Dream11 Valuation, Funding & Shareholders Breakdown

Dream11 valuation, funding & Shareholders breakdown

Currently Dream11 is one of the most famous and prominent apps that we have in the fantasy sports world. 

Dream11 valuation, funding & Shareholders breakdown

Dream11 the fantasy sport app which has not only provided the platform for the individuals who love sports to play their game according to them, but also has given them the opportunity to earn money as well.

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Dream11 Valuation 

This fantasy sports app that entered the market in 2008, has provided a platform for the sports enthusiasts to play their game according to their chosen team and with that it offers to win money and rewards. 

Dream11, which is one of the world’s largest fantasy sports apps, has a valuation of $8 billion as of the latest of 2023. 

Factors Elaboration  
Market share Over 90% of the market share 
Listed company Private unlisted company and is classified
as the  company limited by shares. 
Games offered Offers over 11 sports to play on its platform
like basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, etc. 
Registered users Has more than 200 million registered users. 
Users onboarded Onboarded over 55 million new users in 2023. 
Associations and Partnerships It has been the official partners of more than
40 sports associations and leagues. 
Matches played on its platform 10,000+ matches. 
Revenue earned For FY23 Rs.6,384.4 crores and in FY22
it was Rs.3,841 crores. 
Revenue percentage increased 66% jump in its revenues. 
Net profit 32% increase in its net profits. 
Users age bracket Majority of the users are of 25-60 age bracket. 
Commission charges Charges 15%-20% as the commission fees
on the total amount earned. 
Website Dream11.com 
Dream11 Company Insights

The gamers use their knowledge of sports to create a virtual fantasy sports team of real life players with which they play their game and earn various prizes, points, and cash rewards timely. 

Dream11 Funding Tale

Date & Year Deal Name & Investors Amount Raised 
November 24, 2021Venture Round – Dream11Rs.62.3 billion
March 24, 2021Secondary Market – Dream11 Rs.29 billion 
September 14, 2020Venture Round – Dream11 Rs.18.6 billion  
April 8, 2019Secondary Market – Dream11 Rs.4.9 billion
September 6, 2018Series D – Dream11Rs.7.2 billion 
January 1, 2017Series C – Dream11Undisclosed 
January 1, 2016Series B – Dream11Undisclosed 
January 1, 2014 Series A – Dream11Undisclosed 
Dream11 Funding Rounds

Till date Dream11 has recorded a total of $1.6 billion in its funding rounds, and its latest funding round marked on November 24, 2021 from a venture series unknown round. 

The most recent investors that were added in the Dream11 inventors list were RedBird Capital Partners and Falcon Edge India. Dream11 has 14 institutional investors and some of them are Kalaari Capital, TCV, and Tiger Global Management. 

These funding rounds from over the years have let Dream11 to grow their business more and attract more substantial fundings. The app is constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies which make their users navigation easier and friendly. 

Dream11 Shareholders Sights 

Dream11 as of now has 14 institutional investors, among which includes Kalaari Capital, TCV, and Tiger Global Management.

While the latest funding round of Dream11 which took place on November 24, 2021, was funded by 8 investors, which was led by TCV, D1 Capital Partners, Alpha Wave.


Also, Dream11 marked its first funding round on January 1, 2015. 

The stats about the percentage of shares owned by founders, investors in this fantasy sports app Dream11, remains undisclosed and there has not been any revelation yet. 

However, for the latest Dream11 has acquired Sixer on October 5, 2023. 

Drezm11 company

It’s not only just the numbers that have driven its finances but a narrative consisting of innovation, technology , and trust.

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