Homelane vs Livspace – Which One Is Better?

Homelane vs Livspace

When it comes to transforming your living space into a haven of style and comfort, two prominent contenders step into the ring. Homelane vs Livspace. These interior design and home renovation giants are on a mission to make your dream home a reality. But the question that lingers is, “Which one is better?

Homelane vs Livspace

Each brings its unique blend of innovation, customization, and expertise to the table. Homelane boasts an array of cutting-edge tools and customization options, while Livspace thrives on its digital platform connecting you with talented designers. 

In this showdown, we’ll explore their strengths, and differences, and help you decide who reigns supreme in the realm of interior transformation.

(A) Homelane vs Livspace: A Quick Comparison

Let’s compare Homelane vs Livspace to analyze their similar and contrasting features-

Scope of ServicesComprehensive interior design and home renovation solutions.Comprehensive interior design services, curated furniture, and décor.
Design ProcessProprietary design automation platform (SpaceCraft), in-house designers.Online platform connecting homeowners with designers, in-person and virtual consultations.
Customization OptionsExtensive Customization OptionsCustomization is available but may have limitations.
Pricing TransparencyTransparent pricing detailsOffers various price packages based on design themes and project size.
Online PresenceWebsite and physical experience centers.Extensive online presence with an e-commerce platform.
Geographic AvailabilityPrimarily serves customers in India.Serves customers in India with International expansion.
Reviews and ReputationMixed reviewsReviews are available but reputation varies by location.
Project SizeSmall to large projectsSmall to large projects
Design StylesOffers a wide range of design styles.Offers a variety of design themes.
Designer SelectionIn-house designers availableConnects homeowners with designers through the platform
Furniture and DécorFocuses on interior design and renovation.Offers curated furniture and décor items
Technology IntegrationUtilizes technology for design automationUtilizes technology for virtual consultations
Warranty and QualityOffers warranty on products and servicesEnsures quality through design partners
Customer SupportProvides customer support throughout the projectOffers customer support during the design and renovation process
Project TimelinesProvides estimated project timelinesProject timelines may vary based on the complexity
Homelane vs Livspace: A Quick Comparison

However, you must note that the specific details and offerings of both Homelane and Livspace may change over time. So, if you are looking to utilize their services for your home renovation/décor, contact them directly to discuss your specific project requirements. 

(B) Detailed Comparison of Homelane vs Livespace

Scope of Services

  • Homelane offers comprehensive interior design and home renovation solutions. They cover a wide spectrum of services, from designing your home to executing the renovation, including kitchen and wardrobe installations. They are known for their ability to cater to various design styles and provide extensive customization options.
  • Livspace focuses on interior design services. While they offer a comprehensive design experience, they also feature a curated selection of furniture and decor items for purchase.

Design Process

  • Homelane streamlines the design process with its proprietary platform called “SpaceCraft.” This technology assists in design and customization. They also have an in-house team of designers who work closely with clients.
  • Livspace’s design process revolves around an online platform that connects homeowners with interior designers. They offer flexibility with in-person and virtual consultations. They also offer a Livspace move-in guarantee.

Customization Options

  • Homelane is well-known for its extensive customization options. They empower homeowners to tailor their designs to meet specific preferences, whether it’s the layout, materials, or finishes.
  • While Livspace does offer customization, it may have some limitations compared to the level of customization offered by Homelane.

Pricing Transparency

  • Homelane provides transparent pricing details, but the final cost can vary based on the project’s scope and the extent of customization. 
  • Livspace offers various pricing packages based on design themes and project size. The choice of a specific designer may also influence the final cost.

Online Presence

  • Homelane primarily operates through its website and has physical experience centers where clients can explore design options.
  • Livspace has a significant online presence, with an e-commerce platform where customers can purchase furniture and decor items.

Geographic Availability of Homelane vs Livspace

Homelane primarily serves customers in India. Whereas Livspace is expanding its services. The latter focused on the Indian Market in its initial phases but now it is targeting countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Reviews and Reputation

Both companies have received customer reviews and feedback. It’s advisable to research and read reviews specific to your location to get insights into their reputation.

Project Size

Both Homelane and Livspace are suitable for projects of varying sizes, ranging from small room makeovers to extensive interior redesigns.

Design Styles

Homelane offers a wide range of design styles, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Livspace also provides a variety of design themes to choose from, allowing clients to find a style that suits their vision.

Designer Selection

Homelane has in-house designers available for projects, ensuring a consistent design experience. Livspace connects homeowners with a network of interior designers through their platform, offering clients the opportunity to select a designer who aligns with their style and needs.

Furniture and Décor

Homelane primarily focuses on interior design and renovation. However, it may also assist in sourcing furniture and décor items. Whereas Livspace offers a curated selection of furniture and décor items that can be integrated into their design proposals.

