What Kind Of Brand Rare Rabbit Is & Why It’s So Expensive?

Rare Rabbit: Fashion Brand for men

In the last few years, Rare Rabbit has become the Louis Vuitton of Indian men! Reason? Sky high prices with exclusive quality. Ever pondered the essence of Rare Rabbit and its relatively higher price tag? Also, it stands out in the men’s fashion scene for its distinctive fusion of quality, craftsmanship, and style.

Rare Rabbit: Fashion Brand for men

Is that the only reason? Obviously not! 

Almost every brand boasts its premium quality. Then, what makes Rare Rabbit so special? 

Go through this article and you will find out!

(A) What kind of brand Rare Rabbit is?

Rare Rabbit is an Indian brand that offers a wide variety of menswear for different occasions. They are a fashion powerhouse that designs, manufactures, and retails men’s and apparel. The brand aims to provide quality products and exceptional service. 

It’s quite appreciable for a brand with a small team and a passionate group competing with well-established brands.

Rare Rabbit is from which country?

India! Yes, Rare Rabbit is a famous indigenous brand specializing in the men’s fashion segment.

Let’s have a brief overview of the brand Rare Rabbit-

Name of the CompanyRare Rabbit
Parent CompanyHouse of Rare
Type of CompanyPrivately Held
IndustryApparel & Fashion
Operating SegmentMen’s Fashion
Company Size201-500 employees
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka
Founded in2015
FoundersManish Poddar,Akshika Poddar
Market Valuation$300-320 million (estimated)
Revenue (FY21)Rs.95 crore
Current Revenue RateRs.500 crore
Rare Rabbit: A Brief Overview

Here, you may feel a bit confused between Rare Rabbit and House of Rare. See, House of Rare was a family-run operation for 15 years. Manish Poddar and Akshika Poddar founded the apparel company House of Rare.

Under the umbrella company “House of Rare,” the following brand segments bloomed namely-

  • Rare Rabbit: Menswear Line
  • Rareism: Womenswear platform
  • Articale: Athleisure

Out of these, Rare Rabbit proved to be the most prominent one!

The House of Rare operates under Radhamani Textiles Private Ltd, a well-regarded Indian apparel manufacturer producing 2 to 6 million units annually. Looking ahead to 2025, the brand aims to strengthen its global fashion presence and, to achieve this, plans to establish an eCommerce platform capable of scaling with its expanding goals.

(B) Who owns Rare Rabbit?

From the information given above, you must have a brief idea about the owner of Rare Rabbit. The brand Rare Rabbit is owned by Mr. Manish Poddar. He is the 44-year-old founder of Rare Rabbit, a premium menswear brand. 

Apart from being the founder, he is the creative director of the brand too! He is responsible for the brand’s unique designs and has garnered attention in the fashion industry. 

Additionally, Arun Kumar is the “Head of Design” and a visionary behind Rare Rabbit’s unapologetic designs. The brand has gained recognition for its trendy fashion in European style.

(C) Why is Rare Rabbit so expensive?

The brand Rare Rabbit is known for its premium quality products, particularly its leather shoes for men and a wide range of accessories. The high prices of Rare Rabbit products can be attributed to several factors described below-

High-Quality MaterialsRare Rabbit utilizes undisclosed high-quality raw materials, resulting in products known for their quality.
Skilled CraftsmanshipHighly skilled craftsmen and experienced designers contribute to the creation of unique, durable fashion products.
Limited EditionsPositioned as a luxury brand, Rare Rabbit offers exclusive limited-edition designs, contributing to higher prices.
ExclusivityProducts exclusively designed for men, adding uniqueness and rarity, which often command higher market prices.
Target AudienceRare Rabbit’s intentionally high prices cater to a target audience willing to pay a premium for quality and exclusivity.
Reasons: Why is Rare Rabbit so expensive?

