9 Types Of Print Media & What Are Their Functions

Types of Print Media

There are different types of print media in the market present in the space of information dissemination. 

Types of print media

Print media encompasses various forms of disseminating information, write-ups, interviews, etc. and are available in multiple forms like newspaper, magazines, brochures, and many more like that, each of them has its unique set of readers, along with that offers a different set of perks and benefits.

These publications are either published daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, depending on the type of information material it is carrying and the demand. 

In the current digital driven world, print media is still considered to be one of the authentic and trusted sources by many to get full fledged information in considerable matters.

1. Newspapers 

Newspapers tops the list of types of print media, and is considered as the most reliable form of print media. Since its establishment in the market, newspapers have been dominating mass media in terms of information dissemination, reach, market capacity, trust factor, distribution, etc.


Despite seeing the birth of many other print media forms, newspapers are still believed to be a popular medium of marketing and getting authentic information about the events be it general, political, local, national, etc.  

The demand of newspapers in the market is never ending despite seeing the digital media phase.

Newspapers are published daily, and are delivered either at home, offices, or available at newsstands, bus stands, libraries ,etc. They are available at minimal costs and the most effective inexpensive way to reach a wider base of audience. 

Functions of newspapers:

  • Newspapers have significantly a higher larger volume of readers as compared to any other form of print media.
  • Newspapers are published on a daily basis and therefore have a higher frequency rate. 
  • Newspapers have sections that contain information about current events, sports, fashion, finances, food, entertainment, politics, advertisements, articles, editorials, international, and so on. 
  • Newspapers are a great source and way to distribute advertising pamphlets, weeklies, etc. 
  • In newspapers, some sections are designed or created to amuse or give enjoyment to readers, they may find a puzzle, comic strip, or game in the newspaper. 
  • As newspapers have a good reach among the audience, it can be a good way to target national as well as local audiences. 
  • This printed publication can be read anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the date, time, and the availability of internet. 

2. Magazines

Another popular form of print media, Magazines. Magazines are usually targeted towards a specific set of readers.

Magazines are generally in a booklet form that contains a published collection of texts like essays, articles, stories, poems, editorials, interviews, etc. often illustrated with more magnificent appealing photographs and cover.


Magazines are published either on a weekly basis, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Magazines are made up of coated papers which have a matte or glossy, shiny surface which also reduces the ink absorbency, and makes it look more appealing in the stand.

There are various materials that can be used for coating, but one of the most well-known and prominent materials is kaolinite, also called china clay.

Functions of magazines: 

  • One of the most highlighted features of magazines is that it contains fewer articles, and has more pictures. 
  • As magazines are made in a more appealing way, therefore the ads within it are designed in a glossary way that needs to be eye-catching for the targeted audiences. Along with that it should be elegant, simple, & sophisticated. 
  • Magazines can be consumer-related or business-related. 
  • They are designed on specific subjects and interests and are intended to cater target audiences. 

3. Posters 

Posters that are widely used to spread and promote a specific event, message, or cause. Posters are made in a more impactful and visualized form that are capable of catching the attention of people and also are aesthetic. 

Posters are highly used for advertising like public awareness campaigns , promotion, spreading a message, for exhibitions, etc. for the brands and products in public spaces. 


Posters generally are often seen in public spaces placed on bus shelters, shops sides, on the sides of buildings, in cinema foyers, in restaurants, and in subways.

Posters are generally referred to as the printed paper announcement or advertisement that is exhibited publicly. Be it for promoting a product, an event, announcement, a poster must be capable of immediately catching the attention of the passerby.

Functions of posters: 

  • Posters are designed in both ways, it should deliver the required message or the information and is also eye-catching.
  • Posters can be cost-effective unlike advertising TV or radios. 
  • Posters are capable of reaching a large number of people as they are majorly placed in more busy public places.
  • Posters are made with bold typography, more striking imagery, concise text that is capab;le of diverting and attracting public attention and can generate more interest in them.
  • They are an effective means of print media and communication that captures the essence of a message in a visually appealing manner.

4. Billboards 

Billboards are placed majorly placed in the high-traffic and busy areas, where it can have the maximum visibility as well as the audience reach. 

Billboards are also known as hoardings and are a large outdoor advertising form. They are found majorly alongside busy roads, highways, and around popular shopping outlets, where they can have the maximum attention of passersby and pedestrians.  


Billboards involve delivering the message or the information in a more attractive and appealing manner with more visualized graphics and images with less text. 

Functions of billboards:

  • One of the most effective ways of advertising.
  • There are electronic billboards too present in the market. 
  • Helps in making brand awareness and visibility more in the public for the companies. 
  • Has a broader audience reach. 
  • Helps in targeting more market segments. 

