Kent vs Aquaguard: Which One Is The Better Purifier Company

Kent vs Aquaguard

In the realm of water purification, the battle of Kent vs Aquaguard takes center stage, leaving consumers pondering the pivotal question: Which company reigns supreme in crafting the purest drinking experience?

Kent vs Aquaguard


Kent, with its two-decade legacy, boasts innovative technologies like patented RO™ and TDS control. 

Meanwhile, Aquaguard, a stalwart with over 35 years in the field, introduces disruptive nanotechnology for formidable water cleansing.

As households nationwide seek the winner of pristine hydration, we embark on the journey to unravel the mystery—Kent vs Aquaguard: Who emerges as the true champion in the realm of water purifiers?

Here we go!

(A) Kent vs Aquaguard: A Brief Overview

First of all, let’s look at the profile of both the companies.

(A.1) Kent


Kent is a well-known brand that offers top-quality RO water purifier systems. These purifiers are based on the process of reverse osmosis purification, effectively removing physical impurities and microorganisms. 

Kent RO systems typically combine RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller technologies to purify water from various sources such as tap water, overhead tanks, and even borewells. 

They are known for their efficiency in purifying water and are available at competitive prices.

(A.2) Aquaguard


An Aquaguard water purifier is a product line from Eureka Forbes designed to provide clean and purified drinking water. These purifiers are built with Universal, RO, and UV technology, delivering not just pure but healthy water. 

Aquaguard purifiers are known for high water savings and retention of natural minerals. They are designed to remove physical impurities, chemicals, pesticides, and more, ensuring the water is safe for consumption. 

Additionally, Aquaguard incorporates the use of reverse osmosis (RO) technology to remove hard particles, salts, and other impurities from the water, making it suitable for drinking.

(A.3) Comparing the profiles of Kent vs Aquaguard

Name of the BrandKent RO Systems LtdAquaguard
Type of CompanyUnlisted Public CompanyPublic (Brand of Eureka Forbes)
Traded asBSE: 543482
Operating IndustryConsumer Durables,
Water Purifier
Home Appliances
Founded19991982 (Subsidiary of Tata group)
FounderMahesh GuptaTata Group
Parent CompanyTata Group (1982–2001)
Shapoorji Pallonji Group (2001–2022)
Advent International (2022- Present)
Popular ModelsKent Supreme,
Kent Supreme Plus 
Aquaguard Aura,
Aquaguard Smart Plus
Kent vs Aquaguard: Comparing the Profiles

To know which one is the better purifier company, we need to look at the various business aspects and financials. Go through the next section and you will find out!

(B) Businesswise Comparison of Kent vs Aquaguard

In this section, we will look at how Kent and Aquaguard are performing in the Indian market. 

Business AspectsKentAquaguard
User Base50 lakh11 crore
Market CapitalRs.150 lakhsRs.99.71 billion
(Eureka Forbes)
Market Share40%15%
Annual TurnoverRs.1,110 crore (FY23)Rs.3,100 crore
(Eureka Forbes FY15)
RevenueRs.841 crores (FY18)Rs.208.45 crores (FY23)
ExpensesundisclosedRs.201.6 crores (FY23)
ProfitsRs.151 crore (FY19)Rs.170 crore (FY23)
Businesswise Comparison of Kent vs Aquaguard

The table provides a comprehensive business-wise comparison between Kent and Aquaguard, shedding light on their performance in the Indian market. Kent boasts a substantial user base of 50 lakh, while Aquaguard leads with an impressive 11 crore users. In terms of market capital, Kent stands at Rs.150 lakhs, whereas Aquaguard, under Eureka Forbes, boasts a significant Rs.99.71 billion.

Kent dominates the market share with 40%, outpacing Aquaguard’s 15%. The annual turnover for Kent in FY23 is Rs.1,110 crore, while Eureka Forbes reports a turnover of Rs.3,100 crore in FY15. Kent’s revenue for FY18 is Rs.841 crores, compared to Aquaguard’s Rs.208.45 crores in FY23.

While Kent’s expenses remain undisclosed, Aquaguard’s expenses for FY23 amount to Rs.201.6 crores. In terms of profits, Kent reports Rs.151 crores in FY19, slightly lower than Aquaguard’s Rs.170 crores in FY23. 

