Ajio vs Myntra – Which One Is Leading The Shopping Race?

Ajio Vs Myntra- Which one is leading the shopping race?

Online shopping has become a new trend in this decade. Isn’t it? If you notice clearly, it saves a lot of time that is spent while shopping in physical stores. Like in the case of Ajio and Myntra, these two online shopping giants have made the shopping experience a feasible one. Also these two are  successfully making waves in the online shopping market, with their amazing deals, services, and a lot more. Let’s delve into the comparison of Ajio Vs Myntra on various factors that constitute our online shopping.

Ajio Vs Myntra- Which one is leading the shopping race?

About Ajio and Myntra


Ajio is an online fashion retailer that stands out for its curated selection of trendy and fashionable clothing and lifestyle accessories. Launched by Reliance Retail in 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ajio has become a go-to destination for all fashion-conscious people. Ajio offers a diverse range of products, including ethnic, western, athleisure, and accessories. 

It’s been known for featuring well known as well as unique, and independent labels, catering to a wide audience. Currently Ajio offers over 5500 labels with over 1.5 million styles including international brands too.

Features of Ajio

  • It offers a user-friendly website and app interface. Its navigation is intuitive and the platform is known for its responsive customer support. 
  • Ajio is known for its curated selections of trendy and fashionable clothing. It features a mix of well-known and independent labels, offering a unique blend of fashion styles.
  • It is Is known for its mix of established brands and a strong focus on promoting independent and established brands

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Myntra, one of the most popular and one of India’s largest and most popular online fashion platforms. Acquired by Flipkart in 2014. Myntra boasts an extensive catalog of clothing, footwear, footwear, beauty products and accessories. It provides a wide range of options for shoppers, covering various price points and styles. 

Myntra often collaborates with celebrities and fashion designers to offer exclusive collections. It offers choice from over 500 brands, including both Indian and International brands, for all categories. 

Myntra has a strong presence in the e-commerce space.

Myntra shopping

Features of Myntra

  • Myntra has a well-established platform with an easy to navigate website and a user-friendly interface app. 
  • It offers features like personalized recommendations called “My Stylist” and a wide range of filters to help customers find the right products.
  • Myntra has an extensive catalog that covers a broad spectrum of fashion and lifestyle products. It offers a vast array of clothing, footwear, beauty products, and accessories.
  • It carries a broad selection of both well-known Indian and international brands.

Ajio Vs Myntra 

Here are some of the factors that’ll help you out while choosing between Ajio and Myntra.

Product OfferingsTrendy & Fashionable Clothing Independent labelsClothing, Footwear, beauty, products, and accessories.
Market ShareA Reliance Retail venture, has curated a market share of 15% as of May 2023. Ajio is all set to make H&M products available at their platform.Myntra dominates Ajio with a 60% market share. Includes international brands like Nasty Gal, Boohoo, etc. 
Website trafficAjio only accounts for 29.86% of the total fashion e-commerce market as of August 2023.Myntra with a traffic share of 70.14% as of August 2023. 
Pricing & DiscountsReasonable pricing, Frequent discounts. It provides reasonable pricing, also offers competitive pricing for some products with frequent discounts. Higher Pricing, discounts, but assures quality products. Provides a little higher competitive pricing, but also provides good discounts and assures good quality products. 
Return and Customer Services Hassle free policies are designed for the return or exchange situation in a specific time period, to achieve customer satisfaction. Myntra also follows a similar approach to exchange or return situations for better and smooth customer relations. 
No. of Visits to Website33.3 million visits70 million visits
Global Rank in Fashion & Lifestyle Category1,347th position477th position
According to the data by Similarweb

Which One Is Leading the Shopping race?

As per the latest of June 2023, Myntra reportedly had more visits to their website than Ajio. Myntra has reportedly about 70 million visits as per July 2023, while Ajio has 33.3 million visits. 

As per the Global ranks, Myntra is ranked at 477, while Ajio is ranked at 1,347. Myntra was ranked at number one in the Fashion and Apparel lifestyle category. From the above comparison and data, it can be seen that as of 2023 till now, Myntra is leading the race with its monthly downloads of over 10 Cr+ and monthly sales and discount offers that attracts a good customer base. 

Ajio and Myntra

This online shopping race is dynamic, as it benefits from a wider selection of products, competitive pricing, and with constantly increasing customer experience.


Both Ajio and Myntra are reputable e-commerce platforms with their unique strengths. The choice between the two depends on one’s shopping products and preferences. While both the platforms offer different features with different categories that provides users with vast options to choose from. 

One one hand, Myntra offers the recognized and established Indian and International brands, while on the other hand Ajio offers well-known, independent, hand picked labels, from the fashion market. These differences cater to a wide range of users in the ever-evolving scenario of the fashion e-commerce market.

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Yukti Bhandari
Yukti Bhandari
6 months ago

I’ve used both these apps and honestly, I just had a user point of view towards it.
With the insights shared by you, you’ve given me insights I never thought I’d be interested in!
Honestly, all these articles make me feel like an erudite in a group of people who are hardly aware about things. All thanks to your articles, my friends have started consulting me for all the such topics because they know I’ll have all the information handy and I’ll give them the wisest advice!
Thanks TBR Team! <3

Harshita Sharma
Harshita Sharma
6 months ago

In terms of Diversification Myntra is better compared to Ajio, but however as per my knowledge & personal experience the refund & return policy in Ajio is far more better & convenient from Myntra !

what is your take on this ?

Sachin Yadav
Sachin Yadav
6 months ago

Between Ajio and Myntra, it’s a close call. Ajio impresses with trendy collections and unique brands. Myntra, on the other hand, has a huge variety and often great discounts. It really depends on what style and deals you prefer. Both have their perks.