Zepto vs Blinkit: Which One Is The Better Quick Delivery App?

Zepto vs Blinkit: which one is the better quick delivery app

Are you tired of waiting endlessly for your online orders to arrive? Zepto and Blinkit are two quick delivery apps promising to change the game. In this exciting showdown of Zepto vs Blinkit, we’ll unravel the mystery of which one reigns supreme. Zepto, known for its lightning-fast deliveries, faces off against Blinkit, a rising star in the delivery world. Join us as we dive into their info, features, speed, and reliability to determine the ultimate winner.

Zepto vs Blinkit: which one is the better quick delivery app

If you’re eager to save time and make smarter delivery choices, this article is a must-read. Discover which app could revolutionize your delivery experience. Don’t miss out on this epic battle of convenience!

(A) Quick Comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit

Before diving deeper into the battle of Zepto vs Blinkit, let’s see how they differ from each other based on business-

Characteristic FeaturesZeptoBlinkit
EstablishmentApril 2021December 2013
Publicly ListedNoNo
Market Valuation$1.4 billion$932 million
Market Share24% (March 2023)
13% (March 2022)
33% (March 2023)
Daily Orders1.5 to 3 lakhs (2023)More than 1.5 Lakhs
Average Order ValueRs.400 (Q3 2023)Rs.522 (Q4 2023)
Rs.553 (Q3 2023)
Delivery Fleet SizeOver 1,500N/A
Revenue (FY23) Rs.664 crore (Q3 + Q4)Rs.806 crore
Expenses (FY23)N/AN/ARs.4,072 (FY22)
Loss (FY22)Rs.390 croreRs.1,400 crore
New Features & ServicesZepto Bloom
(Farmer Engagement App)
Analytics tracking,
Designing languages
Zepto vs Blinkit: A Quick Comparison

All right! So, which one is the better quick delivery app out of the two? See, we can’t directly jump to the conclusion only by seeing their financial data. We need to delve deeper into each characteristic feature of the two e-commerce giants in the grocery segment. 

Here we go!

(B) Detailed Analysis of Zepto vs Blinkit

Now, let’s delve deeper into the business analysis of Zepto vs Blinkit-

(B.1) Establishment

(B.1.1) Zepto: April, 2021

Do you know what sets Zepto apart from being the quick delivery app? It’s the eye-catching establishment. See, every start-up is established to solve a problem by providing services/solutions/products in innovative ways. 

Does Zepto have such an interesting story too? Yup! It does. Zepto was established in April 2021 by two teenagers namely Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra. And that was the era of Pandemic lockdowns. To tackle the problem of contactless grocery purchases, they launched Zepto where you can buy groceries with just a few clicks!

For more details, visit Zepto’s business model where you will get to know about its innovative operational strategies.

(B.1.2) Blinkit: December 2013
Blinkit (Grofers)

Well, the establishment saga of Blinkit has little to do with pandemic lockdowns. Reason? It was established a decade ago i.e. in 2013. Albinder Dhinsa and Saurabh Kumar teamed up to enter the grocery delivery space. Why? To solve the problems associated with the unorganized nature of the grocery sector. Both at the customer as well as merchant end. Formerly Blinkit was called Grofers.

Later, in June 2022, Zomato acquired Grofers for a whopping sum of Rs.4,447 crore and renamed it “Blinkit.” We have covered the Blinkit business model in detail. You can look into it for detailed info.

(B.2) Public Listing

IPO is the dream of almost every startup to raise capital as quickly as possible. Not only does it offer funds from the public but also offers exposure and recognition. However, both the companies (Zepto and Blinkit) are both privately held companies. Will they launch their IPO? Let’s find out. 

(B.2.1) Zepto: Soon to be publicly listed
Zepto became a unicorn (Zepto vs Blinkit)

The grocery delivery startup Zepto has been on the news with the headline. “Zomato becomes the first Indian unicorn of the year 2023.” Did it achieve a $1 billion valuation? Yes. Its valuation reached $1.4 billion on its latest funding rounds. Recently, it received $200 million from StepStone in its Series E funding round. It is looking to launch the IPO in the coming two years.

(B.2.2) Blinkit: No IPO news yet

As you have read above, last year Zomato acquired Blinkit for Rs.4447 crores. Although Zomato is already publicly listed. There has been no news about making Blinkit public. In case we find any official report/news/announcement related to Blinkit’s IPO, we will surely update you!

(B.3) Market Valuation and Market Shares

Zepto is valued at $1.4 billion whereas Blinkit is valued at $932 billion. Despite a larger valuation, the former is behind the latter in terms of market share. Blinkit holds one of the largest market shares i.e. 33%. However, Zepto isn’t that far behind either (in 2023). In 2023, Zepto’s market share is 24%.

You must note that Zepto’s market share has increased steadily from 13% in 2022 to 24% in 2023. With this sort of meteoric rise, Zepto’s market share may soon surpass that of Blinkit and Swiggy Instamart

(B.4) Daily Orders & AOV (Average Order Value)

The daily orders of both Zepto and Blinkit are over Rs.1.5 lakhs. As of 2023, Zepto’s daily orders surpassed 3 lakhs. However, we can’t compare it directly to Blinkit. Reason? Because Blinkit hasn’t released its data on daily orders yet.

Now, let’s come to AOV i.e. Average Order Value. Well, it is a metric that measures the average total of orders placed with a merchant over a definite period.

The AOV of Zepto was Rs.400 in the third quarter of 2023. Whereas the AOV of Blinkit was Rs.522 and Rs.553 in the third and fourth quarters of this year respectively. 