This comparison underscores that despite significant market share, Kent falls behind Aquaguard in terms of profits. 

However, Kent outshines Aquaguard in various financial segments like market share and revenue.

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(C) Factors to consider: How to purchase a water purifier?

Now, the question arises how to purchase a perfect water purifier. 

Water Quality TestConduct a test to analyze the TDS and hardness levels of your water. This helps determine the purification technology needed.
Purification TechnologyChoose between RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration), and TDS control based on your water quality.
Capacity RequirementAssess your family’s daily water consumption to select a purifier with an appropriate storage capacity.  
Cost of MaintenanceConsider the expenses related to filter replacements and servicing. Some models offer annual maintenance contracts.
Brand ReputationResearch and opt for reputed brands with a history of reliable products and good after-sales service.  
Energy ConsumptionCheck the power consumption of the water purifier to manage electricity costs.  
Special FeaturesLook for additional features like indicators, zero water wastage, or copper technology based on your preferences.
Customer ReviewsRead reviews from other users to understand the real-world performance and reliability of the water purifier.
After-Sales ServiceConsider the availability and quality of after-sales service, including warranty periods and service network.
Installation OptionsCheck if the purifier offers flexible installation choices to suit your kitchen or space requirements.
Factors to consider while purchasing a water purifier

These factors provide a comprehensive guide for purchasing a water purifier, ensuring you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

(D) Kent vs Aquaguard: Comparing the features

The following table describes the features of Kent and Aquaguard-

Differential FeaturesKentAquaguard
Key TechnologiesRO+UV, UV, UF, TDS controlRO+UV+UF+Taste Adjuster(MTDS), Active Copper+Zinc Booster
Key FeaturesMulti-stage purification, Zero Water Wastage, TDS control system, Fully automatic operationMulti-stage purification, Active Copper+Zinc Booster, Mineral Guard Technology, Suitable for various water sources
PerformanceAdvanced purification technologies such as RO+UV+UF, TDS controllerAdvanced technologies such as mineral guard and taste enhancer
Water PurificationDouble purification system, TDS controllerSix-stage purification technology, Taste enhancer
Water WastageZero Water WastageNot Specified
Minerals RetentionTDS controller replenishes lost mineralsActive Copper+Zinc Booster Technology, Mineral Guard Technology
IndicatorsFilter Change, Tank FullFilter Change, Tank Full
Service NetworkOver 1500 service partners, widespread networkExtensive service network, well-established presence
Popular ModelsKent Supreme, Kent Supreme Plus Aquaguard Aura, Aquaguard Smart Plus
Customer Service1-year warranty + 3 years free service1-year warranty, additional services are paid
MaterialNon-Toxic ABS Plastic MaterialNon-Toxic ABS Plastic Material
Capacity Range (Approx.)8 litres7 litres
Power Consumption (Approx.)60W60W
Suitable TDS LevelUp to 2000 PPM LevelUp to 2000 PPM Level
Copper TechnologyYesActive Copper + Zinc Booster
Special FeaturesZero Water Wastage, Fully automatic operationActive Copper+Zinc Booster Technology, Mineral Guard Technology, Versatile Installation
ReviewsPositive, highlighted for advanced technologyPositive, praised for reliability and efficiency
Price RangeRs.3,500 to Rs.20,000Rs.8,000 to Rs.21,500
Warranty1 Year warranty + 3-4 Year Free Service 1 Year
Kent vs Aquaguard: Comparing the features

This table summarizes various differential features between Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers for a comprehensive comparison.

(E) Final Words on Kent vs Aquaguard: Which one is better?

In the pursuit of water purity, Kent and Aquaguard emerge as formidable contenders, each wielding unique strengths. 

Kent, fueled by its groundbreaking RO technology and a significant market share, stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to pristine water. 

Conversely, Aquaguard, a trailblazer in the industry, commands a vast user base and a legacy of reliability. 

Choosing between these industry titans hinges on individual preferences. In essence, both companies play pivotal roles in ensuring access to clean water throughout India. 

The decision on the “better” choice rests on the nuanced needs and priorities of discerning consumers, making it a competition of water purity giants.

Thus, here we reached the end of the write-up on Kent vs Aquaguard. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach out through the comment section below!

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