7 Best Rent Payment Apps You Can Use (2024 Top Picks)

7 Best Rent Payment Apps

Our lives is continuously driven by digital convenience, from online shopping to doing crucial transactions, every phase has undergone a remarkable transformation. Even our way of paying rent through old traditions has also evolved with time. With few taps and clicks, you can effortlessly and seamlessly pay your rent through these renting apps. For this there are some best rent payment apps in the market that provides a seamless platform to for doing rent transactions.

7 Best Rent Payment Apps

Whether you’re a busy landlord seeking efficient and timely collection of rent or a tenant looking for a hassle free or untroubled way to pay your bill or dues, and seeking convenient methods to cover those bills, we got you covered here. Let’s get into the discussion and know about the 7 Best rent payment apps, that can become an easy-to-go option for both the tenants and landlords. 

Before getting into the list of best rent payment apps, let’s know about what actually is rent payment apps?

Rent Payment Apps: An Overview 

At the basic, rent payment are the digital tools platforms and mobile applications that are specially designed to facilitate the frictionless process of paying rent. A magic way of paying rent in the sphere of paying rent through old traditions. These apps especially leverage the technology to simplify secure and safe rent paying processes. 

Best rent payment apps

These apps basically allow tenants to connect their bank account or the credit cards with the app transaction details, making it easy and suitable for transferring money directly into the landlords or the company management property account. This whole process eliminates the need of maintaining physical records or doing cash payments.

These apps even come with cash back, and other offers, making these apps a convenient and suitable choice for paying rent. 

  • The foremost advantage of using these apps is the convenience they offer, pay rent from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Comes with robust security features, ensuring a safe and secure system is provided to your financial details.
  • Often allowed to communicate with the other party, i.e. tenants and landlords can connect directly with each other on these apps. 
  • Maintains a digital timely record, avoiding the risk of misfall of payments.

Best Rent Payment Apps

App Name Exclusive Feature No. of downloads 
Paytm Discounts & Cash back rewards, plus offers a 45 day interest free period.500M+
PhonePeEarn cash back & vouchers, charge only 1.50% of convenience fee.500M+
PayPalHelps with the feature of converting currencies. 100M+
CredEarn various reward points that can be used to avail various discounts & deals, along with a good interest free period.10M+
Buildium Offers benefits like ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment, e-signature, etc.50K+
Innago Sign leases, digital documents, screen tenants & operate background checks, etc. 50K+
DoorLoop Automated payment, timely online rent payment service, etc. 10K+

Note: The above list shows the best rent payment apps, however we have ranked them according to the number of their latest downloads. 

(1) Paytm 

Over the years, Paytm has emerged as one of the best payment apps, and has become a household name in India. Offering an all-in-one payment platform. Paytm has successfully and strategically stepped into simplifying rent payments. Not just the rent payment options, Paytm has successfully offered services like mobile recharge, bill payment, online payment, bookings, etc.

This digital platform has become more widespread after the COVID outbreak, as now everybody seems to prefer online payment mode whether for a bill or paying rent.

Paytm rent payment app

Benefits of paying rent through Paytm

  • Offers a 45-day interest free period on purchases, making it convenient and flexible for the users.
  • Charges a convenience fee of 1% + GST.
  • Provides safe and secure payment methods and provides enhanced security to user’s financial information. 
  • Earn cash back and reward points on paying rent through Paytm. 
  • Provides digital rent receipts and agreements, making it a seamless and convenient way for both the tenants and the landlords to manage their payment history.
  • It offers a 3-way payment process that helps you out with the easy, secure and fast transactions. 
  • A hassle-free payment option.
  • Its integrated bill feature capability helps to eliminate the need of using different apps for payment mode.

Note: Paytm and PhonePe, these two are among the big payment giants in the present scenario. Know more about it in our detailed article PhonePe Vs Paytm, visit it once to get more knowledge of it.

(2) PhonePe

Another one on the list is PhonePe, the payment app that is making waves in the online payment market. PhonePe has expanded its offerings to cater to vast digital solutions. It is more than just a payment platform, it also makes payments for hotel bookings, flight bookings, insurance for cars, health, etc. along with it, offers rent payment, card recharge, subscriptions. And more of it. 

PhonePe rent payment app

PhonePe offers an array of benefits when paying rent through their platform, with easy navigation and integration of rent payment records.

Benefits of paying rent through PhonePe 

  • It charges a nominal amount of 1.70% + GST of convenience fee when paying through credit card on PhonePe.
  • Earn cashback and vouchers.
  • The app also allows credit cards from American Express bank that might not be available on other payment apps.
  • It includes an automated payment option, ensuring that rent is paid on time. 
  • Provides timely digital payments records for the transaction made, simplifying the payment record for both the tenants and the landlords.
  • Also facilitates the communication between both the parties.
  • Incentives, reward points, cash back offerings, making it a suitable choice for the users.  
  • A user-friendly interface with enhanced security is provided. 

(3) Cred 

A platform that is focused on credit card management and payments, has expanded its way into rent payment options. Along with it offers a wide range of services like insurance, investments, bill payments etc. 