5. Flyers 

This form of print media is another way you can advertise your product or service. This form of print media is hand held and distributed openly in the public places, like markets, bus stands, on streets, etc. 

Apart from being used as a medium of advertising, they are distributed to convey messages, raise awareness, or announce specific activities or offers.


Flyers are similar to brochures, one thin line of difference can be that flyers are generally available and published on one page, whereas brochures can exceed one page limit. Flyers are usually printed on both sides and contain information about a product or event. 

Functions of flyers:

  • Flyers are designed to be eye-catching and appealing and are capable enough to be easy to read so that it can come into people’s notice. 
  • They are generally printed to deliver a single message with balanced text and images.
  • Contains an attention grabbing headline. 
  • They’re affordable and easy to distribute. 
  • Have a focused message and message likely to get spread quickly. 

6. Brochures 

Brochures that can also be called pamphlets are another effective means of print media that are widely used for various purposes. Brochures are majorly used by companies and organizations for explaining the details of a product or service that the company offers.


Brochures often made with feature appealing visuals, concise text descriptions, and contact information, with the aim to capture the attention of potential customers or attendees. 

Brochures are available in various forms and be printed in forms like leaflets or booklets. Brochures are also available in a folded format to contain more information, and the customers can easily carry them around.

Functions of brochures:

  • Brochure is a kind of booklet that contains the details of the company, or
  • Organization, and are meant for takeaway, so that the brand remains in the minds of the audience. 
  • A brochure contains all the required details and information regarding the company or organization. 
  • Designed in a more appealing and visualized manner, so that people can be more interested in reading that. 
  • Contains an easy to read layout and is easy to carry.
  • Brochures can be accessed and are available through different means. 
  • Designed on a glossy paper, so that it can provide a matte and good finish to the brochures. 

7. Books

A significant and major type of print media. Books offer an extensive range of knowledge, literature, information, and storytelling. They are typically considered to be one of the oldest print media forms.

Books are available in various formats and genres, that includes biographies, self help books, novels, information materials like phone books, encyclopedias, fiction stories, literature, etc. along with that it comprises academic related books. 


Books help to provide immersive experiences, knowledge, allowing readers to get deeply engaged with narratives and ideas. Books foster intellectual growth, imagination, the preservation of culture, heritage, etc. 

Functions of books:

  • They are used as a way of communication and information. 
  • Provides an opportunity to spread knowledge about a particular topic to the whole world.
  • Provides in-depth information.
  • Have long staying power. 

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8. Periodicals 

A periodical is often referred to as the booklet, with illustrations and visuals, that is issued or published at fixed intervals (or ‘periods’). Like once a month or once a week. 

Periodical contains articles, stories, interviews, and other writing on a specific niche, segment, or topic, such as economics or politics. 


Periodicals are often seen as versions of magazines that explore well-edited, detailed, long-form writing pieces from expert authors in the niche segment. They are also a convenient and in-depth way to stay updated about current events, news, or any trend. 

Apart from that newspapers, and journals can also be considered under the periodical category.

Functions of periodicals: 

  • Periodicals may come out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, but the new issues are released on a fixed schedule.
  • Considered to be one of the best sources to get information on current events. 
  • Contains information about latest trends, products, theories, and research. 
  • A periodical has different sections, among one is the editorial section that comments on subjects of interest to its readers. 

9. Catalogs 

A catalog is a printed form that usually contains the information about the collection of products of a shop and also which are meant for sale. It is mainly used to demonstrate and promote the inventory of a shop. 

The catalog contains things like product photos, descriptions, contact information, pricing information, listing details, types, etc.


Catalog is used by many businesses to showcase new products or seasonal offerings. Often, the catalogs are provided to target specific events and product segments.

A catalog will contain pages of products or services with a direct call to buy, whether directly through a call center or diverting customers to online ordering and is generally thicker than the typical brochure.

Functions of catalog: 

  • A catalog helps to serve as an inventory about the items or products that are meant for special offering or discounts. 
  • It contains information about the various things related to a product. 
  • A catalog helps to identify all the items in a collection and to group like items together.
  • It is easily distributed and has all specifications about the collection of products. 

Summing Up: Types Of Print Media

print-media types

With the advancement of technology and digital media, print media still holds a major and crucial place out there in the market.

Ranging from newspapers and magazines that are a great source of information about all the current events as well reliable sources for gathering information on various segments, to brochures, flyers, and billboards that are great ways to advertise and promote message, information, or cause. 

Be it any of these types, print media continues to play a significant role in the society by offering tangible, informative, targeted, and engaging pieces.

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