Technology Integration

Homelane utilizes technology, including its design automation platform, to streamline the design process and enhance customization. Livspace incorporates technology for virtual consultations and design collaboration, making it convenient for clients to interact with their designers.

Warranty and Quality

Homelane offers warranties on products and services, assuring customers of the quality of their work. Livspace maintains quality standards through its network of design partners and vendors.

Customer Support

  • Homelane provides comprehensive customer support throughout the project, assisting clients with inquiries, changes, and addressing concerns.
  • Livspace offers customer support during the design and renovation process, ensuring that clients have access to assistance when needed.

Project Timelines

Homelane provides estimated project timelines, giving clients an idea of how long their projects may take. Whereas the project timelines with Livspace can vary based on the complexity and scope of the project.

(C) Homelane Business Model

Let’s have a brief overview of the Homelane business model-

Homelane Business ModelDescription
Working StrategyEnd-to-end interior design solutions
Technology PlatformUtilizes digital tools for design and project management.
Design ConsultationDiscuss preferences, requirements, and budget. 
Customized DesignsTailored to customer’s vision and lifestyle.
Material SelectionOffers a variety of materials and finishes.
Transparent PricingDetailed quotations for cost transparency.
Project ExecutionProcurement, coordination, and project management.
Quality AssuranceEnsures materials and work meet standards.
Timely DeliveryAim for on-time project completion.
Customer SupportOngoing assistance and query resolution
Post-Project ServicesProvides maintenance and support
Geographic PresenceExpanding from major cities
Revenue ModelFrom interior design services and materials
Homelane Business Model

Now, let’s dive into the details. Homelane is an Indian-based company that operates in the home interior design and furnishing industry. Their business model revolves around providing end-to-end interior design solutions for homeowners. Here’s a breakdown of Homelane business model-

Technology-Enabled Platform

HomeLane operates as a technology-driven platform that leverages digital tools and software to streamline the interior design process. They have an online presence where customers can explore various interior design ideas and styles.

Design Consultation

HomeLane offers customers the opportunity to book a design consultation. During this consultation, customers discuss their interior design preferences, requirements, and budget with HomeLane’s design experts.

Customized Designs

HomeLane specializes in creating customized interior designs tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences. They work closely with customers to understand their vision, lifestyle, and functional requirements.

Material Selection

HomeLane provides customers with a wide range of materials, finishes, and furnishings to choose from. They have tie-ups with various suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a variety of options.

Transparent Pricing

After the design consultation, HomeLane provides customers with detailed quotations that outline the cost of materials, labor, and other services. This transparency helps customers understand the budget required for their project.

Project Execution

Once the design is finalized and the customer approves the quotation, HomeLane takes responsibility for the entire project execution. This includes procurement of materials, coordination with contractors, and project management.

Quality Assurance

HomeLane places a strong emphasis on quality control. They ensure that the materials used meet specified standards and that the work is executed as per the agreed-upon design.

Timely Delivery

Timely project completion is a priority for HomeLane. They aim to deliver projects within the agreed-upon timelines, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

HomeLane provides ongoing customer support throughout the project, addressing any queries or concerns that may arise during the design and execution phases.

Post-Project Services

After the project is completed, HomeLane offers post-project services, including maintenance and support, to ensure that the interior space remains in good condition.

Geographic Presence

HomeLane initially focused on major Indian cities, with a strong presence in Bengaluru. However, they have been expanding their reach to other cities over time.

Revenue Model

HomeLane generates revenue through the sale of interior design services, materials, and furnishings. They charge customers based on the scope and complexity of their projects.

(D) Livspace Business Model

First of all, let’s go through the overview of Livspace Business Model-

Aspects of the Livspace Business ModelDescription
Working StrategyOnline interior design marketplace
Services ProvidedEnd-to-End Interior Design
and Renovation Solutions
Interior Designers,
Designers and ContractorsCollaborate with a network of
interior designers and contractors
Catalog and ProductsExtensive catalog of home furnishings,
decor items, and building materials
Revenue StreamsDesign Fees (Paid by homeowners)
Product Sales (Commission or Profit Margin)
Contractor Fees (Share of Contractor Fees)
Subscription Model (In some markets)
Technology and DataUtilizes technology for 3D rendering,
virtual reality, and data analytics  
Scale and ExpansionExpanding operations to international
markets and diversifying services   
Livspace Business Model

Livspace is an interior design and home renovation platform that operates on a unique business model.  Let’s dive into the Livespace business model in detail-

Online Interior Design Marketplace

Livspace primarily functions as an online marketplace that connects homeowners with interior designers, contractors, and suppliers. It leverages technology to streamline the entire interior design and renovation process.

End-to-End Solutions

Livspace offers end-to-end interior design and renovation solutions. This means they provide services from conceptualizing the design to procuring materials and executing the project. Homeowners can find everything they need for their home improvement projects within the Livspace ecosystem.

