DTDC vs Blue Dart – Which Is The Better Shipping Company?

DTDC vs Blue Dart

None of us can deny the significance of the logistics and shipping industry in today’s interconnected world. When it comes to reputable courier services, two brands are at cut throat competition with each other i.e. DTDC vs Blue Dart. Both of them are famous enough to be called industry leaders.

DTDC vs Blue Dart


They earned this fame by offering a wide range of services to folks as well as the merchants. Now the question that pops into our mind is- DTDC vs Blue Dart- Which is the better shipping company? Or which courier service is perfect enough for your business? 

If you’re also full of such curiosities, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article we will go through the detailed breakdown of DTDC vs Blue Dart by comparing various factors like service quality, coverage, business comparison, etc.

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(A) DTDC vs Blue Dart: A Brief Overview

First of all, let’s have a look at the company’s profiles-

Name of the CompanyDTDC Express LimitedBlue Dart Express Limited
Type of CompanyPublicPublic
Operating IndustryCourierShipping & Courier
FounderSubhasish Chakraborty
(Chairman & Managing Director)
Tushar Jani,
Clyde Cooper,
Khushroo Dubash
HeadquartersBangalore (Karnataka, India)Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
Area ServedWorldwideCountrywide (South Asian)
Express Mail,
Third-Party Logistics
Express Mail,
Freight Forwarding.
Third Party Logistics
Blue Dart,
Ekart Logistics,
Enso Group
DTDC vs Blue Dart: A Brief Overview

Note: Delhivery is one of the most prominent startups in the segment of courier-delivery system of India. Established in 2011, Delhivery saw massive success with a massive valuation of $4.77 billion. To know more about it, visit our article “Decoding the business model of Delhivery.”

(B) DTDC Express Limited (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo)


DTDC, a prominent courier and logistics company rooted in India, traces its origins back to its establishment in 1990. Headquartered in Bangalore, DTDC has expanded its reach with seven zonal offices, 20 regional offices, and a vast network of 430+ operating facilities throughout India. 

As part of its strategic Vision 2020 plan, the company is undergoing a rebranding process, adopting the name DTDC Express Limited. This transformation aims to enhance its logistics services and present DTDC as a comprehensive express logistics provider with a global footprint.

Under the new identity, DTDC Express Limited offers a diverse range of services worldwide. Boasting a network of 10500+ franchisees, the company reaches an extensive 10,500+ pin codes, facilitating seamless transactions for individuals and businesses. Impressively, DTDC manages a substantial volume, handling over 12 million couriers every month.

Notably, DTDC extends its services beyond Indian borders, connecting with 240 international locations, including prominent destinations such as-

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • China 

This global outreach is made possible through a combination of its own operations, strategic business partnerships, and collaborative ventures.

In essence, DTDC Express Limited emerges as a dynamic player in the courier and logistics sector, aligning its operations with a vision that transcends geographical boundaries, offering reliable services to a diverse clientele both within India and across the world.

(C) Blue Dart Express

Blue Dart

Blue Dart stands out as a leading integrated transportation, distribution, and express air company in South Asia. Its commitment to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of parcels extends to an impressive reach of over 35,000 pin codes across India. 

A key strength lies in its affiliation with the DPDHL Group, granting Blue Dart access to the world’s largest logistics and express network, spanning 220+ territories and countries. This extensive network encompasses air express services, supply chain solutions, freight forwarding, and customs clearance.

What sets Blue Dart apart in the market is its exceptional tracking system and dedicated team, which leverage a combination of ground and air capacity, advanced technology, value-added services, and specialised products tailored to various industries. This strategic approach positions Blue Dart as a market leader, ensuring efficiency and reliability in parcel delivery.

The company’s excellence is further underscored by its recognition on prestigious platforms. Blue Dart has earned a place among the Fortune 500’s largest corporations and secured a spot on the Forbes Super 50 Companies in India. 

These accolades affirm Blue Dart’s standing as a key player in the industry, blending innovation, reliability, and global connectivity to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.

