11 Must Watch Business Web Series To Inspire Entrepreneurs

11 Must watch business web series to inspire entrepreneurs

In a world where the entrepreneurial spirit burns brighter than ever, the quest for inspiration is unceasing. Entrepreneurs, both seasoned and budding, are constantly on the lookout for that golden nugget of wisdom, that spark of innovation, or that extra dose of innovation to propel their ventures forward. And what better way to ignite that fire than through the captivating narratives of business web series

These digital tales of triumph, ambition, and ingenuity have become veritable gold mines for entrepreneurs seeking not just entertainment, but also invaluable insights into the art of business.

11 Must watch business web series to inspire entrepreneurs

Picture this: a world where the corridors of power echo with high-stakes negotiations, where innovation takes center stage in the heart of aspiring individuals, and where the entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. This is the universe of business web series, where real-life sagas and fictionalized accounts of startups, collide to form a tapestry of inspiration.

We have listed some of the must watch business web series according to their Imdb ratings!

Name Of The Business Web SeriesImdb Ratings 
TVF Pitchers 9.1
How I Made My Millions9.1
Silicon Valley8.5
Suits 8.4
The Profit8.3
Dirty Money8.1
Shark Tank7.7
Ballers 7.6
The Apprentice7.2

Whether you’re a budding tech mogul, a finance aficionado, or an aspiring titan of industry, this curated list promises something special for every entrepreneurial soul. 

Let’s get started!

(A) TVF Pitchers 

“TVF Pitchers” is an Indian webs series created by The Viral Fever (TVF) that premiered in 2015. The series revolves around a group of friends who decide to quit their jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams of launching a startup. 

Series follows the lives of four friends- Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal. Who decide to leave their stable jobs to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Their startup idea involves creating a mobile application.

TVF Pitchers business web series

Here’s how it can inspire entrepreneurs – 

  • TVF Pitchers explores various themes related to entrepreneurship, including idea generation, pitching to investors, product development, marketing, and navigating the challenges of the startup ecosystem.  
  • It captures the essence of the startup culture and the determination required to succeed. Also the uncertainties faced by entrepreneurs in India.
  • The process of pitching and dealing with investors is a significant plot element. Entrepreneurs can get insights of it.
  • The series explores technology and innovation as the characters work on developing their mobile application. 
  • The series has resonated with many aspiring entrepreneurs in India. Also has served as a source of inspiration for those looking to break away from traditional careers and pursue their own business ventures.

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(B) How I Made My Millions 

“How I Made My Millions” is a documentary business series that aired on CNBC. Premiered in 2011. The series showcases the success stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who have achieved significant wealth through their innovative business ventures. 

A must watch series recommended for entrepreneurs. It serves as the way to the entrepreneurial world and learn from their stories of how with a simple business idea, they have turned themselves into wealthy and successful business owners.

How I made my millions - business web series

Here’s how it can inspire individuals – 

  • As the series features real life stories, it can serve as examples of what can be achieved through determination and hard work.
  • Entrepreneurs can draw valuable lessons from their experiences of facing challenges, risks, and the strategies they made.
  • Entrepreneurs may find inspiration in the variety of businesses featured, from tech startups to traditional brick-mortar ventures. 
  • By watching it entrepreneurs can learn how to stay agile and responsive to shifts in their respective industries.

(C) Silicon Valley 

“Silicon Valley’ is a comedy business series. Premiered  in 2014. Created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky. The show is set in the high-tech startup world of Silicon Valley, California. It satirically depicts the tech industry, entrepreneurship, and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and tech startups. They presented in it a comical manner with the aim to entertain and humor viewers along with the idea of the business world.

Silicon Valley business wen series

Here’s how it can inspire entrepreneurs – 

  • The series showcases fictional tech innovations and startup ideas. Entrepreneurs may be inspired by the show’s imaginative take on technology and innovation. 
  • The passion for their tech projects by the characters can resonate with entrepreneurs who are equally passionate about their own business ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs can learn about the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges/obstacles.
  • The series encourages an innovative mindset and challenges the status quo, which can inspire entrepreneurs to think out of the box and pursue disruptive ideas.

