Pharmeasy Valuation, Funding & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

PharmEasy Valuation

PharmEasy, your health companion, revolutionizes the way you manage your well-being. With a tap, you access an extensive online pharmacy, delivering medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostics to your doorstep. Do you know PharmEasy valuation has caused a stir in the market? A digital health ecosystem at your fingertips, it offers doctor consultations, health records, and personalized reminders. Simplifying health, PharmEasy ensures affordability, convenience, and authenticity.

PharmEasy Valuation

The platform aims to make healthcare more accessible and convenient, especially for those in remote areas. It partners with local pharmacies to fulfill orders and also provides lab tests and health checkup packages. Now folks are curious to know about its shareholding pattern and funding that raised its valuation to a sky-high amount.

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PharmEasy Valuation

As of FY22, PharmEasy’s Valuation has increased to Rs.4,603 crore. The most potent reason for this is its successful working strategy that won the trust of the investors (VCs).

PharmEasy operates through its user-friendly website and mobile app, which allows users to easily upload prescriptions, browse and order medicines, and book lab tests and diagnostics services. The platform provides a seamless and convenient experience for users to access healthcare services online. 

Some potential reasons for its sky-high valuation are-

1. Market Expansion & Penetration

PharmEasy may have successfully expanded its services to new regions or markets, increasing its customer base and revenue potential. Entering underserved areas or targeting a broader demographic could drive valuation growth.

2. Revenue Growth & Financial Performance

Strong revenue growth and positive financial performance, such as increasing sales, profitability, and efficient cost management, can attract investor confidence and lead to a higher valuation. In FY22, it earned revenue worth Rs.5,729 crore.

3. Technological Innovation

Introducing innovative technologies, such as advanced prescription management systems, AI-powered healthcare solutions, and improved user interfaces differentiate PharmEasy from competitors. Thus, it drives it’s valuation high.

4. Strategic Acquisitions

PharmEasy has acquired other companies to enhance its offerings, increase its market share, and access new technologies. Such moves led to valuation growth due to perceived synergies and expanded business prospects. It acquired three giant companies namely-

  • Thyrocare (2020)
  • Medlife (2020)
  • Aknamed (2021)

Do you know these acquisitions were a crucial part of the PharmEasy business model? We have already explained it in detail. You can look into the PharmEasy business model for more information.

Shareholding Pattern of PharmEasy

This e-pharmacy startup has a long list of shareholders. Let’s look at them-

Shareholders’ NamePercentage of Stake Owned (%)
Evermed Holdings5.83%
Manekar Family2.18%
Lightrock Growth Fund3.67%
JM Financial1.29%
TIMF Holdings2.97%
Shah Family2.65%
Orios Venture Partners1.88%
Fundamentum Partnership Fund2.03%
Eight Roads Ventures2.24%
CDPQ Private Equity3.94%
Prasid Uno Family Trust6.07%
TPG Growth6.31%
Naspers Ventures11.43%
Dr.A. Velumani4.30%
B Capital1.56%
SARV Investments1.16%
PharmEasy: Shareholding Pattern

As you can see from the above table, the shareholding pattern is immensely distributed among the shareholders. The major shareholders are Naspers Ventures and Temasek owning 11.43% and 10.29% respectively.

PharmEasy’s Funding Rounds

As per the latest reports, PharmEasy has raised a total of $1.4 billion in funding over 13 rounds. It held its latest funding round in November 2022. Let’s look at them one-by-one in the following table-

Lead InvestorsMoney RaisedType of Funding Round
Evolutionx Debt Capital(Undisclosed)Debt Financing Round (November 2022)
Vestin Wolf Capital Management(Undisclosed)Private Equity Round (November 2022)
Trifecta Capital Advisors(Undisclosed)Debt Financing (October 2021)
(Undisclosed)Rs.1,968 crore ($240 million)Venture Round (October 2021)
Arokiaswamy VelumaniRs.4,100 crore ($500 million)Series F (July 2021)
B Capital GroupRs.164 crore ($20 million)Secondary Market (June 2021)
Prosus Ventures, TPG GrowthRs.3,198 crore ($390 million)Series E (April 2021)
Temasek HoldingsRs.1,804 crore ($220 million)Series D (November 2019)
Eight Road Ventures IndiaRs.410 crore ($50 million)Series C (September 2018)
InnoVen CapitalRs.40 crore ($4.8 million)Debt Financing (September 2018)
PharmEasy’s Funding Rounds

PharmEasy, a prominent online pharmacy platform, has witnessed impressive growth in valuation, funding rounds, and shareholder distribution. Its valuation trajectory reflects its expanding market presence and user base. Over multiple funding rounds, PharmEasy secured substantial investments from both venture capital firms and strategic investors, enabling the company to enhance its technology, operations, and customer experience.

Shareholder breakdown showcases a blend of institutional investors, venture capitalists, and individual stakeholders. Prominent investors include leading VC firms, which recognize PharmEasy’s potential in the healthcare sector. The company’s strategic alliances and acquisitions have further solidified its position, contributing to investor confidence.

Controversies and Devaluation of PharmEasy

PharmEasy Devaluation

PharmEasy faced severe backlash over the recommendation of the herbal product by a pharmacist. A Twitter user claimed that one of the pharmacists recommended a herbal product along with his existing order. This incident sparked concerns related to the legality of recommendations and practices of e-pharmacies in India.

Also, the Union Health Ministry raised concerns about data privacy and malpractices done by e-pharmacies including PharmEasy, Tata 1mg, Netmeds, etc.

All these incidents led to the significant devaluation of the startup. In the year 2023, PharmEAsy experienced a significant devaluation. Currently, PharmEasy’s share price is Rs.5 per share. It is ten times lesser if you compare it with its share price in 2021 i.e. Rs.50 per share.

Final Words

In essence, PharmEasy valuation, successful funding rounds, and diversified shareholder base showcases its success. It reflects the promising trajectory within the digital healthcare landscape. As it continues to innovate and expand its services, PharmEasy remains poised for further growth and influence in the pharmaceutical industry.

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