institution, known for its credit cards and it features all around the world. Offers a wide range of credit cards in India, each of which is tailored to every specific preference of the customers. These credit cards offer multiple benefits in various domains like, reward points, travel, dining, shopping, airport lounge access, hotel services, etc.

American express card

  • The bank reportedly has around 13.6 lakh current active number of customers in the Indian credit card market.
  • These credit cards are known for their global acceptance, an ideal and perfect go-to choice for the travelers.
  • Offer membership, reward points, allowing customers to earn points over their payment transactions. 
  • Some of the popular credit cards offered by the bank are – 
  • American Express Platinum Card, 
  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, 
  • American Express SmartEarn credit card, 
  • American Express Gold Card, etc. 

(I) AU Bank 

AU Small Finance Bank, headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has extended its services and offerings with its credit cards. The bank presents a pool of credit cards that are designed with customer-centric features, convenience, preferences, rewards, discounts, etc.

AU card

  • The bank has around 7 lakh active credit cards in the market.
  • The bank provides both the high premium credit cards and the free credit cards.
  • The credit cards also come with features like, cashback rewards, discounts, fuel surcharge waivers, etc. 
  • Also offers digital banking, app, site with numerous options.
  • Some of the popular credit cards offered by the bank include – 
  • AU Bank LIT credit card, 
  • AU Bank Altura credit card, 
  • AU Bank Vetta credit card, 
  • AU Bank Zenith credit card, etc.

(J) HSBC Bank 

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking corporation, has become a renowned name in the global banking and financial institution services. It is considered as the second largest foreign banking institution in the nation. Headquartered in London. HSBC offers a wide array of services with its credit cards, which are designed to provide the specific needs and preferences of customers.


  • The bank reportedly has around 6 lakh active credit cards in the Indian market.
  • The bank provides some of its best credit cards to its customers.
  • Some of the best credit cards offered by the bank are – 
  • HSBC visa platinum card, 
  • HSBC cashback credit card, 
  • HSBC Premier MasterCard credit card, 
  • HSBC smart value credit card, etc.

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