(D) Suits 

“Suits” is a legal drama series. It aired in 2011. While it primarily focuses on legal cases and the lives of lawyers at a prestigious law firm in New York. It also explores themes of ambition, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. 

While “Suits” is primarily a legal drama, it occasionally explores entrepreneurial themes. Some characters venture into business endeavors, and the show highlights aspects of entrepreneurship, such as negotiation, risk-taking, and strategic decision-making.

Suits business web series

Here’s how Suits can inspire entrepreneurs – 

  • Some characters in the series are ambitious and career driven. Entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from their determination and work ethic.
  • Entrepreneurs can learn the importance of critical thinking and finding innovative solutions to business problems/challenges. 
  • Entrepreneurs can relate to the idea of calculated risk-taking, which is often a part of building a successful business.
  • Can gain insights into negotiation tactics and strategy making.
  • Can learn about the value of connections in the business world. 
  • Entrepreneurs can learn about the importance of self-confidence in decision-making and leadership,

(E) Billion 

“Billions” a business webs series available on Disney+Hotstar. The series premiered in 2016. The series primarily focuses on the world of high finance, hedge funds, and the legal system. While ‘Billion’ is a fictional drama, it offers a glimpse into the dynamics of power, wealth, and business competition.

Billion business web series

Here’s how ‘Billion’ can inspire entrepreneurs- 

  • Entrepreneurs can gain insights into financial decision-making and portfolio management, which may be applicable to their own business finances.
  • Entrepreneurs can learn about the competitive nature of the business world and the strategies required for outperforming competitors. 
  • Entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights of the importance of compliance and legal considerations in business operations.
  • Can observe different leadership approaches, from charismatic to ruthless leaders.

(F) The Profit  

“The Profit” is a business reality series that premiered on CNBC in 2013 and is now  available on CNBC.com. Hosted by entrepreneur and investor Marcus Lemonis. The show follows a simple format: Lemonis visits struggling small businesses and offers his expertise, capital investments, and guidance to help turn them around. The show also showcases what things an entrepreneur should avoid. 

The Profit business web series

Here’s how The Profit can inspire entrepreneurs – 

  • Each episode of The Profit features a real small business facing significant challenges. Entrepreneurs can learn from real-world situations. 
  • Entrepreneurs can gain insights into how to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their own business. 
  • Lemonis often highlights financial issues and teaches entrepreneurs how to make their businesses more financially stable and profitable.
  • Entrepreneurs can gather valuable lessons about building strong company culture and effective leadership.
  • Entrepreneurs can learn about investments deals, negotiation tactics, and the importance of aligning interests with investors.  
  • One of the most inspiring aspects of “The Profit” is witnessing the transformation of struggling businesses into successful ones.

(G) Dirty Money

“Dirty Money” is a documentary business series on Netflix that explores various cases of corporate greed, financial fraud, and unethical business practices. The series premiered on Netflix in 2018. The series consists of multiple seasons, with each season featuring a collection of episodes. That examines various cases of corporate fraud, and unethical business practices. 

It has been well-received for its in depth investigations into high-profile scandals and controversies in the business world.

Dirty Money business web series

Here’s how it can offer valuable insights to entrepreneurs – 

  • Entrepreneurs can learn about the consequences of unethical behavior and the importance of maintaining high ethical standards in their own businesses. 
  • Entrepreneurs can become more vigilant about financial transparency and compliance with regulations. 
  • Entrepreneurs can gain an understanding of the importance of providing value to the customers.
  • Entrepreneurs can be inspired to build businesses with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability to their stakeholders.

(H) StartUp

“StartUp” is a business series that explores the world of startups, technology, and the dark side of entrepreneurship. A gripping series to watch. The series premiered in 2016.  While it’s a fictional drama, it does touch on various aspects of the startup world and can provide some inspiration and insights for entrepreneurs.

StartUp business web series

Here’s how it can inspire entrepreneurs –

  • In understanding the realistic startup challenges, while launching and scaling a business. 
  • The series deals with moral and ethical dilemmas that arise in the business world.
  • Entrepreneurs can learn how to focus on the dynamics within the startup team, emphasizing the importance of a talented group of individuals. 
  • How to make up your mind to take risks, secure funding for their business  and pursue their visions.

