Voltas vs Blue Star – Which One Is The Better AC Company?

Voltas vs Blue Star

The choice of choosing the perfect air conditioner for the indoors becomes paramount. Two widely recognized names that have emerged in the Indian market for providing absolute comfort cooling solutions are Voltas and Blue Star. But the question that has been making the rounds is which one is better, and hence the concept emerged – Voltas Vs Blue Star.

Voltas vs Blue Star

With the growing demand of ACs due to climate change, has led these brands to enhance themselves and provide more facilities and varieties. 

These two brands have their own narrative of delivering cooling solutions and their vision of providing comfort. These two have their own unique strengths and characteristics that make them stand out in the Indian air conditioning market and to become a recognized brand. 

Voltas: Company Overview  

Voltas Limited is a renowned Indian company that has established a recognized prominent presence in the air conditioning industry of India. Incorporated on 6th September, 1954, Voltas is a trusted name in the Indian market and is known for its commitment to innovation and quality and staying true to its core values. 

It is an association between Volkart brothers and Tata Group, thus its name is a combination of Volkart and Tata. Voltas a part of Tata Group, India’s one of the largest conglomerates. This association has bought a legacy of trust, ethical values, and a commitment to excellence.

Voltas company profile

Features of Voltas-

  • Voltas operates mainly in three categories – Unitary cool products, Engineering product & services, and Electro-Mechanical products & services. 
  • Voltas has a strong presence in India, Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa.
  • Has been identified as one of the leading companies of Tata Group, with over 25,000 customer base.
  • Recently launched a series of Voltas Beko home appliances.
  • Voltas provides a wide range of air conditioning solutions, including window air conditioners, split air conditioners, and inverted air conditioners.
  • Offers products that are budget-friendly, making them accessible to a broad range of consumers. 
  • Places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, by making their products lineup being 5-star rated in terms of energy efficiency. 

Blue Star: Company Overview 

Blue Star Limited, recognized as the multinational home appliance company. Founded in 1943 by Mohan T. Advani, now headquartered in Mumbai. Deals in air conditioners, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Firefighting), commercial refrigeration, water purifiers and water coolers.

This company has successfully made itself synonymous with high-quality air conditioning and commercial refrigeration solutions. The company has earned its place as a sign of excellence, reliability, and innovation.

Blue Star company profile

Features of Blue Star- 

  • Blue Star offers a comprehensive wide range of products and services, provides an array of air conditioning products, and commercial refrigeration specialization.
  • Blue Star too is committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. Many of its products are designed to be highly energy-efficient .
  • Has a range of water purifiers like India’s first RO+UV Hot & Cold water purifiers.
  • Company has over 8,000 stores for their products like room ACs, refrigeration options, etc. 

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Voltas vs Blue Star

Product Range Offers window, split, and inverted ACs.Offers ACs including window, split, central. Along with water purifiers & commercial refrigeration services.  
Energy Efficiency Places a strong focus on 5-star rated models.Also offers energy efficient models with high EER (energy efficiency ratio)
Durability Known for their robust build quality, ensuring longevity & durability.Are built to withstand rigorous usage, suitable for both commercial & residential purposes. 
Cooling Technology Recognized for precision cooling, ensuring temperature control. Preferred for spaces where cooling is critical, like Data Centers.Emphasizes on energy-efficient cooling with its converter AC technology.
Price Range Products are considered more budget friendly. Are slightly higher in price range as compared to voltas, due to its extensive services & features.
Customer Services & Support Offers a widespread service network, and is well-approached for its after sales service.Provides an extensive catalog of services with efficient support teams. 
Other features ACs come with Anti-Bacteria Filter, Antifungal Cleanser, Silver Ion Filter, a Self-diagnosis system, Anti-dust Filter, and with a Catechin Filter. ACs are loaded with multiple sensors, dust filters, comfort sleep mode, self-diagnosis, and offer superior cooling even at 52-degree temperature.
Global ExpansionMiddle East, South East Asia, and Africa.Also one of the leading MEP contractors. Eyeing to expand in the Middle East. Considering to start a joint venture in Qatar. 
Latest Revenue (FY23)Rs.3335.34 croreRs.8040.5 crore
Market Cap (FY23)Rs.28,300.57 crore Rs.17,796.99 crore 
Voltas vs Blue Star

Voltas is emerging as the leading player of the air conditioning market of India, with a higher market valuation than the Blue Star company. With its affordable prices and services, it is approaching a vast customer base.

Which one is Leading the Market?

By looking at the above differences and at the market cap and the valuation, Voltas is leading the Indian air conditioning market. Also, with the market share of 21.6% (2022-2023).

Blue Star as of FY23, has a market share of 13.25% in the Room Air Conditioners (RAC) industry, and is planning to expand its market share to 15% by FY25.

Voltas vs Blue Star

According to the list by English Jagran, Voltas has acquired the second position in the 12 best AC brands in India, while Blue Star has acquired seventh position in the list. Voltas is growing at a faster rate than Blue Star, in terms of valuation, services provided and affordable prices.

Summing Up

In the world of air conditioners, both Blue Star and Voltas are reputable and technology driven companies with distinct advantages and strengths. The choice between them entirely depends on your preference, specific needs, and the budget.

Voltas excels in offering budget-friendly and energy efficient options, on the other hand Blue Star stands out for its precision cooling technology and innovation, making it a preferred choice for commercial applications.

Blue Star and Voltas

Lastly, it’s essential to know the cooling preferences, requirements, budget, and of course long-term expectations, which totally determines which of these will be the top and best fit for you.

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