7 Most Rewarding Best RuPay Credit Cards In India – 2024

Best RuPay credit cards in India 2023

A combination of Rupee and Payment : RuPay cards. RuPay credit cards are considered to be an absolute homegrown alternative to the international credit card market. They are often referred to as the “Made In India” card, and were introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in 2014. A payment network that involves various credit card issuers that’ll issue credit, debit cards, or pre-paid cards to the customers.

Best RuPay credit cards in India 2023

These cards almost function the same as that of the other credit card services like MasterCard, American Express, or VISA. These credit cards are not only accepted in the Indian market, but also has been started accepting in other countries too.

some basic differences between RuPay credit cards and International credit cards.

Origin Indian domestic card International system cards 
Operating cost Lower service charges in IndiaModerate charges 
Security More secure cards within in IndiaRisk can be slightly higher because of international processing
Processing feeComparatively lowSlightly more expensive 
Acceptance worldwide For international use the RuPay cards can be used at any PoS, ATM and Ecommerce website which are enabled for Discover Financial Service (DFS).Can be used everywhere 
Data processing time Fast speed of processing dataTakes more time in processing data as it is sent to their servers for verification. 
Insurance cover Provides insurance cover for personal accident with other benefits Provides insurance cover for travel, personal accident, warranty, with additional benefits
Security More secure as they are mostly used in the Indian market. Risk is slightly higher due to international processing. 

most rewarding Best RuPay credit cards

Shaurya Select SBI RuPay Credit CardReward points 
HDFC RuPay Regalia Credit Card Reward points & Luxurious services. 
SBI Simply Save RuPay Credit CardLuxurious services, reward points & 2500 points as a welcome benefit.
PNB RuPay Select Credit Card On first use of the card, get above 300 points.
Bank of Baroda Premier RuPay Credit Card On Overseas spends get awarded with reward points.
Indian Oil HDFC RuPay Credit CardGet reward points & Get annual fee reversed if the spends exceed Rs.50,000 in the previous year 
ICICI Coral RuPay Credit Card Can avail 25% discount on movie tickets purchased through BookMyShow or at INOX outlets.

Note: The credit cards mentioned in the above table doesn’t represent any ranking. 

(A) Shaurya Select SBI RuPay Credit Card

The card launched by SBI especially for the Armed forces personnel. The card comes at an annual fee of Rs.1,499 +taxes. The card comes with a wide range of benefits for the defense personnel in categories like dining, groceries shopping, entertainment, insurance, etc.

Exclusive discounts on purchase from CSD canteens, i.e. Canteen Stores Department, owned and operated by Indian Armed Forces.

Shaurya SBI credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • Get 2 reward points on every Rs.100 spent on all other categories.
  • 10 reward points on every Rs.100 spent on dining, movies, groceries purchase form CSD canteens.
  • As a welcome bonus get 1500 reward points on payment of annual fee every year.
  • On paying renewal fee every year enjoy 1500 reward points for every year.
  • Provides personal accident insurance cover worth Rs.10 lakhs.
  • Can convert your purchases into EMIs if the spend is above Rs.2,500.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1% on all petrol pumps.
  • Annual fee charges will be waived off if the annual spends are Rs.1.5 lakhs or above it.
  • On reaching a milestone of spending Rs.5 lakh in a year, get exclusive e-gift vouchers from Yatra or Pantaloons of amount Rs.7,000. 
  • Concierge services are available 24X7. 
  • Provides a fraud liability cover of upto Rs.1 lakh.

(B) HDFC RuPay Regalia Credit Card 

HDFC has introduced a new card in the line of its credit card. This RuPay Regalia credit card constitutes the original features of the Regalia card plus the new additional features that are offered by the RuPay version. Charges an annual fee of Rs.2500+taxes. 

HDFC Regalia credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • The card provides exclusive dineout passport membership plus access to 12 complimentary access to airport lounges within India and 6 outside India.
  • If the spend is more than Rs.3 lakhs in the first year of the card purchase, the annual fee charges are waived off (reversed).
  • As a welcome bonus get 2500 reward points everytime paying the annual membership, this benefit can only be in use if the annual fee charges are not waived off. 
  • Charges a low percentage for foreign currency markup fee of 2%.
  • On minimum transactions of upto Rs.400 and maximum of upto Rs.5,000, get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all petrol pumps across India.
  • Provides insurance cover of upto Rs.1 crore for accidental air death, and for emergency overseas hospitalization – provides insurance cover of upto Rs.15 lakhs.
  • Get 10,000 reward points on spending Rs.5 lakh annually. 
  • Get a lost liability cover of around Rs.9 lakhs.
  • When reported within 24 hours of the lost Regalia credit card, you’ll be charged zero for any fraud transactions made through your credit card.

