Complete List of Zomato Acquisitions AND Subsidiaries

Complete list of Zomato acquisitions and subsidiaries.

Zomato has not merely satisfied appetites, but has also acquired companies with time. These moves have not only have shaped the company’s growth but also influenced the landscape of the food-tech industry. In this article, we’ll discuss about the complete list of Zomato acquisitions and subsidiaries. 

Complete list of Zomato acquisitions and subsidiaries.

Zomato Company Profile 

At first glance, Zomato might seem like a mere app on your smartphone – a digital gateway to restaurant reviews and food delivery options. Zomato, has transformed the way we experience food, traces its origin back in 2008.

In just a short span, Zomato has gathered a lot of attention and acclaim. Its user-friendly interface, extensive restaurant database, and the authentic reviews from fellow diners struck a chord with users.

The company’s innovative spirit, dedication to quality, and commitment to enhancing the dining experience have made it a household name in many countries. Zomato currently serves in 36 countries having above 1 million famous restaurants. Zomato entered the unicorn club with a valuation of $1.1 billion in 2018. 

Name of the companyZomato
Founded in 2008
Founders Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah
CEO Deepinder Goyal
Headquarter Gurugram, Haryana, India
Original name of the companyFoodieBay
Name rebranded in 2010
Type of industryOnline food ordering 
Services provided Food delivery, Table reservation, dine out services
Insights to Zomato company profile

Key facets of Zomato business include – 

  • Restaurant Discovery
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Online food ordering
  • Table reservations
  • Food delivery and Delivery Partner Network
  • Global Expansion
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Business listings for Restaurants
  • Diverse cuisine options 

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Complete list of Zomato’s Acquisitions and Subsidiaries 

This is not just a list of business transactions; it’s a narrative that takes us behind the scenes, revealing the strategic decisions and visionary partnerships that have shaped Zomato’s remarkable ascent.

Acquired StartupsYear of Acquisition
Menu Mania2014
Obedovat 2014
Lunchtime 2014
Cibando 2014
MapleGraph Solutions Pvt. Ltd.2015
Sparse Labs2016
Runnr 2017
Uber Eats India2020
Blinkit 2022
Zomato acquisitions and subsidiaries

Let’s see the complete list of Zomato’s acquisitions and subsidiaries.

(A) Menu Mania 

Founded in New Zealand in 2006, Menu Mania was a pioneering online platform that specialized in digitizing restaurant menus. It offered a comprehensive database of restaurant menus, allowing users to explore dishes, prices, and offerings before deciding where to dine. 

Zomato, with its relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, had been on a global expansion spree. Acquiring Menu Mania in 2014, marked the first milestone in their journey and their first acquisition. Zomato had already established a strong presence in India and various International markets, becoming a go-to app for restaurant discovery, reviews, and food delivery services.

However, the acquisition of Menu Mania was not just about geographical expansion, it was also about enhancing the user experience and strengthening the platform’s core offerings. 

Some of the key features include- 

  • Menu Digitization
  • Local Expertise
  • Strengthening Partnerships
  • User Engagement

(B) Obedovat

Obedovat is a well-known online food ordering and delivery platform based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 2004. The platform primarily focuses on providing convenient and efficient food delivery services to customers by partnering with local restaurants. Zomato acquired Obedovat in 2014.

The deal valued at around $3.25 million. This Zomato’s acquisition led Zomato got global reach and access through Obedovat in international markets and to expand its customer base.

(C) Lunchtime 

Situated in the Czech Republic, Lunchtime works as a restaurant and outlets guide that guides its users about all the local restaurants, pubs, outlets, and cafes. Lunchtime partners with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, offering customers a diverse selection of cuisines and menu options to choose from.

Zomato acquisition of Lunchtime

Lunchtime operates through its website and mobile app, allowing users to browse menus, place food orders, and make payments online. Zomato acquired Lunchtime in 2014, the same year it acquired Obedovat. Although the amount of the deal was not disclosed. The acquisition happened with the aim to expand its network more in the international market.

(D) Cibando

Cibando is an Italian restaurant company platform specially developed for iPhone users. Founded in 2010. Cibando focused on helping users discover restaurants, cafes, and eateries across Italy. It provided detailed information about dining establishments, including their locations, menus, pricing, and user-generated reviews.

Another Zomato’s acquisition. Zomato acquired Cibando in 2014 as a part of its international expansion efforts.

The acquisition of Cibando was a strategic move to broaden Zomato’s geographical reach. Italy, known for its rich culinary culture, was an attractive market for Zomato to establish a presence in. After the acquisition, Cibando’s data and user base were integrated into the Zomato platform.

This meant that Cibando users gained access to Zomato’s more extensive international restaurants listings, reviews, and features.

(e) UrbanSpoon 

UrbanSpoon is a popular restaurant and dining guide in the United States and Canada, allowing users to find restaurants, read reviews, and book tables. Founded in 2006.

Another big Zomato’s acquisition. The acquisition of UrbanSpoon held in 2015 was a strategic move to enter the North America market and compete with established players. Zomato acquired UrbanSpoon for around $55 million. After this Zomato’s acquisition, it integrated UrbanSpoon’s data and user base into its platform.

Zomato acquisition of UrbanSpoon

This meant that UrbanSpoon users could access Zomato’s enhanced features, such as more extensive restaurant information, user reviews, and a broader international database. Zomato gradually turned users to their platform.