Now, let’s dive into the details-

(C.1) High-Quality Materials 

Rare Rabbit uses high-quality raw materials to create its products. However, the company hasn’t disclosed much info on the kind of raw materials they use. But as per the folks, they find Rare Rabbit products of high quality. 

And you know very well too that when you use high-quality raw materials with skilled craftsmanship, you create a premium final product.

(C.2) Skilled Craftsmanship & Experienced Designers

The brand emphasizes the employment of highly skilled craftsmanship to create exclusive quality, unique, and durable fashion products. Additionally, Rare Rabbit’s products are designed by experienced designers who create unique and innovative designs. 

This focus on quality materials and the work of top-notch craftsmen contribute to the higher cost of Rare Rabbit products.

(C.3) Limited Editions

What kind of brand Rare Rabbit is?

Do you know that Rare Rabbit is positioned as a luxury clothing brand for men by offering exclusive and limited-edition designs? We can’t deny the fact that its commitment to premium materials and meticulous design contributes to its elevated position in the market. With a focus on limited editions and refined finishes, Rare Rabbit appeals to those seeking individuality and sophistication in their fashion choices.

As the saying goes, when the products are limited (less in no.), their prices increase automatically! Similar is the case with the limited editions of Rare Rabbit products.

(C.4) Exclusivity

Rare Rabbit products are exclusively designed for men, which makes them unique and rare. The exclusivity and unique designs often command higher prices in the market.

(C.5) Target Audience

This is the most crucial factor for the high price of Rare Rabbit products. The above factors describe the genuine reasons for the high price of this brand’s products. But this factor describes why Rare Rabbit intentionally keeps its price sky-high.

Rare Rabbit’s target audience is men who are willing to pay a premium price for high-quality and exclusive designer wear. So, if you already target a rich segment, there is no need to lower the price! That’s what Rare Rabbit does by offering top-notch products with sky-high prices.

Thus, factors like brand reputation, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail also contribute to the overall higher price point of Rare Rabbit products. The brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products with superior quality materials and craftsmanship is reflected in its pricing strategy.

(D) Successful Journey: Why is Rare Rabbit famous?

Rare Rabbit (Retail)

You find yourself drawn into the realm of Rare Rabbit, a brand that has surpassed the norms of typical fashion, etching its own space in the spotlight of acclaim. Renowned for its premium menswear, Rare Rabbit is now synonymous with sophistication and style, holding the esteemed title of the most admired fashion brand in India and throughout Asia.

So, here’s the story.

Rare Rabbit got famous starting from when they first showed up on Koovs. They had these cool European-style clothes that caught your eye, and that was just the beginning. They also made Rareism for women, making them even more popular.

Now, what’s cool about Rare Rabbit is that it’s part of The House of Rare, which is like the team behind making these clothes. They’re buddies with Radhamani Textiles, a big shot in making clothes in India.

And guess what? 

They’re getting even more famous worldwide because they use something called Shopify for their online shop. It’s like their secret tool for selling clothes on the internet.

So, why is Rare Rabbit so famous? Well, they’re always telling a story with their clothes – it’s like they’re saying, “We’re special, and we make clothes that are super stylish and don’t cost a fortune.” And people everywhere are loving it. Now you must have understood why Rare Rabbit is no less than Louis Vuitton for men!

(E) Wrap-Up

In essence, Rare Rabbit stands as a unique fashion phenomenon, celebrated for its blend of quality, style, and exclusivity. The brand’s commitment to premium materials and meticulous design resonates in its sought-after menswear and Rareism for women. 

Despite its relatively higher price, Rare Rabbit’s popularity stems from its dedication to redefining fashion with sophistication. As part of The House of Rare and utilizing platforms like Shopify, the brand not only upholds its commitment to quality but also expands its global presence. Rare Rabbit has numerous retail outlets too. The recent one was opened in Ranchi (Jharkhand, India).

Ultimately, Rare Rabbit’s expense mirrors the value it places on individuality, elegance, and a distinctive fashion narrative!

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