Rentomojo vs Furlenco – Which One Is Better For Rentals?

Rentomojo vs Furlenco

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of ownership is evolving. Eventually, renting has become the go-to choice for everything from furniture to electronics. When it comes to renting furniture and appliances, two giants rule the industry. And that is Rentomojo vs Furlenco, each vying for the title of the ultimate rental service.

Rentomojo vs Furlenco

As consumers seek convenience and flexibility, the battle between these two titans intensifies. But which one truly reigns supreme? In this showdown of Rentomojo vs Furlenco, we’ll dissect the entire operation strategy and service offerings of both. This will help you decide which platform is the reigning champion in the world of rentals. 

Let’s begin the comparison!

(A) Rentomojo vs Furlenco: Business Wise Comparison

Why are we digging into their business status? Well, it is necessary to understand their performance in the Indian market. Before diving deep into the comparison concerning the quality of their services, let’s have a businesswise comparison. The comparative analysis of Rentomojo vs Furlenco with a business perspective will help you to get an overall idea of their business’ status.

Business ModelFurniture and Appliance
Renting Solutions
Subscription-based furniture
and appliance renting solutions
Year Established20142011
FoundersGeetansh Bamania,
Achal Mittal,
Ajay Nain
Ajith Karimpana
Market Reach16 cities across India
(Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi,
Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Noida, Pune, Mysore,
Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Jaipur,
Gandhinagar, Chandigarh,
Kolkata, Ghaziabad)
10 cities across India
(Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi,
Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram,
Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Noida, Pune)
Market ValuationRs.542 crore
($66.1 million)
Rs.869 crore
($106 million)
Revenue (FY19)Rs.107 croreRs.100 crore
Operating Profit (FY19)N/ARs.7.5 crore
Losses (FY22)N/ARs.150 crore
Criticism Faced(Customer’s Complaints)The slow delivery process,
Unresponsive to customer queries
High Prices,
Poor customer service.
Wooden Street,
Urban Ladder,
Rentomojo vs Furlenco: Businesswise Comparison

(A.1) Who is ahead in business?

According to a report by Redseer, the rental furniture and appliance market in India is worth Rs.33,500 crore. While both companies offer furniture and appliance renting solutions, they differ in their business models and market reach. Rentomojo operates in sixteen cities across India, whereas Furlenco’s market reach was upto ten cities.

In terms of revenue, Rentomojo recorded revenue growth of 3X from operations in FY19, which grew from Rs.35.5 crore to Rs.107 crore. While in the same fiscal year, Furlenco reported revenue of Rs.100 crore and operating profit of Rs.7.5 crore. However, Furlenco’s losses crossed Rs.150 crore in FY22, while its revenue spiked by 53%.

Regarding drawbacks, there were several customer complaints about Rentomojo’s delivery process being slow and the company being unresponsive to customer queries. On the other hand, some customers have complained about Furlenco’s high prices and poor customer service.

(B) Detailed Comparison of Rentomojo vs Furlenco

It is time to dive into the detailed comparison of the furniture renting giants i.e. Rentomojo vs Furlenco-

Services OfferedFurniture,
Home Décor,
Fitness Equipment
Renting OptionsMonthly Rentals,
Long-term Rentals
Monthly Rentals,
3-36 Month Option
Delivery & AssemblyProvidedProvided
Quality of ProductsOffers a range of
brands and options
A curated selection of
premium products
PricingCompetitive monthly
rental pricing
Generally, a bit higher
Security DepositRequiredRequired
NotificationUsers directly get
notification on their
registered email ID.
Offers notification without
the need of logging in to
the website.
FiltersFilters present based on-
Rental Tenure,
Room Type,
Product Type,
Product Availability
Upfront filters absent.
Product DetailsQuick ViewWell-detailed information
about the product
Rentomojo vs Furlenco

For detailed comparison, you need to study the business models of both the companies. That sounds like a tedious task. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! We have presented detailed information on the business model of Rentomojo as well as Furlenco. Go through the next section and you will get all the necessary info about them.

Note: When it comes to interior designing and home renovation, two giants have garnered attention i.e. Homelane and Livspace. If you are interested in knowing more about this then, checkout our article “Homelane vs Livspace.”

(C) Business Model of Rentomojo


Rentomojo operates as a furniture and appliance rental platform with a business model that primarily targets individuals and businesses in India. Let’s look into Rentomojo business model-

(C.1) Product Offering

Rentomojo provides a wide range of products for rental, including furniture (e.g., sofas, beds, dining sets), appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves), and even two-wheelers (bikes and scooters).

(C.2) Subscription Model

Rentomojo operates on a subscription-based model. Customers can choose from various subscription plans, typically on a monthly basis. These plans allow customers to rent the desired items for a fixed monthly fee.

(C.3) Ownership & Inventory Management

Rentomojo maintains ownership of the items it rents out. They acquire and manage a diverse inventory of furniture, appliances, and two-wheelers. This includes sourcing, maintenance, and regular servicing of the items to ensure their quality.

(C.5) Delivery & Assembly

The company offers delivery and assembly services to its customers. When a customer orders a product, Rentomojo delivers it to their doorstep and often provides assembly services if required.

(C.6) Customization Option

While Rentomojo primarily offers standard items for rent, there may be limited customization options available to cater to specific customer needs.

(C.7) Payment Options

Customers are required to pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for the items they rent. Rentomojo also offers flexible payment options and rental periods to accommodate different customer preferences. You can talk to their officials for more details.

(C.8) Working Strategy: How does Rentomojo work?