With the acquisition, Zomato could offer UrbanSpoon users an improved platform with more advanced features, including a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, restaurant recommendations, and a comprehensive dining experience.

(F) MapleGraph Solutions Private Limited 

In a strategic acquisition, Zomato has brought MapleGraph Solutions, presenting its\commitment to the power of data for enhancing its services and enriching the dining experience for its users. Founded in 2011.

Zomato acquisition of MapleGraph

MapleGraph solutions is not your run-of-the-mill tech company. Specializing in graph database technology and data management solutions, MapleGraph has been quietly making in the data analytics space.  Zomato acquired MapleGraph solutions in 2015.

With MapleGraph’s expertise, Zomato can now better understand user preferences, enabling more accurate restaurant recommendations and menu suggestions. 

With MapleGraph’s data analysis capabilities, Zomato can enhance fraud detection, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for both users and restaurants.

(G) NexTable 

NexTable, a restaurant reservation and guest management platform that aimed to streamline the reservation process for both diners and restaurants.

The company provided a software platform that allowed restaurants to manage their reservations, optimize table turnover, and improve the overall dining experience for customers. Zomato acquired NexTable in 2015.

Zomato acquisition of NexTable

This acquisition marked Zomato’s entry into the restaurant reservation and table management space. Following the acquisition, Zomato integrated NexTable’s capabilities into its platform. Allowing users to not only discover restaurants but also make reservations and manage their dining experience.

(h) Sparse Labs

Another part of the complete list of Zomato’s acquisitions and subsidiaries is Sparse Labs. Sparse labs is a technology company that specializes in providing software solutions and services for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Founded in 2014.

While specific details about the software company may vary, their focus generally revolves around improving restaurant operations, enhancing customer experiences and optimizing restaurant management through innovative software and technology.

Zomato acquired Sparse labs in 2016. However the amount of the deal was not disclosed. This acquisition helped Zomato to enhance its delivery system and make a more user friendly approach.

(i) Runnr 

Runnr, a Bangalore based food delivery and logistics startup founded in 2015 by Arpit Dave, Mohit Kumar, Aravind Reddy, and Gnanesh Chiillukuri. Initially known as “Roadrunnr”, the company rebranded as Runnr to focus on food delivery.

Runnr was known for its efficient delivery fleet and advanced technology solutions, making it a promising partner for Zomato’s ambitions.

This acquisition, which took place in 2017, marked a pivotal moment in Zomato’s journey to solidify its position in the highly competitive food delivery industry. However the amount of acquisition was not disclosed.

Zomato acquisition of Runnr

By controlling the entire delivery chain, from order placement to final delivery, Zomato aimed to reduce operational costs and increase profitability. 

Some positive outcomes of Runnr acquisition of Zomato

  • Enhanced delivery
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased market share

(j) TongueStun

TongueStun is an Indian based company that specializes in corporate catering and food services. Founded by Manjunath Ramakrishnan in 2012, TongueStun aimed to revolutionize the way companies manage their food-related needs, particularly in the context of employee meals and corporate events. Zomato acquired TongueStun in early 2018.

Zomato acquisition of TongueStun

The acquisition of TongueStun was part of Zomato’s strategy to diversify its services and expand its presence in the corporate catering segment.

TongueStun specialized in providing corporate catering solutions, including meal planning and delivery services. After the acquisition TongueStun’s operations and technology were integrated into Zomato’s platform.

(K) Uber Eats India

Uber Eats India was launched in 2017, initially starting its operations in Mumbai. Over time, it expanded its presence to several major cities across India. Uber Eats India had a dedicated mobile app and website that allowed users to browse menus, place food orders, and track their deliveries. 

In January 2020, Zomato announced its acquisition of Uber Eats India, Uber’s food delivery arm in the country. The deal is valued at around Rs. 2,485 crores ($350 million). The acquisition catapulted Zomato into a more dominant position, intensifying its rivalry with Swiggy.

Zomato acquisition of Uber Eats India

Zomato’s reach expanded significantly, covering more cities and towns in India and serving a broader customer base. Zomato inherited Uber Eats India’s restaurants partnerships, diversifying its offerings. Operational efficiencies and cost optimizations increased Zomato’s profitability. 

Impact on Zomato

  • Concentrated on focused investment
  • Stake in food delivery giant
  • Synergy 

(L) Blinkit 

Another latest part of the complete list of Zomato’s acquisitions and subsidiaries is BLINKIT. In June 2022, Zomato announced its acquisition to acquire Blinkit. 

Blinkit, previously known as Grofers, is an online grocery delivery service. Offers a wide range of grocery and household products.

Zomato acquisition of Blinkit

In August 2022, Zomato completed its 100% shareholdings of all the shares in the Blinkit. The deal valued at Rs. 4,447 crores. However, Blinkit has increased its revenue generation in FY22 of Rs. 263 crores as compared to FY21 of Rs. 200 crores. Acquired in August 2022.


From its inception as a restaurant discovery platform, Zomato has transformed into a global food-tech giant through a series of strategic acquisitions and the subsidiaries. Its journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and expansion into new markets.

As Zomato continues to evolve, one thing is clear: its growth and innovation in the food-tech industry knows no bounds. The complete list of Zomato’s acquisitions and subsidiaries reflects its dedication to enhancing the culinary experience for millions around the world.

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