MPL vs Dream11: Which One Is A Bigger Success & Why?

MPL vs Dream11

If you’re a fan of fantasy cricket, you’ve probably heard about the battle between MPL vs Dream11. Fantasy sports are booming, especially in India. With lots of money going into it and new platforms popping up, it can be confusing.

MPL vs Dream11

In this article, we’ll help you compare Mobile Premier League (MPL) and Dream11 in simple terms. We’ll look at what’s good and not-so-good about each and help you decide which one might be better for you.

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What is MPL?

MPL (Mobile Premier League)

MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is a popular mobile gaming platform. It offers a wide variety of games, from cricket and chess to arcade and trivia games. Players can compete with others and win real money or rewards. The platform is especially known for its fantasy sports, where users create virtual teams and earn points based on real-life players’ performances. 

MPL has gained massive popularity in India and other countries, providing a fun way to play games, win prizes, and even make a little money, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

What is Dream11?


Dream11 is an online fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams for various sports, primarily cricket, football, and basketball. Users can participate in contests by selecting real players from different teams and earn points based on the actual performance of these players in live matches. 

It’s a way for sports enthusiasts to use their knowledge and instincts to compete and potentially win cash prizes. Dream11 has become highly popular in India and has been at the forefront of the fantasy sports industry’s growth in the country. It offers an engaging and competitive way for fans to enjoy their favorite sports.

Note: Are you curious to know the working strategy of Dream11? If yes, then visit the article “Dream11 Business Model.” You will get well-detailed info about it.

MPL vs Dream11: A Brief Overview

When we look at MPL vs Dream11, we find two well-liked fantasy sports platforms, each with its distinct characteristics and offerings. MPL, often referred to as the Mobile Premier League, has seen a rise in popularity, partly attributed to its association with cricketer Virat Kohli. In contrast, Dream11 has garnered attention through its Brand Ambassador MS Dhoni, as well as its enticing features and user-friendly interface.

Let’s have a brief overview of MPL vs Dream11-

ParticularsMPLDream 11
Type of CompanyPrivatePrivate
IndustryFantasy SportsFantasy Sports
Launch Year20182008
FoundersSai Srinivas Kiran,
Shubham Malhotra
Harsh Jain,
Bhavit Sheth
HeadquartersBengaluru (Karnataka, India)Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
Revenue EarnedRs.499 crore (FY21)Rs.3,841 crore (FY22)
Net IncomeRs.130 crore (FY21)Rs.142.8 crore (FY22)
Rating4.9/5 (Website)
4.1/5 (Play Store)
4.7/5 (Website)
4.4/5 (Play Store)
Brand AmbassadorVirat KohliRohit Sharma,
Hardik Pandya,
MS Dhoni
MPL vs Dream11

Well, the battle of MPL vs Dream11 is way more than that. That’s why, we will compare them based on the following criteria-

  • Businesswise Comparison
  • App features
  • Sign up benefits
  • User base
  • Team Composition
  • Fantasy Point System
  • Bonus
  • Platform Charge (Commission)
  • Regular vs Safe Play
  • User Experience
  • Pros & Cons

Let’s dive in!

Businesswise Comparison of MPL vs Dream11

First of all, let’s compare the business aspects of both the fantasy sports titans. Thereafter, we’ll see who is doing better in the industry-

Business AspectsMPLDream11
Market Valuation$2.19 billion$8 billion
Market ShareAround 14%Approx. 90%
Revenue Earned$65.6 million
(Rs.537.9 crore)
Rs.3,840.75 crore
Expenses$215 million
(Rs.1,763 crore)
Rs.3,762.4 crore
Profit/LossLoss of $148.2 million
(Rs.1,215 crore)
Profit of Rs.142.86 crore
Businesswise Comparison of MPL vs Dream11

The table provides insights into the business aspects of MPL (Mobile Premier League) and Dream11, two prominent fantasy sports platforms. Dream11 stands out with a considerably higher market valuation of approximately $8 billion, compared to MPL’s valuation of around $2.19 billion. 

Dream11 also dominates the market share, holding an estimated 90% share, while MPL accounts for roughly 14%. In terms of revenue, Dream11 significantly outpaces MPL, with earnings of approximately Rs.3,840.75 crore compared to MPL’s $65.6 million (approximately Rs. 537.9 crore). However, Dream11 also incurs higher expenses, with expenses of Rs.3,762.4 crore, while MPL had expenses totaling $215 million (around Rs.1,763 crore). 