Note: Visit the article All About RuPay Cards.

(C) SBI Simply SAVE RuPay Credit Card 

The benefits offered are the same as that of the original SBI card, but provides additional perks and features of RuPay credit card. The card comes at an annual charge of Rs.500+taxes.

SBI Simply credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • The card is most suitable for those who love frequent dining, shopping, movies, etc.
  • As a welcome benefit get 2500 reward points everytime you pay the annual membership. 
  • The bonus points will be directly credited  to your SBI card account within 60 days of transactions.
  • Get awarded with 10X reward points on Rs.100 spent on movies, groceries shopping, departmental stores, and on dining spends.
  • While enjoy a 1 reward point on spending Rs.100 on other spends.
  • Get 1% on fuel surcharge waiver.

(D) PNB RuPay Select Credit Card 

The card is best suited for the customers who frequently engage in shopping, dining, watching movies, travel, etc.  The card comes with an annual fee charge of Rs.500.

PNB credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • The card provides cashback benefits on dining, utility bills, etc.
  • Get complimentary access to domestic and international airport lounges.
  • Get 300 reward points on first usage of the card.
  • On retail expenses, get extra reward points upto 2X.
  • The card provides different insurance coverages.
  • Charges around Rs.150 as the card replacement fee.

(E) Bank Of Baroda Premier RuPay Credit Card    

It is offered by Bank Of Baroda. The card that is best suited for people traveling abroad. The card provides no benefits as the welcome bonus. Charges an annual fee of Rs.1000+taxes.

Bank of Baroda credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • This card can be turned into a lifetime free credit card by making a purchase of Rs.1,20,000 in a year.
  • By spending Rs.10,000 within the first 60 days of issuing the card, and get annual charges reversed or waived off.
  • Get complimentary access to visit one airport lounge every quarter. 
  • On spending Rs.100 internationally on dining, travel, shopping, get 10 reward points each time.
  • Enjoy 2 reward points on every Rs.100 spent on other categories. 
  • The card also provides an interest free credit facility for 50 days on any purchase. 
  • Provides insurance coverages.
  • When purchases cross above Rs.2500 mark, they can be converted into EMIs.
  • Provides 1% on fuel surcharge waiver.

(F) Indian Oil HDFC RuPay Credit Card 

The co-branded card of HDFC. Indian Oil and HDFC collaborated to launch a new credit card that’ll help customers with utmost convenience and benefits. The card helps to convert fuel points into reward points. Comes at an annual fee of Rs.500+taxes.

Indian Oil HDFC credit card

Benefits of having this card – 

  • Get upto 5% of your spends as fuel points only at Indian Oil outlets. 
  • Get your annual fee reversed if the spend crosses Rs.50,000 in the previous year.
  • Could avail only one reward point by spending Rs.150 at other petrol pump stations. 
  • After issuing the card, for the first 6 months enjoy 250 fuel points in a month and post it enjoy 150 fuel points for six months.
  • Transactions made of Rs.400 or above it, 1% of fuel charges will be waived off. 
  • Also earn upto 5% of your expenses on grocery and bill payments.
  • The card will be available for free if registered through SmartPay.
  • The card charges zero for add-on card fee.

(G) ICICI Coral RuPay Credit Card  

The contactless credit card by ICICI bank that is designed to provide its customers the best of benefits and features. Charges a nominal amount of annual fee of Rs.500, can be a good choice of low cost credit card.

ICICI Coral credit card

Benefits of having this card –

  • The contactless payment mode makes it a good choice for having this card, and is one of the prime benefits. 
  • Provides good reward points benefits on movie tickets purchase and lounge access.
  • Get one reward point on every Rs.100 spent on insurance and utility bills, while enjoy 2 reward points on every Rs.200 spent except for fuel. 
  • On movie tickets purchase get upto 25% discount on minimum of two tickets when booked through BookMyShow app or at INOX outlet. Only valid twice a month.
  • Provides access to domestic railway lounges. 
  • Get 1% on fuel surcharge waiver, and only applicable on Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 
  • On spending Rs.2 lakhs from the card get 2,000 reward points directly credited into your account, and on spending Rs.1 lakh get upto 1,000 reward points.

Summing Up

The above best RuPay credit cards are standing at the forefront and leading in the race. The cards come with amazing and utmost benefits like travel benefits, dining benefits , shopping , abroad expense benefits, and whatnot.

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