EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip: Which Is The Better Travel Company?

EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip

There are several travel booking platforms out of which EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip has catered to people’s attention.

EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip


The online travel platform that facilitates the booking of various travel related services. The platform established in 2008, focuses on operating in two spaces, i.e. B2B & B2C. Founded by Nishant Pitti, Prashant Pitti, & Rikant Pittie.

It works through various distribution channels and provides travel agents access to its website to book domestic travel airline tickets in order to cater to the offline travel market in India. 


Since its establishment, EaseMyTrip, has established itself as a platform that offers cost-effective travel bookings, reliable sources, budget-friendly options for hotel bookings, flight bookings along with other travel necessary services. Operates successfully in both spaces, national as well as international. 


Another leading online travel platform. Founded by Deepak Kalra in 2000, the platform originally served the US-India travel market with their valuable services , and after becoming successful in its operations, MakeMyTrip started its operations in India 2005.


MakeMyTrip emerged as a solution for the low-cost flight carriers, and offered its cost-effective services and budget friendly bookings, which has made it one of the big names in the online travel booking sphere. Provides the convenience of booking tickets within just a few clicks. 

The platform uses innovative technology and incorporates it into its travel and booking services. The platform has over 68 million + monthly active users. 

EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip

Factors EaseMyTrip MakeMyTrip 
Number of active users  20 million +68 million +
Market share 19% 56.9%
Flight bookings Provides competitive prices for domestic as well as international flight bookings. The platform provides a plethora of options to book flight from in both national & international space. 
Hotel bookings Has an intensive catalog of hotels with different budgets & specifications, and provides access to over 1 million hotels. Provides a vast accommodation of options for hotel bookings, domestic as well as internationally. 
Foreign exchange Its reach is not as extensive as MakeMyTrip, but it does facilitate currency exchange in countries in which they operate. In international trips, the platform let’s travelers exchange foreign currencies for international trips. 
Visa services It provides assistance & guidance for the visa process and application. Users can use this platform to apply for visas for international travel. 
Offers & Deals EaseMyTrip offers loyalty programs that provide rewards and benefits. This platform is known for offering deals & discounts timely to their customers in the form of a package. 
Global reach Majorly focuses on Indian market, Its reach is not as extensive as MakemMyTrip, This platform boasts an extensive international as well as national reach. 
Travel insurance Has various options for travel insurance plans. Different travel insurance plans are offered. 
Operates in countries It operates in –
Maldives, and 
Thailand, & with that it has country-specific websites for UAE, UK and Thailand.
MakeMyTrip operates in –
Malaysia, and 
Hong Kong. 
Acquisition of companies Top acquisitions are – 
Spree Hospitality, 
Yolo Bus,
Nutana Aviation,
Top acquisitions are – 
Easy To Book,
Ibibo Group,
Customer SupportOffers customer support through mediums like phone calls, emails, and chats.MakeMyTrip has more extensive customer reach due to its international presence and provides multilingual support.
Revenue (2023)$444 million $600 million 
Differentiation of EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip

With a bigger market share of 56.9%, MakeMyTrip is leading in the debate of EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip. While the revenue share of MakeMyTrip is also ranked higher than the EaseMyTrip, however for the year 2023, EaseMyTrip saw two fold growth in their revenue generations. 

Travel bookings

MakeMyTrip has a strong international presence, along with it successfully deals in the Indian market with its various cost effective affordable deals and marketing campaigns, by boarding famous and trending celebrities for their campaign like Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh.

While EaseMyTrip, primarily operates in the Indian market since its establishment, however, with time it has been catering into international travel markets, but its reach is not extensive and far as of MakeMyTrip. 

MakeMyTrip ad

MakeMyTrip boasts an active user base of 68 million +, while on the other hand EaseMyTrip has a user base of 20 million +, a huge gap observed! Since their establishment both the platforms have acquired companies to operate within their label. 

MakeMyTrip with time has acquired 8 companies, however its top acquisitions are Easy To Book, Ibibo Group, Mygola, HotelTravel.com, Goibibo. The top acquisitions made by EaseMyTrip are Spree Hospitality, Yolo Bus, Nutana Aviation, CheQin. 

EaseMyTrip ad

EaseMyTrip provides access and reach to more than 1 million hotels with different budgets and specifications and offers access to more than 400 million to international & domestic airlines.