Browse & SelectCustomers visit the Rentomojo website or app to browse and select items for rent.    
Choose Subscription PlanYou (Customers) can choose a suitable subscription plan, often on a monthly basis.
Add to CartSelected items are added to the virtual cart, similar to an e-commerce platform.
CheckoutCustomers provide delivery details, payment information, and any customization preferences.
Delivery & SetupRentomojo arranges for the delivery and setup of the selected items at the specified address.   
Monthly PaymentsCustomers make fixed monthly payments to cover the rental cost of each item.  
Maintenance & SupportRentomojo handles the maintenance and servicing of items throughout the rental period.  
End of RentalCustomers can choose to renew the rental, return the items, or purchase them after a period.
Relocation AssistanceRentomojo offers assistance in relocating rented items when customers move.
How does Rentomojo work?

(C.9) Additional Services

In addition to furniture and appliance rentals, Rentomojo expanded its services to include the rental of two-wheelers, such as bikes and scooters, catering to the transportation needs of its customers.

(C.10) Brand Partnerships

Rentomojo may partner with brands to offer a variety of branded products in its rental inventory, providing customers with a selection of trusted and well-known items.

(C.11) Target Market Segment

Rentomojo’s target market includes urban professionals, students, and corporate clients who may prefer the flexibility of renting furniture and appliances rather than making large upfront purchases, especially in cases where they anticipate frequent relocation or changing needs.

(C.12) Revenue Sources: How Rentomojo makes money?

Revenue SourcesDescription
Rental FeesMonthly subscription fees paid by customers for renting furniture, appliances, and two-wheelers.
Delivery ChargesCharges for the delivery and setup of rented items at the customer’s location.
Maintenance ServicesAdditional fees for maintenance, repair, or servicing of rented items during the rental period.
Purchase OptionsRevenue generated when customers choose to purchase the rented items after the rental period.  
Relocation AssistanceCharges for assisting customers with the relocation of rented items to a new location.
Brand PartnershipsPotential revenue generated through partnerships with brands that provide items for rental.  
Revenue Sources: How Rentomojo makes money?

Overall, Rentomojo’s business model revolves around providing convenient and flexible rental solutions for furniture, appliances, and two-wheelers to a broad customer base. The customers get numerous benefits in terms of affordability, convenience, and minimal long-term commitments.

(D) Business Model of Furlenco


The following points describe Furlenco business model in detail-

(D.1) Furniture Rental Services

Furlenco primarily offers furniture and home appliance rental services to customers. They provide a wide range of furniture items, including sofas, beds, dining tables, and appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

(D.2) Subscription-Based Model

It typically operates on a subscription-based model. Customers can choose from various subscription plans based on their furniture and appliance requirements. These plans are available for different durations, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

(D.3) Working Strategy: How does Furlenco work?

SelectionCustomers browse Furlenco’s catalog and select the furniture and appliances they need.   
SubscriptionThey choose a subscription plan based on their requirements, selecting the duration of the rental.
PaymentCustomers make payments for the chosen subscription plan, often done online through the website.
DeliveryFurlenco delivers the selected furniture and appliances to the customer’s home.   
InstallationThe company provides installation and setup services to ensure the items are ready for use.   
MaintenanceFurlenco is responsible for maintenance and repairs of the rented items during the subscription.
Upgrades/ReturnsCustomers have the flexibility to upgrade their rental package or return items when needed.  
Customer SupportFurlenco offers customer support to address any queries or concerns during the rental period.  
Working Strategy: How does Furlenco work?

(D.4) Scalability

Furlenco business model allows customers to access quality furniture and appliances without the upfront cost of purchasing them, making it an attractive option for individuals or families who may be temporarily residing in a location.

(D.5) Revenue Sources: How Furlenco makes money?

Revenue SourcesDescription
Subscription FeesCustomers pay regular fees for renting furniture and appliances.
Delivery & Setup ChargesFurlenco may charge for delivering and setting up rented items.
Repair & Maintenance FeesRevenue can be generated through maintenance and repair fees.  
Upgrade ChargesWhen customers upgrade their rental packages, fees may apply.
Late Payment FeesCharges for late or missed payments by customers.
Buyout OptionSome customers may choose to purchase rented items
Additional ServicesRevenue from additional services like cleaning or custom orders.
Partnerships and B2B SalesCollaborations with businesses for bulk furniture rentals.
How Furlenco makes money?

These revenue sources collectively contribute to Furlenco’s overall income. With this successful business model, Furlenco is ruling the market of furniture rentals.

(E) Final Thoughts on Rentomojo vs Furlenco

In the comparison of Rentomojo vs Furlenco for rentals, we have considered various factors. Both Rentomojo and Furlenco are popular furniture rental companies in India. While both offer furniture and appliance rentals, they have slight differences in their business models. Rentomojo follows an asset-light model by partnering with suppliers to rent out furniture and appliances. On the other hand, Furlenco designs and owns the furniture it rents out. This distinction indicates that Furlenco has more control over the quality and design of its products.

In terms of pricing, Rentomojo seems to offer attractive deals and discounts. For example, they frequently provide flat discounts on rent for the second, third, and fourth months of rental. However, it is worth noting that the pricing and deals offered may vary over time.

Both Rentomojo and Furlenco have attractive inventories and present their products well. They offer a wide range of furniture and other items for rent, allowing customers to choose according to their preferences.

(F) Which one is better for rentals?

Well, the answer depends on your needs. Yes, to determine which one is better for rentals, it would be helpful to consider your own preferences, requirements, and budget. You can check their websites or visit their physical outlets to assess the quality, variety, and pricing of their offerings. 

Additionally, you can consider reading customer reviews and experiences to get a better idea of their services. And thus, you will get the best furniture on rent!

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