Complete List of Swiggy Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Swiggy acquisitions & subsidiaries

In a world where time races forward and hunger strikes without warning. There emerges a hero in the form of a smartphone app – SWIGGY. Born in the bustling streets of India. Swiggy has not only revolutionized the way we experience food. Also has embarked on an extraordinary journey of expansion, acquiring and nurturing various entities under its umbrella. Swiggy the Indian food delivery giant has not only satisfied our cravings. Swiggy has been on a relentless quest to expand its dominion. Stick to this article, as we unravel the complete list of Swiggy’s acquisitions and subsidiaries !

Swiggy acquisitions & subsidiaries

Swiggy’s Profile 

Before we delve into the captivating web of Swiggy’s acquisitions and subsidiaries. Let’s first set the stage by understanding the phenomenon that is Swiggy. Founded in 2014. Swiggy embarked on a mission that resonated with every food lover. Swiggy’s aim is to bring delectable meals from a multitude of restaurants right to your doorstep. With just a few taps on your smartphone. 

Swiggy founders
Swiggy founders

Swiggy’s journey began as a humble startup. With a handful of delivery personnel zigzagging through congested streets to fulfill the cravings of eager customers. What set Swiggy apart from the rest was its unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction, evident in its quick deliveries. Also has real-time order tracking. With a vast network of partner restaurants that offered an extensive array of cuisines.  

Name of the companySwiggy
Founders Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini
Founded in 2014
Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka
Parent companyBundi Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Industry Online Food & Beverage delivery
Areas served500+ cities across India
Services provided Food delivery, package & courier delivery, and grocery delivery. 
some insights of Swiggy!

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Swiggy’s Acquisitions & Subsidiaries 

In the dynamic world of businesses, expansion is often the key to success. Swiggy, India’s foremost food delivery giant has taken this principle to heart by acquiring a diverse array of companies and nurturing subsidiaries that extend far beyond the realm of food delivery. From its modest beginnings, Swiggy has journeyed through the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. To become a household name in India and a beacon of culinary convenience. It wasn’t just about delivering food; it was about crafting an experience where the gastronomic desires of millions were met with precision and speed.

What began as a humble food delivery app has grown into an all-encompassing ecosystem, redefining convenience, innovation, and culinary delight in India. Swiggy’s story doesn’t stop at just delivering food; it’s a story of strategic acquisitions and subsidiaries that have expanded its reach beyond imagination. 

(A)  Scootsy

Swiggy’s first major move came in 2018, with the acquisition of Scootsy, a premium food delivery platform based in mumbai. Swiggy’s this acquisition leads to the strategy; it was a signal that Swiggy was ready to elevate the dining experience. Scootsy brought gourmet dining to Swiggy’s menu, offering an enticing array of upscale restaurants to tantalize the palates of discerning foodies. Scootsy had carved a niche for itself by delivering gourmet meals and delicacies from upscale restaurants in Mumbai. Swiggy’s this acquisition wasn’t just about adding another delivery service to list. Also was about to tap into the potential of Scootsy’s subsidiaries, which added depth to its culinary ecosystem.

Swiggy's scootsy
Swiggy’s Scootsy

One of the notable subsidiaries under Scootsy’s umbrella was “InnerChef.” InnerChef was a cloud kitchen platform that curated a diverse menu of dishes catering to various tastes and preferences. Swiggy’s ownership of InnerChef bolstered its presence in the cloud kitchen segment, allowing it to offer a wide range of cuisines to its customers. The acquisition happened around Rs. 50 crores. 

As Swiggy continues to innovate and expand its culinary empire, the Scootsy acquisition stands as a testament to its determination to redefine  convenience, luxury, and gastronomic indulgence.

(B) Dineout 

One of the most significant milestones in Swiggy’s journey was the acquisition of Dineout. On May 13, 2022, Swiggy made headlines by acquiring Dineout, one of India’s leading dining-out platforms. This acquisition was not just about expanding Swiggy’s portfolio; it signaled a strategic shift in their approach. Dineout had established itself as a go-to platform for restaurant reservations, deals, and dining experiences. Swiggy’s acquisition of Dineout was a clear indication of their intent to offer a holistic dining experience, from food delivery to in-restaurant dining. Dineout, founded in 2012, had built a robust ecosystem that seamlessly connected diners with restaurants. It allowed users to discover, book, and experience dining at a vast network of restaurants across India. Swiggy’s Dineout innovative features, such as real-time table reservations. With exclusive dining offers, had made it a trusted companion for food enthusiasts.