(I) Shark Tank

“Shark Tank” is a popular business reality TV series that premiered on ABC in the United States on August 9, 2009. Since its inception, the show has become an international phenomenon with versions in numerous countries. It features entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas and seeking investments from a panel of wealthy investors known as the “SHARKS”. 

Shark Tank featuring Indian investors announced  on December 20, 2021. 

Shark Tank is a treasure trove of inspirational tales. Many businesses that received investments on the show have gone on to achieve remarkable success. These stories serve as beacons of hope for entrepreneurs, illustrating that with the right pitch and determination, turning a dream into a lucrative reality is entirely possible.

Shark Tank business web series

Here are the ways through which it can inspire entrepreneurs – 

  • Entrepreneurs can learn from how contestants pitch their ideas under pressure.  
  • The negotiation segments of the show are a masterclass in deal-making. Entrepreneurs can gain insights into negotiation tactics, compromise, and the art of striking mutually beneficial agreements.
  • “Shark Tank” showcases the emotional rollercoaster that entrepreneurs often experience. It highlights the importance of resilience.
  • The show features a wide range of business ideas, from innovative products to groundbreaking services.
  • By analyzing the questions and concerts raised by the sharks, entrepreneurs can gain a deeper understanding of market trends, consumer demands, etc.

(J) Ballers 

A must-watch business series. “Ballers” is a dramedy (drama+comedy) series starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a former NFL player who transitions into the world of sports management and financial planning. 

Ballers is a business series that aired on HBO from 2015-2019 and is now available on www.hbo.com. The show revolves around the lives of athletes, agents, and executives in the competitive and high-stakes world of professional sports. 

The series showcases the hurdles faced by the entrepreneurs in the sports world and how to overcome them and stand out as a successful entrepreneur in the business realm.

Ballers business wen series

The series explores themes such as financial planning, investments, endorsements, contract negotiations and the complexities of managing wealth and fame in the world of sports. And presents them in a dramatic and comedy manner. 

Here are the ways through which it can inspire entrepreneurs –

  • The show emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships in the business world. 
  • “Ballers” touches on financial planning and wealth management, highlighting the importance of making wise financial decisions. 
  • The show’s portrayal of the competitive nature of professional sports can inspire entrepreneurs to foster a competitive spirit in their own ventures. Driving them to excel and innovate.
  • The show depicts the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance, a struggle many entrepreneurs face.

(K) The Apprentice 

“The Apprentice” business reality series originated in the United States and first aired on February 16, 2005. The show was created by British producer Mark Burnett and became an instant success. It was hosted by businessman and television personality Donald Trump during its initial run in the United States.

The Apprentice quickly gained popularity and led to the creation of numerous international versions of the show in various countries. These versions often featured local business magnates or entrepreneurs as hosts or mentors.

The Apprentice business web series

Here’s how it can inspire entrepreneurs-

  • In dealing real-life challenges. The tasks on the show are designed to stimulate real business situations, ranging from product launches to marketing campaigns.
  • Contestants on “The Apprentice” typically exhibit a strong entrepreneurial mindset. They’re willing to take risks, think creatively and demonstrate persistence. 
  • Contestants on the show often have the chance to interact with influential people in the business world. By watching it entrepreneurs can realize the value of networking. 
  • Entrepreneurs can also learn how to market their brands, ideas, how to take risks, and handle pressure.


The world of business webs series offers entrepreneurs a captivating and insightful journey into the diverse landscape of entrepreneurship, innovation, and success. The above are some of the series we’ve explored in this guide, which are more than just invaluable sources of inspiration, knowledge, and motivation, it also serves the entertainment purpose, for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Business web series

From the high-stakes negotiations to the relentless ambition and from the financial intrigue to the resilience of entrepreneurs. These series serve as beacons of creativity, determination, and strategic thinking.

So get ready and grab your seats as you’re going to explore the amazing world of business web series and fuel your entrepreneurial dreams.

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