List Of All Current Brand Ambassadors Of Puma In India

List of brand ambassadors of Puma in India

Want to know why big brands like Puma always team up with some specific people? Well, to know about that let’s delve into the captivating pool of brand ambassadors of Puma in India.

List of brand ambassadors of Puma in India

A realm where sports, style, and stardom collide. The current lineup of Puma India brand ambassadors range from sports magic to bollywood glitz, each representing a unique blend of fashion and sporting spirit. In this exploration, each ambassador  represents more than just a face – they present a narrative that transcends the boundaries of sports accessories, put within a nutshell of Puma. 

Imagine: either your favorite celebrity or sports personality wearing Puma, there is a certain curiosity that develops within yourself to have that Puma product once. Isn’t it true? 

So, let’s take a round through the star-studded line-up of brand ambassadors of Puma in India ! 

Who All Are The Brand Ambassadors Of Puma In India? 

Puma has an impressive lineup of brand ambassadors in India, ranging from athlete arena to Bollywood space. 

Puma India

Let’s take a look at the table below for all the brand ambassadors of Puma in India.

Virat Kohli Cricketer Rs.110 crore 2017 – Present
Mohammed Shami Cricketer Rs.1 crore2023 – next year 
Anushka Sharma Actor Undisclosed 2022 – Present 
Shanaya Kapoor Actress Undisclosed 2023 – next year
Harmanpreet KaurCricketer Undisclosed 2023 – next year
Harleen DeolCricketer & Athlete Undisclosed 2023 – next year
Mary KomBoxer Undisclosed 2019 – Present 
Sunil Chhetri Footballer Undisclosed 2019 – Present 
Avani Lekhara ParalympianUndisclosed 2022 – Present 
List of Brand Ambassadors Of Puma In India

(A) Virat Kohli

In 2017, Puma India locked a deal with Virat Kohli for a worth of Rs.110 crore, with a tenure of eight years. As of today, this strategic alliance is still going strong and effective by featuring Virat Kohli in their new campaigns and stories. 

By signing this deal, Kohli became the first Indian sportsperson to sign a Rs110-crore endorsement deal with a single brand. With this Kohli became the global brand ambassador for the brand. The brand has an effective sales round after onboarding Kohli.

Puma Dive in campaign with Virat Kohli

The latest campaign that Puma India launched with Virat Kohli was AI-led campaign PUMA-Dive. The latest ad of Puma India featured Virat Kohli and his wife Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma presenting the PUMAXDAPPER DAN Collection, and in the another ad stating about the Black Friday Sale on Puma products with extra 30% discount on every product.

(B) Mohammed Shami 

The latest big name that Puma India onboarded is Mohammed Shami. The cricket will be endorsing brand products especially the band launched spikes crafted for pacers. Shami recently has significantly increased its brand endorsement value from Rs.40-50 Lakhs to upto Rs.1 million for all of its deal. 

Mohammed Shami Puma India ambassador

According to the managing director of Puma India, Karthik Balgopalan, the alliance of Shami and Puma India will inspire fans and athletes more towards the unwavering spirit for fitness and Shami’s commitment, courage, fitness, perfectly resonates with the brand values that will help the brand to drive sports culture more in the country. Shami has been a key player in the Indian cricket team and his relentless courage and determination helped the team to achieve many big titles and has showcased his master and remarkable  performance in the latest World Cup 2023.

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(C) Anushka Sharma  

The Bollywood biggie name on the brand ambassadors of Puma in India. Last year in 2022, Anushka was announced as the brand ambassador of Puma India, but in a twisted way. Yes you read it right! Puma India and Anushka Sharma collaborated for a deal and announced it in an unusual manner, which confused everyone and the brand was once again in the headlines.

Anushka Sharma puma India campaign

All this strategy was a part of their marketing campaign which helped the brand to make their name sound again all over, and the actress took part in it, with this the brand wanted to create a waves vis-a-vis this strategy, as stated by Shreya Sachdeva, marketing head of Puma India. 

With this collaboration, the actress will endorse Puma products like footwear, apparels, etc. through various channels and activities throughout the endorsement period. 