Swiggy's Dineout
Swiggy’s Dineout

Swiggy’s acquisition of Dineout was not just adding other feature to their cap. It was about capitalizing on the synergies between food delivery, and with Dineout under its wing, it could now offer a complete dining journey, from choosing a restaurant to getting food deliveries to your doorstep. Swiggy’s acquisition of Dineout marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of dining in India. It represented a shift from mere food delivery to a comprehensive dining experience. With Dineout and its subsidiary inResto in their arsenal, Swiggy was poised to revolutionize how we dine out, reserve tables, and savor culinary delights.

(C) Supr Daily

In the realm of food delivery and culinary convenience, Swiggy has emerged as an undisputed giant, continuously redefining how India dines. One of the pivotal moments in this journey was the acquisition of Supr Daily, a move that extended its reach beyond restaurant meals and into the daily essentials.

On September 1, 2018, Swiggy embarked on an exciting venture by acquiring Supr Daily, a Mumbai-based subscription-based milk and daily essentials delivery service. This strategic move wasn’t just about expanding Swiggy’s portfolio; it was a step towards becoming a comprehensive solution for everyday needs. Supr Daily, founded in 2015, had carved a niche for itself by delivering fresh milk, bread, and other daily essentials to the doorsteps of its customers. It was known for its commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring that households had their essential needs met daily. Swiggy’s this acquisition of Supr Daily was a clear indication of its intent to be a part of its customers’ daily lives, offering them more than just restaurant meals. 

Swiggy’s ambitions with Supr Daily didn’t end with just milk deliveries. It expanded into the world of convenience and wholesome living with the help of Supr Daily’s subsidiary, “Homemade.” Homemade was a platform that connected home chefs and cooks with customers looking for wholesome, home-cooked meals. It allowed users to order freshly prepared, home-cooked food from a diverse range of cuisines , bringing the comfort and authenticity of homemade meals to their tables. 

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In 2019, Swiggy made a significant stride in the world of technology by acquiring, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup. This strategic move was a testament to Swiggy’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to improve every facet of the food delivery process. was at the forefront of AI-driven solutions. It specialized in computer vision and deep learning technologies, which had applications in various domains, including image recognition, data extraction, and automation.


The acquisition of by Swiggy wax not merely adding AI capabilities to its platform. Swiggy was also exploring new horizons and venturing into untapped territories. Swiggy continues to innovate and expand its technological capabilities, the acquisition remains a testament to its commitment to redefining convenience, accuracy, and the overall dining experience. It demonstrated Swiggy’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the tech driven world. 

(E) 48 East

In 2017, Swiggy acquired this Pan-Asian cuisine. This Bangalore-based kitchen infused Swiggy’s menu with delectable Asian flavors, making it your go-to choice for those flavorful dumplings and noodles. 48 East is a food delivery platform that specializes in offering a diverse range of Asian and oriental cuisine to customers. It was founded in Bangalore, India, and has gained popularity for its unique and eclectic menu inspired by the flavors of the East. The platform allows customers to order dishes from various Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and more. 

(F) Lynk Logistics

On July 13, 2023, Swiggy marked its latest acquisition of Lynk Logistics. Lynk Logistics is a retail distribution company in the FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) sector.

Swiggy's Lynk Logistics

Lynk logistics, also known as Lynk, is a logistics technology company based in India. It operates as a platform that connects users with a variety of logistics and transportation services. Swiggy’s Lynk’s platform allows individuals and businesses to book services such as trucking, moving, and delivery through a user-friendly app or website.


Swiggy’s journey from a food delivery app to a multi-faceted empire is nothing short of mesmerizing. With every acquisition and subsidiary, they have strived to make our lives more convenient, diverse, and flavorful. Swiggy’s legacy continues to evolve, tantalizing the taste buds and simplifying our daily routines. Swiggy’s legacy is a testament to their relentless pursuit of redefining convenience, innovation, and taste, one acquisition at a time.

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