What Is GoKwik & How Does It Work? Business Model Explained

What is GoKwik? Business Model Explained

The growing need for seamless, secure, and efficient e-commerce payment platforms has become a necessity in today’s scenario. True! Right? Here is the point when GoKwik enters the picture. By the way, what is GoKwik? How does it work? You must be wondering!

To make GoKwik’s concept understandable for you, we are presenting GoKwik business model.

Here we go!

What is GoKwik? Business Model Explained

GoKwik Company Profile 

GoKwik is a fintech company that enables smooth and fastest transactions between consumers and D2C brands. Leading to their business growth and customer satisfaction.

GoKwik founders
GoKwik founders

Name of the CompanyGoKwik 
Founded 2020
Founders Chirag Taneja, Vivek Bajpai, and Ankush Talwar
CEO Chirag Taneja 
Headquarter Gurugram, Haryana, India
Operating SpaceB2B (Business-to-Business), SaaS based
Industry serves inRetail Market Segments 
Valuation (2022)$354 million 
Funding (2022)$56.7 million 
Revenue (2022)$2.05 million 
Some insights into the Company Profile

Key Features of GoKwik 

  • GoKwik helps brands to establish a seamless customer experience, by boosting their revenue growth and conversion rates. 
  • The USP of the company is its One Click Checkout and fastest transactions feature.  
  • GoKwik helps to increase the GMV i.e. Gross Merchandise Value for e-commerce businesses. 
  • It helps businesses with the RTO Suite feature i.e. Return To Origin. As RTO constitutes about 30% of the ecommerce business. 
  • It provides 100% RTO correction. Helps with real time address detection and to detect customer browsing/buying patterns. 
  • It helps users while doing transactions in a very short span of time, as their credentials are autofilled by GoKwik on the respective D2C platform. 
  • GoKwik, with its automated address correction feature, helps businesses to improve their delivery rates by 20%.
  • It not only improves the delivery conversion rates, but also provides an autofilled and personalization feature to acquire about 20% higher conversion rate benefit for the businesses. 
  • It provides a feasible UPI payment option, and increases the seamless flow of CoD.

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GoKwik company features

How Does GoKwik Work?

GoKwik operates primarily on a multifaceted fintech business model, incorporating various revenue streams and services. All that facilitate digital financial transactions for businesses and consumers. 

It works in the following ways-

Customer-Centric Offerings

Directly engaging with consumers, it offers a range of user-centric solutions. These encompasses autofill details, mobile payment apps, and prepaid costs. These offerings allow individuals to manage their finances with ease, making payments, and one click checkout.

GoKwik mobile app feature

GoKwik monetizes these consumer services through fees associated with various activities. 

Reduces the risk of RTO

With its RTO Suite protection feature, it helps businesses to get 100% protection against RTO, with their AI powered product suite. Helps businesses to reduce RTO by 30% by getting real time data and information about the consumer. 

Autofill information Experience

It saves data and information of users on their platform, and whenever a user accesses any digital D2C ecommerce platform, the information gets auto filled on the respective d2c platform. Providing users a smooth transaction experience and saving their time. 

Probability Factor

The probability factor helps businesses to know the consumer behavior. As when a particular user accesses any platform for their shopping experience, GoKwik immediately presents the information about the consumer buying pattern to the respective company. As GoKwik can access the consumer data and the strategic behavior information of the consumer, whether a particular they’ll buy or return the order. 

GoKwik payment feature

Capital Financing

GoKwik added a new feature to their list – Growth Financing.

GoKwik helps its merchant partners to enhance their businesses by helping with the capital. It helps with around Rs.5 crore of loans. The loan tenancy can last up to 12 months. They demand zero upfront fees, no collateral, and demand no equity dilution.


GoKwik has started doing multiple partnerships with Payment Gateways (PG) and Payment Aggregators (PA). This partnership helps with the major problem faced by the businesses of payment failures. This will help businesses to get all transactions directly, and reduce payment failures.

GoKwik conversion feature

Geographical Reach

These partnerships with payment aggregators and payment gateways in the region they dominate, helps GoKwik to increase their merchants’ businesses internationally.  As GoKwik can effectively and smoothly serve local rules, regulations, and preferences. 

How Does GoKwik Make Money?

GoKwik employs a multifaceted business model to generate revenue.

Here are the primary ways through which GoKwik earns money-

Transactions Fees – GoKwik charges businesses transaction fees for processing payments made through its platform. These fees can be a percentage of the transaction. GoKwik provides a charge plan for the businesses. It charges around Rs.1,036 monthly and Rs.1,24,32 yearly. 

Subscription Plans – Businesses and individuals can subscribe to premium plans offered by GoKwik. These plans often include advanced features, enhanced security options, and additional services. Has monthly and yearly packages.    

Payment Options – GoKwik offers consumers different popular payment modes like digital wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, QR scan, buy now, pay later, and UPI options.

GoKwik company

Merchant Services – GoKwik provides merchant services to businesses, such as payment gateway integration, real time information, and CoD conversion rates.


GoKwik, isn’t merely a fintech company, it’s a dynamic force reshaping the face of modern finance. With a great vision, a noble mission, and an extensive service team, locked with a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, GoKwik continues to shape the future of digital finance. It envisions a world where financial transactions are more accessible, secure, and efficient than ever before.

Through its diverse revenue streams and unwavering commitment to technological excellence, GoKwik stands as the prominent player in the D2C ecommerce space, empowering individuals and businesses alike in the digital age. 

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