Designers and Contractors

Livspace collaborates with a network of interior designers and contractors who are registered on their platform. These professionals work closely with homeowners to understand their requirements and deliver customized design solutions.

Catalog and Products

Livspace has an extensive catalog of home furnishings, decor items, and building materials. Users can browse and purchase products directly from the platform, making it a one-stop shop for all their interior design needs.


Livspace generates revenue through multiple channels-

  • Design Fees: Homeowners pay design fees to Livspace, which vary based on the scope and complexity of the project. This fee compensates the interior designer for their services.
  • Product Sales: Livspace earns a commission or profit margin on the sale of furniture, fixtures, and materials through its platform.
  • Contractor Fees: Livspace collaborates with contractors who execute the renovation work. The platform earns a portion of the fees charged by these contractors.
  • Subscription Model: In some markets, Livspace offers subscription-based interior design services, where homeowners pay a monthly fee for ongoing design and decor support.

Technology and Data

Livspace relies on technology to enhance the interior design experience. They use tools like 3D rendering and virtual reality to help homeowners visualize their designs. Data analytics also plays a role in understanding customer preferences and improving services.

Scale and Expansion

Livspace has expanded its operations beyond its home market (India) and into other countries, aiming to tap into a global customer base. They have also introduced various home improvement services to diversify their offerings.

Thus, Livspace business model revolves around providing a convenient and comprehensive platform for homeowners seeking interior design and renovation solutions, while also monetizing design services, product sales, and contractor partnerships.

(E) Homelane Competitors

The following are the competitors of Homelane-

  • LivSpace
  • DesignCafe
  • Sleek International
  • Pepperfry
  • Furlenco
  • Bonito Designs
  • YouKraft
  • Urban Ladder

(F) Is Livspace buying Homelane?

According to recent reports, there are discussions taking place regarding Livspace acquiring HomeLane, and its competition in the home interior and renovation market. This ignited the debate of Homelane vs Livspace. The omnichannel platform, Livspace, is in talks to acquire a majority stake in HomeLane. The potential merger between these two interior design startups has sparked curiosity about how they will work together, considering their differences.

(G) Homelane vs Livspace: Current Scenario

Livspace vs Homelane

Let’s look at the present situation of both firms-

Potential Industry Dominance

In the event that the ongoing talks lead to a successful agreement, the merged entity is poised to become a dominant force in the home interior and design industry, blending both physical and digital aspects.

Funding Challenges for Homelane

Despite securing a substantial $50 million in its previous funding round in September 2021, HomeLane may encounter challenges in raising additional funds. As of now, HomeLane holds an estimated valuation of approximately $250 million.

Insider Insights on the Deal

According to an undisclosed source, the proposed deal is anticipated to primarily involve stock, with a partial cash component. This source has opted to remain anonymous.

Livspace’s Strategic Acquisition Plans

Livspace has earmarked $100 million specifically for strategic acquisitions. In October 2022, the company unveiled its intentions to allocate a significant portion of this fund for acquisitions, as part of its expansion strategy within existing markets and the introduction of new product categories.

Reviving Startup Acquisitions

After a notable hiatus, Livspace is embarking on a fresh journey of acquiring startups. Notably, the company had previously acquired DezignUp, Dwll.in, and YoFloor back in 2015.

Expertise in Home Furnishing

Livspace, in collaboration with HomeLane, specializes in assisting homeowners with furnishing and fixture installations in their new residential spaces. Livspace holds the top spot as the largest omnichannel firm in this industry and achieved unicorn status after a successful Series F funding round of $180 million in February of the prior year.

Stakeholder Insights

Accel has emerged as the largest shareholder in HomeLane following its recent funding round, holding a 17.4% stake. Meanwhile, Sequoia Capital and IIFL hold 11.5% and 10.8% stakes, respectively.

Revenue and Financial Performance

In terms of revenue, Livspace outpaced HomeLane in the fiscal year ending in March 2022. Livspace reported a revenue of Rs 570 crore but also incurred a loss of Rs 646 crore during FY22. Conversely, HomeLane achieved a topline of Rs 426 crore but suffered a loss of Rs 153 crore in the same fiscal year.

Workforce Adjustments

During the ongoing challenges in securing funding, both Livspace and HomeLane have implemented workforce reductions. Livspace reportedly terminated over 100 employees, while HomeLane let go of approximately 30-40 employees in March of this year, according to reports.

(H) Conclusion: Who is the Winner?

When it comes to the choice between Homelane vs Livspace for your interior design needs, it’s evident that Livspace emerges as the preferred option. While both platforms provide similar services, Livspace’s consistently positive feedback and reviews highlight its reputation as the superior choice in the realm of online interior design. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your unique requirements and preferences, but Livspace appears to have garnered a stronger vote of confidence from its customers.

Ultimately, the decision of which platform is better for you would depend on your individual requirements and priorities. It’s recommended to thoroughly research and compare the offerings, reviews, and ratings before making a decision.

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