Notably, Dream11 reported a profit of Rs.142.86 crore, while MPL experienced a loss of $148.2 million (Rs.1,215 crore). These figures underline Dream11’s dominant position and profitability in the fantasy sports industry compared to MPL.

Comparison of General Features of MPL v Dream11

Before diving further, look at the general features of both the fantasy gaming platforms in the following table-

App Size 88 mb (Google PlayStore)
306mb (Apple Store)
49 mb (Google PlayStore)
186 mb (Apple Store)
User BaseOver 9 croreOver 13 crore
Sports Offered812
Use of BonusUp to 10% bonus only GLRs.25 or 10% of the total entry fee
GL+ Mini GL-FewMany
Withdraw MethodBank, Paytm, UPI, Amazon PayBank
Instant WithdrawWithin few secondsWithin 5 minutes
Daily ContestsYesYes
Series LeaderboardYesYes
Signup BonusUp to Rs.75Up to Rs.100
Withdrawal Time24 hours2-5 days
Customer SupportEmail and 1-1 Live ChatEmail, Phone, and Virtual Assistant
Comparing the general features of MPL vs Dream11

The table compares features of MPL (Mobile Premier League) and Dream11. Dream11 has a smaller app size (49mb) and a bigger user base (over 13 crore users) compared to MPL’s 88mb app and over 9 crore users. 

Dream11 offers more sports (12 vs. MPL’s 8) and provides a bonus of Rs.25 or 10% of the total entry fee in some contests, while MPL offers up to a 10% bonus in Guaranteed Leagues (GL). MPL supports various withdrawal methods, including bank, Paytm, UPI, and Amazon Pay, with instant withdrawals. In contrast, Dream11 offers bank withdrawals and takes 5 minutes for processing. Both platforms have daily contests and series leaderboards. 

MPL offers a signup bonus of up to Rs.75, while Dream11’s signup bonus is up to Rs.100. MPL takes 24 hours for withdrawals, and its customer support includes email and 1-1 live chat. Dream11 has a more extensive customer support system with email, phone, and a virtual assistant.

Sign up Benefits

Sign up RewardRs.5 and 10 Coins
(Tasks- up to Rs.40)
Rs.200 Discounted entry
Offer on 1st Deposit5% extra real cash
(up to Rs.50)
No offer
Free EntryNoNo
Sign up benefits of MPL and Dream11

Let’s break down the table given above related to the sign-up benefits on MPL vs Dream11. 

When you sign up on MPL, you get a reward of Rs.5 and 10 coins, and you can earn up to Rs.40 by completing certain tasks. They also give you a 5% extra real cash bonus, up to Rs.50, on your first deposit. However, they don’t offer free entries. 

On the other hand, when you sign up on Dream11, you get a pretty good deal with a Rs.200 discount on your first entry. But, they don’t have an offer on the first deposit either, and like MPL, they also don’t offer free entries. 

So, in terms of sign-up benefits, MPL has some smaller rewards and bonuses, while Dream11 offers a more significant discount on your first entry. It really depends on what you value more.

Team Composition

Team Composition refers to how you can structure your team and the number of batsmen, bowlers, and wicket keepers you can include. You have the flexibility to choose from the following options on both Dream11 and MPL-

  • Wicketkeepers: You can have up to four wicket keepers in your team.
  • Batsmen: You can select between 3 to 6 batsmen for your squad.
  • All-rounders: Both platforms allow you to pick 1 to 4 all-rounders for your team.
  • Bowlers: You can choose between 3 to 6 bowlers for your team.

In essence, there’s no significant difference in how you can assemble your team on these two platforms.

Fantasy Point System

Pattern of Point SystemMPLDream11
Wicket (Excluding runout)1025
Team Composition: MPL vs Dream11

When it comes to scoring runs, MPL gives you 0.5 points for each run, but Dream11 is a bit more generous, offering 1 point for every run. So, if you like players who score lots of runs, Dream11 might be more appealing.

Now, for hitting a six, MPL rewards you with 1 point, but Dream11 doubles that to 2 points. This means Dream11 values those big hits more in their scoring system.

When it comes to taking wickets (excluding runouts), MPL gives 10 points, which is decent. But Dream11 goes big with 25 points for a wicket, making wickets extremely valuable in their fantasy point system.

Lastly, for catches, MPL offers 4 points, while Dream11 gives a catch a whopping 8 points. So, Dream11 really emphasizes the importance of fielding.

These differences tell you how MPL and Dream11 assess and reward player performances. Depending on your preferences and strategy, you might find one of these platforms more aligned with your fantasy team-building approach.