The managing director of Puma India and Southeast Asia, Abhishek Ganguly, stated that the brand strongly believes in fearless, determined and courageous women spirit and drive their commitment towards women business in India. He also stated that this alliance will further help them with their approach towards fitness and lifestyle more and will bring them close to their consumers. 

(D) Shanaya Kapoor 

The upcoming bollywood actress, Shanaya Kapoor has signed a deal with Puma India this year 2023. With this collaboration Puma India aims to target the GenZ consumers in India. 

The actress will be endorsing Puma products and performance wear through digital campaigns across social media platforms, to target GenZ specifically. On this alliance the actress commented that ‘she had always been an active person and liked Puma’s sportswear, and will be sharing her ideas and opinions through the campaign. 

Shanaya Kapoor puma India brand ambassador

The campaign will be launched digitally as Gen Z are more digital natives. They are more inclined towards the digital arena and have different influences on entertainment, shopping, education, fitness, etc, that are shaped and cultured differently. As a brand, Puma looks forward to connecting authentically with them through our association with Shanaya, stated by the managing director Shreya Sachdeva of Puma India.  

(E) Harmanpreet Kaur 

The captain on the cards, an another name in the list of brand ambassadors of Puma in India. Puma India collaborated  with Indian women’s cricket team captain Harmanpreet Kaur for an amazing endorsement deal. Under this association, the cricketer will be endorsing and featuring with Puma products in various campaigns and through various channels. 

Harmanpreet kaur brand ambassador of puma India

According to the managing director of the brand, through this association, the brand hopes to inspire and encourage younger generations and Indian women’s cricket to reach greater heights.  

(F) Harleen Deol  

Puma India partnered with Harleen Deol in September 2023. The cricketer was spotted unveiling the Race Day Tee by Puma at the Press Meet at Le Meridien, Delhi. On this association the head of marketing said that they are excited and extremely happy about this association and eager to support the runners for the road race with the launch of a new PUMA Race Day tee along with PUMA athlete and cricketer Harleen Deol.

Harleen Deol puma India brand ambassador

The cricketer and athlete will be endorsing Puma products and accessories through various campaigns and channels. 

(G) Mary Kom

The six time world women boxing champion, Mary Kom is one of the leading brand ambassadors of Puma India. The boxer which is also referred to as ‘Magnificent Mary’ has a three year contract with the brand, under which she’ll be endorsing brands’ various products and apparels throughout the endorsement tenure by featuring in various campaigns and in various channels. 

Mary Kom brand ambassador Puma India

The boxer on this association stated that Puma as a brand has encouraged and supported women, which made it a perfect fit for her. 

(H) Sunil Chhetri 

The captain on the board. Puma India collaborated with Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri, to get deeper into the roots of the sports industry in the country. The footballer signed a three year contract with the brand. The footballer is currently the third highest goal-scorer among active players in international matches.

Sunil Chhetri Puma India brand ambassador

The alliance will promote brands commitment to the sports ecosystem and supporting Indian football. Sunil Chhetri has taken Indian football to a whole new level and is an inspiration for the youth, his passion and goals line with the brand’s goals and perceptions, according to the managing director of the brand. 

(I) Avani Lekhara 

The Paralympian in the list of brand ambassadors of Puma in India. The gold medalist rifle shooter associated with the brand last year 2022. Puma India last year in 2022, launched its diverse line-up of mannequins in which they honored and paid tribute to the athlete by creating a mannequin of her sitting in a wheelchair to celebrate one of her achievements.

Puma India campaign

In March 2023, Puma India launched a new digital film titled “Let there be Sport ” starring Avani with other brand ambassadors.

Summing Up

As we conclude this discussion of brand ambassadors of Puma in India, Puma has a constellation of brand ambassadors in India. Puma’s commitment to evolution and diversity ensures that the brand ambassadors are true to the brand’s dynamic approach.

Puma India brand ambassadors

The alliance is more than just a deal in the landscape where sports meets style, it’s a symbol of trust and reliability that is being constructed by the brand in the Indian Market. These brand ambassadors are not just mere big names or the influencers, they are the storytellers shaping the narrative of the brand for the Indian audience.

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