(B.5) Revenue Earned and Revenue Sources

Here, comes the most important part of this comparison article. Revenue is the most important component of any business. After all, it’s the revenue that decides whether your company will grow in the long run or not! And revenue is directly proportional to the fame of your product in the market. The more the demand for your product/service, the more people will use/purchase it. Eventually, your revenue will show a meteoric rise too!

Coming to the battle of Zepto vs Blinkit, their financials tell a similar story. Zepto earned revenue of Rs.363 crore and Rs.301 crore in the fourth quarter and third quarter of this year respectively. Whereas Blinkit earned a revenue of Rs.806 crore in FY23.

Even though it seems that Blinkit earned this segment of the battle of Zepto vs Blinkit. But that may not be completely true. Why? Because Zepto hasn’t released its entire revenue for FY23 yet. So as of now, the result of the winner in terms of revenue is yet to be determined.

(B.6) Expenses & Losses

No matter how large the revenue you earn, if your expenses surpass the threshold then your company will drown in losses. Are the startups Zepto and Blinkit facing the same scenario? Well, last year they faced humongous losses. Last year, Zepto and Blinkit incurred losses of Rs.390 crore and Rs.1,440 crore, respectively. And in this year, Blinkit faced losses of Rs.288.5 crore in Q3 of FY23. Also, its expenses crossed Rs.4,072 crore in FY22.

What are the conditions for FY23? You may wonder.

However, both companies have not disclosed their entire financials for the fiscal year 2023 yet. Due to this the amount of money spent on the expenses is not available. 

(B.7) New Features and Services

Companies launch new products and services to keep themselves updated and win the competition. Similar is the case with Zepto vs Blinkit. Both platforms launch new products and services from time to time to expand their customer base. Let’s see what new products and services are launched by these grocery delivery companies.

(B.7.1) Zepto Bloom

Recently, Zepto launched a farmer engagement app “Zepto Bloom.” Reason? To digitize, and streamline the onboarding, selling, and supplying of farm produce. 

Zepto Bloom” can engage farmers and digitize their entire farming journey, from planting to selling. The app will assist Zepto’s farmers in streamlining their supply chain and yields, starting with the onboarding of 300 farmers from Maharashtra.

Zepto bloom app

This app serves as an all-in-one solution for farmers, offering features like crop cycle tracking, seamless payment processing, and the ability to sell produce directly through collection centers in villages. This eliminates the need for price auctions and complicated credit transactions. Farmers will also benefit from agronomist support, clear demand insights, grading aligned with harvest times, assured buyback, and on-ground assistance.

Vinay Dhanani, Zepto’s Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Over 50% of Zepto’s orders involve fresh fruits and vegetables, a significant category for us. Our strong connection with the farming community enables us to meet this rising demand by helping farmers maximize their yields.”

Currently, Zepto sources from over a thousand farmers in various Indian states. Their plan for this year is to expand their farmer network to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand through the Zepto Bloom Programme. Srinibas Swain, Senior Vice-President and Business Head for the Fresh Category aim to establish industry-leading supply chain practices and ensure transparency through this initiative and app.

(B.7.2) Blinkit’s New Features

The grocery delivery firm Blinkit has launched some new features too. With these latest rolled-out features, the partner brands can create custom stores. Also, they will be able to track the analytics in real-time. Also, they can track the performance of their pages. However, these features are limited to merchant partners only. 

Also, the brands can create different types of content and sections as per their choice to boost their presence in the app. They can create their design language and assets to improve their customer’s experiences.

(C) Zepto vs Blinkit: From Customers’ POV

Now, let’s compare these two online grocery delivery giants from the customers’ point of view-

Parent CompanyZeptoZomato
Prime ProductsGroceries,
dry rations,
cleaning items,
dairy products,
personal care items, etc.
Baby care food,
dairy products,
pet care foods, etc.
Estimated Delivery Time10 minutes10-30 minutes
Dark Stores80 (Self-owned)400 (Seller-owned)
Business ModelDark store modelMarketplace business model
Delivery ChargesINR 35.00 for orders
under INR 99.00
INR 9.00 to INR 30.00
(depending on the peak hours
of the day)
Zepto vs Blinkit: From Customers’ Point of View

Although, these companies claim to offer quick deliveries. However, the speed of delivery can vary depending on certain factors. Such as-

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Traffic
  • Availability of delivery personnel and partners
  • Mode of transportation

Note: Do you know Swiggy Instamart is also a tough player and key competitor of Zepto and Blinkit? But their working mechanisms slightly differ. How? Go through the article “How quick delivery of Zepto, Blinkit, and Swiggy works? and you will find it out.

(D) Final Words for Zepto vs Blinkit

In the Zepto vs. Blinkit quick delivery app comparison, it’s clear that both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. The choice between Zepto and Blinkit as quick delivery apps depends on individual preferences and needs. Zepto boasts a wider service coverage and an established reputation, making it a reliable choice for many users. On the other hand, Blinkit may excel in specific regions or offer unique features. 

To determine the better app, consider factors such as delivery speed, availability in your area, user interface, and pricing. Ultimately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer; the better app depends on your location and individual preferences.

Keep in mind that the quality of service can change over time, so periodic reassessment is wise!

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7 months ago

I use both of them and i feel Zepto is better as compared to Blinkit. The customer seervice of Blinkit is not as good as of Zepto & Blinkit sometimes add surge charge of 30 INR which makes no sense.

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Yukti Bhandari
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