Daikin vs Hitachi: Which Brand Has The Better Grip On AC Market?

Daikin vs Hitachi

Daikin vs Hitachi, the two renowned brands in the AC market. They are known for their innovative technologies for providing cooling solutions. It’s not just about cooling spaces, but is a clash of innovative technologies, customer service provided, features, etc.

Daikin vs Hitachi

Company Profile: Daikin vs Hitachi 

Both these companies have been hailing from Japan in different years and have become recognized brands over the years. 

Aspects Daikin Hitachi 
Founded October 25, 1924 1910
Founders Akira Yamada Namihei Odaria 
Parent Company Daikin Industries Ltd. The Johnson Controls group.
Head Office Osaka, Japan.Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan.
Global Presence Operates in more than 170 countries Operates in more than 39 countries  
Market share 18%-19% 12% 
Annual turnover (India)Rs.8,860 crores 
Rs.280 crores (fall of 9.09%)
Company Profiles of Daikin & Hitachi

Daikin AC has a bigger market share between 18%-19% in the AC market, whereas Hitachi goes down the list and has a market share of 12%.

Daikin’s turnover is Rs.8,860 crores for India, while Hitachi stands at Rs.280 crores for 2023 in India, and suffered a fall of 9.09% as compared to its previous year’s numbers. 

Revenue Over The Years: Daikin vs Hitachi

Daikin Revenue 

Year Revenue Change % from previous year
2023 $29.97 billion 5.69%
2022$28.36 billion 7.52%
2021$26.38 billion 14.62%
2020$23.01 billion -1.9% (fall of)
Daikin Revenue Over the Years

Over the years Daikin has seen a percentage rise in its revenue, and with that the company observed an increase in their net profit scale. 

Hitachi Revenue 

Year Revenue Change % of rise/fall from previous year
2023$80.521 billion 11.86% fall 
2022$91.355 billion 11.36% rise 
2021 %82.054 billion 1.73% rise 
Hitachi Revenue Over the Years

For the year 2023, Hitachi observed an 11.86% decline in their revenues and stood at $80.521 billion as compared to its last year’s revenue which was $91.355 billion. 

Net Profit/Income: Daikin vs Hitachi 

Daikin Net Profit 

Year Net Profit (in Japanese Yen)
2023 257.76 billion 
2022217.71 billon
2021156.25 billion 
2020 170.73 billion 
Daikin Net Profit Over the Years

Daikin for FY23 observed an increase in their net profit numbers and recorded 257.75 billion Japanese yen, which was higher as compared to its FY22 numbers, which stood at 217.71 billion. 

Hitachi Net Income 

Year Net Income (in Japanese Yen)
2023 649.1 billion 
2022 703.8 billion
2021670.8 billion 
2020501.6 billion
Hitachi Net Income Over the Years

Hitachi recorded a lower number for its net income which was 649.1 billion japanese yen, as compared to its net income numbers in FY22, which stood at 703.8 billion japanese yen.

The company suffered losses in the year FY23 in India and has fallen out of the list of top AC brands in the country. 

Daikin and Hitachi ACs

However in FY22, the company saw an increase in their net income as compared to its numbers in FY21. Apart from that there was also an up scale observed in numbers of net income for the year 2020. 

Net Sales: Daikin vs Hitachi

Daikin observed a 114% increase in its net sales in FY23 as compared to its previous year’s numbers. 

In FY23, Daikin recorded 1,011.8 billion japanese yen, while in FY22 it was 889.3 billion. Apart from that, its operating profit saw an increase of 110% in FY23, and stated to be higher than which was in FY22.

While serving in domains like chemicals and other, it has seen an increase of 95% in their net sales in FY23, and 102% increase in its operating profit for the chemical sector. While serving in other domains, it has observed a 151% increase in their net sales, and 165% rise in their operating profits. 

While the numbers for net sales of Hitachi weren’t disclosed!

Daikin vs Hitachi: Other Factors Comparison 

Factors Daikin Hitachi 
Cooling capacity Daikin 1.5 Tons AC model provides has a cooling capacity of 5280W, a higher than its previous cooling capacity. Hitachi 1.5 tons AC has a cooling capacity of 5275W. 
Performance Daikin ACs have the capacity to cool rooms upto 54 degrees. Hitachi ACs can cool rooms upto 52 degrees capacity. 
Noise level Provides low noise level range between 35-38 db, almost negligible noise. Follows the same range as Daikin. Has a low noise level of 35-38 db range. 
Energy efficiency It depends on various factors like the cooling capacity, temperature settings, type, etc. Here, also it caters to factors like maintenance, settings, size of the AC, ratings, etc. for energy consumption. 
ISEER ratings Max rating – 6.2 Has a rating of 4.55, differs with different AC models. 
Warranty 1 year, 2 year, or even 6 year warranty is provided, but for that the online registration must be completed within the 60 days of installation. Hitachi provides extended warranty, and offers 10 years warranty on compressor, along with that provides 5 year warranty on controller. 
After support Has good after sales support by serving through different mediums. It is considered to be one of the best for providing after sales support with extended warranty, and has eligible assistance. 
Comparative Analysis of factors between Daikin & Hitachi

Daikin ACs has the capacity to provide more cooling capacity at 5280W, while Hitachi has the capacity of 5275W. The performance factor of the ACs follows the similar trend, as Daikin ACs can cool rooms upto 54 degrees, while Hitachi provides cool room till 52 degrees. 

Daikin & Hitachi ACs differences

The noise and energy efficiency factors in both the companies are somewhat similar. While the energy efficiency of the ACs can vary due to following factors like the maintenance, temperature settings, size of the AC, etc. 

The ISEER ratings which is referred to as Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a rating method for air conditioners.

The max ISEER ratings for Daikin ACs is 6.2, which is considered good for providing superior performance for your comfort, while Hitachi ratings stand at 4.55. 

Both the companies have different warranty periods, while Hitachi provides extended periods of warranty. 

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Summing Up: Daikin vs Hitachi 

Both Daikin and Hitachi are well known names in the AC world. Both have their different set of features and innovations to offer. 

Hitachi revenue saw a huge decrease in their numbers as compared to its previous year’s revenue, while on the other hand, Daikin revenue reported a good increase in their revenues. 

Daikin vs Hitachi AC

Daikin for its services and operations in India reported to have an annual turnover of Rs.8,860 crores and is expecting to double its business in next 3 years.

While in case of Hitachi, it stands at Rs.280 crores for 2023 in India, and suffered a fall of 9.09% as compared to its previous year’s numbers. 

Considering these numbers, Daikin seems to be leading the game as compared to Hitachi. 

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