GL and Mini10% bonusRs.25 or 10% of
the total entry
Small League0% bonusRs.25 or 10% of
the total entry
Validity 30 days14 days
Offers RegularlyOccasional
Refer and EarnRs.5 + 5% of
Friend 1st Deposit +
up to Rs.200
500 bonus
MPL vs Dream11: Bonus

For Grand League and Mini contests, MPL offers a 10% bonus, which is pretty neat. On the other hand, Dream11 goes with a fixed bonus of Rs.25 or 10% of the total entry fee. So, they have slightly different bonus structures for these types of contests.

Now, in Small League contests, MPL doesn’t give a bonus, while Dream11 still provides that fixed bonus of Rs.25 or 10% of the total entry fee.

One important thing to note is the validity of these bonuses. MPL gives you 30 days to use them, which is longer than Dream11’s 14 days. So, if you like having more time to use your bonuses, that’s something to consider.

MPL regularly offers bonuses, while Dream11’s bonuses are more occasional. This might affect your overall bonus experience on the platforms.

Lastly, in the “Refer and Earn” category, MPL offers Rs.5, 5% of your friend’s 1st deposit, and up to Rs.200 in bonuses when you refer someone. Dream11, on the other hand, gives you a fixed 500 bonuses for successful referrals.

These differences give you some insights into how bonuses and referral programs work on MPL and Dream11, which could be important when choosing the platform that aligns with your preferences.

Platform Charge (Commission)

Grand League20-30%24-25%
Mini GL20-25%18-25%
2 Member12-15%11-17%
3 Member12-15%11-15%
4 Member13-17%16-17%
Up to 5-2512-17%13-22%
Platform Charges (Commission) Comparison of MPL vs Dream11

The table compares the platform charges (commissions) for different types of contests on MPL and Dream11. In Grand League contests, MPL charges 20-30%, while Dream11 charges 24-25%. For Mini GL contests, MPL has a range of 20-25%, while Dream11’s range is 18-25%. 

In 2-member contests, MPL charges 12-15%, and Dream11 charges 11-17%. Both platforms have similar rates in 3-member contests (MPL 12-15%, Dream11 11-15%). For 4-member contests, MPL’s range is 13-17%, while Dream11’s is 16-17%. 

In contests with 5-25 members, MPL’s commission ranges from 12-17%, and Dream11’s ranges from 13-22%. 

These differences in commission structures provide users with important details for making informed choices about the platform they prefer based on their budget and preferences.

User Experience

Home InterfaceSimpleExcellent
Create TeamsSmoothFast and Smooth
Contest JoiningSmoothSmooth
Players ImageYesYes
User Experience of MPL and Dream11

The table compares the user experience aspects of MPL and Dream11. Dream11 stands out with an “excellent” home interface, suggesting a visually appealing and user-friendly design. Both platforms offer smooth team creation and contest joining. They also feature player images for easy player selection. 

Dream11’s “fast and smooth” team creation sets it apart. These user experience differences may influence user preferences between the two platforms.

Pros/Advantages of MPL vs Dream11

MPL (Mobile Premier League)Dream11
Low Competition due to newer statusHighly reliable and authentic, being the oldest platform
Lower entry fees increase affordabilityTrusted by millions of users, ensuring financial safety
High chances of winning gamesRegular credit bonuses to maintain user engagement
Features Virat Kohli as its prominent face Endorsements from cricket superstars like Dhoni, Bumrah, etc.
Pros of MPL and Dream11

Cons/Disadvantages of MPL vs Dream11

MPL (Mobile Premier League)Dream11
Growing platform with room for improvementHigh competition can reduce chance of winning
Interface could be enhancedIncreasing entry fees add to competition
Limited bonuses and incentives for usersPopularity increases the competition level
Cons of MPL and Dream11

Conclusion of MPL vs Dream11

Fantasy sports applications have completely changed the way you, as sports enthusiasts, engage with your beloved games. In India, you have two notably popular platforms at your fingertips – Dream11 and MPL (Mobile Premier League). They allow you to create your very own virtual teams and dive into competitive play, all in pursuit of those precious points and rewards.

When it comes to choosing between MPL and Dream11, it all boils down to your individual preferences and specific needs. You might lean towards MPL because of its wide array of games and the potential for higher success rates. On the other hand, you might find Dream11’s user-friendly features more to your liking.

We sincerely hope that our comparative article on Dream11 vs. MPL will help you make an informed decision about which app suits you better and why. It’s all about finding what works best for you.


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