Cred rent payment app

With its rent payment option, Cred provides an easy and hassle-free way of paying monthly rents and with it unlocking a pool of rewards. For it the users simply have to link their bank accounts with their cred account to avail all the facilities provided by the app. With their tracking credit score feature, users can track their financial performance and to look into their money management.  

Benefits of paying rent through Cred 

  • Its smooth integration feature helps users to navigate and attach their details quickly into the app and to start with rent transactions. 
  • Charges a convenience fee of 1% to 1.75% + GST.
  • Get to earn exclusive cashback and reward points on rent payments.
  • Get an interest free credit period while making rent payments through credit card. 
  • Cred members can take up the facility of Cred rent pay, for which the fees may range between 1-1.5%. 
  • Its automated payment option includes recurring payments, ensuring that rent is paid on time. 
  • A good digital record keeping system is available, simplifying the process for both the landlords and tenants.
  • A good rewarding points system. 

(4) PayPal

PayPal, a household name in the online payment options. A seamless integrated and easy to use payment platform. Initially offering only payments for digital transactions, purchases, etc. has enhanced itself into a wide offering payment platform. The app offers a trust and user-friendly interface, and ensures to keep the financial transactions safe and secure. 

Offers services like bill payments, purchases, e-commerce payment options, also the rent payment option, etc.

PayPal rent payment option

Benefits of paying rent through PayPal 

  • Its global presence makes it accessible and accepted to a vast base of audience all over the world. 
  • International landlords or the tenants can consider this rent payment option.
  • Its robust security safeguards users’ financial information. 
  • A secure and fast way to make payments online.
  • Its automatic payment feature ensures that rent is being paid on time, making it easy for both the parties.
  • Also a digital record keeping system. 
  • Offers a speedy payment paying and payment checkout options.

(5) Buildium 

The software is specially designed to cater to property management solutions. This app serves as the go-to option for the property owners and managers to look after the rental properties services like rent payment, lease management, request maintenance, transactions, etc.

Comes with automated electronic payments, insight tools, tracking features, to name a few. Buildium has a comprehensive approach to property management solutions, making it a top choice for the landlords for their property.

Buildium rent payment app

Benefits of paying rent through Buildium 

  • Buildium cuts the payment processing time upto 70%, by offering best rental payment services.
  • Never miss a due payment with this app, pay rent payments through its online portal, easy to use option.
  • It also facilitates the communication between the parties. 
  • By making a buildium account it helps with the wide range of digital services for the seamless integrated flow of transactions.
  • Buildium offers two renting apps – one for the tenants to make rent payments, make requests and more, and the other app for the property managers and the resident center. 
  • Offers benefits like ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment, e-signature, etc.

(6) Innago 

A special and easy to go for property management software solutions that is especially designed to save money and time. The app has started its way into the rent payment road. This app helps to make rent paying a simple process, accessible and affordable.

This app helps landlords with the tracking, payment receipts, to generate reports, etc. It is simple and rich with features to use, and a good user friendly interface.

Innago rent payment app

Benefits of paying rent through Innago 

  • Comes with automated rent reminders for tenants, that can save time for both the landlord and the tenant, and make payment receiving faster.
  • Tenants can sign documents automatically, maintain their record, and rental history.
  • The app provides foremost security to users’ financial details and provides data security.
  • Provides a good user interface making it a suitable choice for the landlords as well as for the tenants.
  • Like all other payment apps, Innago also keeps a digital record of the payment history, simplifying every payment transaction made. 
  • Provides rental insurance facility. 
  • The app comes with a free sign up feature, along with it provides extensive features to the user.

(7) DoorLoop

The app that is specialized in property management. The app offers more than just property management, it offers rent paying facilities too. It provides a specialized solution for rent payments, catering to both the tenants and the landlords. Its key difference is its unwavering commitment and its user friendly platform.

It makes it more easy and manageable in managing tenant information, renewal, and agreements. Its integrated tools help to simplify financial and accounting information.

Best rent payment app

Benefits of paying rent through DoorLoop

  • A suitable and go-to platform for paying rent, accessing documents, or to make maintenance requests. 
  • Helps in reducing errors with the automating processes that minimizes the risks. 
  • This app helps in maintaining good bonds with tenants, by addressing their requests and issues timely.
  • Allows payment through various options that includes credit cards, debit cards, and the electronic payment.
  • Provides a timely online rent payment service.
  • Automatic rent reminders and notification for payments. 
  • Also applies late payment management options that help landlords to encourage timely payments. 
  • Has comprehensive features to manage accounts and financial information. 

Summing Up

The sphere of rent payment apps has evolved with time to simplify the way we handle one of the financial responsibilities, paying rent. The above rent paying apps have established themselves as the financial giants that offer a vast range of services, catering to every need and request of tenants and landlords.

Rent payment apps

The convenience, security, seamless transactions, and efficiency they provide have redefined the way we do rent payments. As the digital platform continues to grow, these apps stand at the forefront of how technology can help in making payments. 

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Harish Yadav
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Exactly! Paying rent via Paytm have really helped me save good chunk of money.