While MakeMyTrip has covered over 2,000 cities via hotels and has covered 1,250 cities via homestays. 

Both online travel agencies (OTA), provide visa services for international travel, the travel insurance options for the customers to choose, bus booking services, car rental services, different holiday packages timely, and other travel services. 


EaseMyTrip observed a 91% surge in their operating revenues in 2023 with Rs.449 crores as compared to 2022 revenue of Rs.235.4 crores. 

Revenue FY23 
Air ticketing revenue Rs.408 crores (90% of revenue comes from
air ticket bookings)
Hotels & Packages Rs.37.87 crores 
Expenses (employee benefits)Rs.52.4 crores (19%)
Expenses (marketing & promotional)Rs.83 crores (29.7%)
Revenue Breakdown of EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip total expenses formed from its employee benefits and marketing & promotional expenses. Its employee benefits expenses contribute a percent of 19% and its marketing & promotional expenses a percent of 29.7%. 

Note: The two most prominent players in the water purification sphere are Kent vs Aquaguard, visit the article to know more about them.


MakeMyTrip has observed a 95% increase in its operating revenues in FY23 with Rs. 4,863 crores as compared to FY22 with Rs.2,492 crores. 

Revenue FY23
Hotels & Packages Rs.2,769 crores (57%)
Air ticketing Rs.1,212 crores (25%)
Bus ticketingRs.614 crores (12.6%)
Operating Activities Rs.268 crores 
Employee benefit expense Rs.1,082 crores (21.7%)
Marketing & Promotional expense Rs.833 crores (16.7%)
Revenue Breakdown of MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip total expenses are formed from its employee benefit expenses and marketing & promotional expenses. Its employee benefit contributes a percent of 21.7%, whereas its marketing & promotional expenses contribute a percent of 16.7% to total overall expenses. 

How To Get Refund In EaseMyTrip?

There are certain steps followed for the process –

Step 1 – Visit my booking section at the bottom.

Step 2 – Then enter all the necessary details like, PNR number, booking ID, etc. and tap on the refundable flight options.

Step 3 – If you’re the guest user, then check all the flight details and tap on flight cancellation option.

Step 4 – Select the passenger name and select claim a refund option. Within that process state the reason for cancellation and click on the check refund amount option.

Step 5 – Re check all the details and the amount to be refund and click on refund amount option.

Step 6 – Then enter the OTP (One Time Password), you received via message, emails, then click on the ensure flight cancellation option.

How To Get Refund In MakeMyTrip?

During the booking process, just tap on the Zero cancellation fee, by paying additional amount of Rs. 99 per passenger, and enjoy zero penalty charges in case you can cancel your ticket.

For the process of zero cancellation fee, just login to support.makemytrip.com and process the cancellation. Complete the process and the amount paid at the time of booking. Except for the zero cancellation charges paid at the time of booking, all other charges will be refunded.

Summing Up

EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip

From the above factors stated and the statistics, MakeMyTrip emerges as the leading player in the battle of EaseMyTrip vs MakeMyTrip.

The platform MakeMyTrip enjoys a bigger percentage of market share of 56.9% as compared to EaseMyTrip. Currently, MakeMyTrip has been at the forefront of online travel bookings. 

Both the online travel booking platform offers similar services that vary differently according to prices and policies. 

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MMT Employee
MMT Employee
6 months ago

And can I know the source of these internal numbers? I am not too sure about these numbers here

Ravi ChandraSekhar
Ravi ChandraSekhar
6 months ago

Do not Recommend Make My Trip for booking the tickets. I had booked round trip from Washington DC to Hyderabad and due to unforeseen reasons cancelled the ticket on November 17, 2023. Till date i had not received the full cancellation amount. They Dilly dally the things and show lame excuses for the delay. Every time you call the customer care, a new person attend the call and seeks 24 to 48 hours for resolution. Without resolution of the complaint they close the complaint. Very unhappy and advice to rethink before using their platform for booking the tickets. AVOID MMT.

Reply to  Ravi ChandraSekhar
6 months ago

OMG! You didn’t receive the refund even after 2 months? So disappointed to see this sort of behaviour for refund from a reputable company. Isn’t there any solution to file a complaint?

Reply to  Kusum
6 months ago

I mean a sort of police complaint?

6 months ago

Which one do you see carry better growth prospects…equity investment wise?

P K Gupta
P K Gupta
6 months ago

Ease my trip gives cheaper tickets than make my trip