The Louis Vuitton Brand Ambassador Deal & Its Benefits

Louis Vuitton brand ambassador

Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s leading luxury international fashion houses always makes partnerships with highly prestigious individuals. Here, we will discuss the brand ambassadors of Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton brand ambassador

Brand Ambassador of Louis Vuitton India

Louis Vuitton collaborated with Deepika Padukone last year in May 2022, and declared her as the global brand ambassador. Louis Vuitton announced this association during their new ad release in the same year.

Deepika Padukone brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton

Earlier in 2020, Louis Vuitton started its pre fall 2020 campaign, in which Deepika Padukone became the first Indian actor to star in the global campaign and modeled with the brand, making global brands closer to the Indian stage. 

  • She modeled with other celebrities like Léa Seydoux and Sophie Turner, where she posed for a mock vintage book cover.
  • Later on, Deepika was announced as the global brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton in 2022, and she was spotted wearing a Louis Vuitton gown at the Academy Awards in 2023, marking this association a memorable one. 
  • Deepika again made this bond stronger, while getting ready with Louis Vuitton before revealing the ultimate prize in football, during the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Louis Vuitton and Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone In Louis Vuitton while unveiling FIFA World Cup 2022 Trophy

minor details

  • While neither the brand nor the actress has revealed about the amount on which the deal is being locked, there are some other statistics to look into. 
  • According to Times Now, Deepika Padukone generates around 25% more of the media impact value as being the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.
  • According to the data by marketing firm Launchmetrics, the actress’ post in a red Louis Vuitton gown was among the top 10 Louis Vuitton Instagram post and generated around 25% of upto $20.2 million of media impact value i.e. MIV for the brand during the Cannes Film Festival. 
  • While talking about the money that her single post for the brand generated in the same Cannes Film Festival generated was around $1 million in media impact value.

Financial Insights of Louis Vuitton 

The brands revenue has grown over the years, in 2021 the brands revenue was $75.973B, while in 2022, it recorded a revenue of $83.428 billion. It observed a 9.81% increase in its revenue in 2022 from the previous year, while it recorded a 48.95% increase in its revenue in 2021 from the previous year.

Note: There are many international car brands in the market that makes partnerships with Indian celebrities and sports personalities as their brand ambassador, one such brand is Audi. To know more about it in detail, visit the article, The Deal Behind Audi & Its Benefits.

Financial insights of Louis Vuitton India – 

Parameters (2022)Numbers / Information 
Operating Revenue / TurnoverOver Rs.500 crore
EBITDA percentage  Increased by 90.1%
Net worth Increased by 20.13%
Total assets Increased by 11.16%
Current assets  Increased by 15.4%
Liabilities Decreased by 7.8%
Most demandable products Bags (Like Speedy Bag, Neverfull Bag,
Alma Bag, Noe Bag, etc.)
Financials of Louis Vuitton India

The company recorded a revenue increase of 16% in their revenues in the first nine months of 2023, while the net worth for the same year remains undisclosed. The company locks over Rs.500 crore as the turnover or the operating revenue for the year 2022.

In the same year the brand observed a good increase of percentage in several domains like it observed a 90.1% increase in its EBITDA percentage, following it an increase of 20.13% in its net worth, and more. While it also observed some losses, like a decrease of 7.8% in its liabilities count, etc.

Net Profit of Louis Vuitton In India

Year Percentage Increase Net Profit 
2020-21 35%Rs.4.8300 crores
2019-20 56.89%Rs.25.37 crores
2017-19 41%Amount undisclosed (however it was
increased by 57%)
Net Profit of Louis Vuitton over the years in India

What are the Benefits of the association of Brand Ambassador and Louis Vuitton?

Both the brand and Deepika, have benefitted from this association. According to some top notches in the industry, this merger between the celebrity and the brand will impact both their brand values and we’ll get more international popularity. 

Impact it’ll get – 

  • Brand value 
  • Sales generation 
  • Social media reach
  • Brand image 
  • Increase in credibility
  • Connect with the audience

(A) Brand Value – As being one of the highest paid actress of the country, Deepika association with global reputed brands will surely contribute to her brand value, especially in the west. Along with it, the Louis Vuitton brand will get significantly more reach and interaction with the masses by merging with one of the popular actresses of the country. 

(B) Sales Generation – Having a big name on its cards will surely help the brand to drive more sales in the market.

Deepika Padukone at Louis Vuitton Paris fashion week
Deepika Padukone at Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2023

(C) Social Media Reach – Social media does create a lasting impact on people. Celebrity posing with the brand in their posts targets a wide reach of masses, and creates a virtual impact, which later on influences your buying behavior. 

(D) Brand Image – Popular and famous celebrities boost up the brand image and make it more attractive, prestigious and convincing. 

(E) Increase in Credibility – Most of the people trust their favorite celebrity, and Deepika is one of them. This will make the brand more credible in the market and the trust with the quality comes along with it. 

(F) Connect with the Audience – The emotional connection established by the celebrity often drives your decision of buying the product or brand they endorse, isn’t it, but only when it lies with your preference. 

Summing Up: The Final Step Of Louis Vuitton Brand Ambassador

This alliance of brand ambassador Deepika Padukone with Louis Vuitton emerges as a statement of style, trust, and magical moments. This alliance is more than just a deal, it’s a symbol of trust and reliability that is being established by the brand within the Indian market by endorsing with one the favorite and famous celebrity of the country.  

Ultimately, the deal helped the brand to boost up their sales by making a beneficial alliance with the brand ambassador.

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