(D) Comparing the Features of DTDC vs Blue Dart

The table given below describes the comparison of features of DTDC vs Blue Dart. Go through it-

FeaturesDTDCBlue Dart
Reach10500+ pin codes17000+ pin codes
Shipping SpeedTypically delivers in 2-3 daysOffers same-day and next-day delivery options
Service OfferingsBasic services with fewer additional offeringsWide range of services, including cash on delivery 
Customer SupportOffers good customer support, but may not be as responsive as Blue DartKnown for excellent customer service and support.
CostMore affordable, but may lack some premium services and could have longer delivery timesHigher cost, potentially justified by faster delivery and additional services
Additional ServicesOffers international shipping but may have fewer additional servicesOffers cash on delivery, reverse logistics, and international shipping
Order TrackingOffers real-time tracking for shipments Offers real-time tracking for shipments 
InsuranceOffers insurance services to protect packages during shipping Offers insurance services to protect packages during shipping
DTDC vs Blue Dart: Features Comparison

Can you figure out what features suit you the most? If not, then go through the next section. 

(E) Choosing DTDC vs Blue Dart: Essential Considerations

Here, we have explained the essentials to consider in DTDC vs Blue Dart-

(E.1) Service Excellence

DTDC and Blue Dart stand out for their commitment to service excellence. DTDC offers an extensive range of domestic and international courier services, leveraging a robust network of service centers. The company has invested significantly in technology to enhance business processes and provide clients with real-time tracking information. 

On the other hand, Blue Dart has earned a reputation for express delivery services, utilizing its vast air network for time-sensitive cargo. Emphasizing sustainability, Blue Dart employs cutting-edge logistics solutions to ensure effective and eco-friendly deliveries.

(E.2) Reliability: A Key Factor

Reliability is paramount when selecting a courier service for business needs. DTDC’s extensive network of delivery agents and partners allows them to reach far-flung areas in India and other countries. 

The company has implemented strong security measures and package tracking systems to ensure the secure delivery of packages. 

Blue Dart, with a significant presence in the rapid delivery market, is renowned for its dependability. Offering real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and stringent security standards, Blue Dart is a top choice for many businesses.

(E.3) Coverage Strengths of DTDC vs Blue Dart

Both DTDC and Blue Dart exhibit distinctive strengths in terms of coverage. DTDC boasts a widespread domestic network with service centers and delivery partners dispersed across various Indian cities and towns. 

Conversely, Blue Dart excels in domestic coverage, particularly in major corporate centers and cosmopolitan cities. Their strategically placed service centers and delivery hubs contribute to swift and effective nationwide deliveries.

(E.4) Customer Contentment- A Crucial Element

Customer satisfaction is a pivotal aspect for any service-oriented company. DTDC has undertaken initiatives to enhance customer experience, featuring a dedicated customer service team accessible through various channels. Online booking and tracking services further streamline the process for clients. 

Similarly, Blue Dart prioritizes client happiness with a customer-centric approach, actively seeking input to improve offerings. Their efficient and prompt customer service team contributes to a positive customer experience.

(E.5) Inventiveness and Technology Integration

Staying ahead in the courier market, both DTDC and Blue Dart embrace innovation and technology. DTDC’s investment in cutting-edge logistics technologies allows clients to trace shipments in real-time and receive instant updates. Mobile applications simplify booking and tracking processes. 

Blue Dart, recognized for quick delivery services, modernizes operations through advanced technologies, employing cutting-edge tracking technologies and digital platforms to ensure speedy and accurate deliveries. Both companies remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the courier industry.

(F) Services Comparison: DTDC vs Blue Dart

Now, let’s compare the services provided by both the courier giants-

(F.1) Essential services of DTDC vs Blue Dart

ServicesDTDCBlue Dart
Domestic ServicesPriority surface and air delivery for bulkier shipments at a low costFast and secure delivery services prioritizing time-sensitive shipments to give a competitive edge
International ServicesExpress, courier, and logistics services globally, catering to both outgoing and inbound shipmentsNot specified, but offers international shipping with a wide range of services
Premium ExpressQuick delivery of urgent shipments to critical cities for online sellersDay-definite delivery service for 10kg or more packages, especially suitable for time-sensitive shipments with special handling
International FreightPrioritizes supply chain and courier tracking optimization globally, managing products, customs, compliance, and documentation.Not specified, but offers international shipping and likely includes freight forwarding services.
New World RetailAims to create convenience by offering various services, building long-term connections with clients at competitive costsNot specified, but indicates a commitment to providing value-added services and building long-term relationships
Express Domestic ShippingFast and reliable domestic shipping services ensuring timely deliveries across India.Not specified, but domestic priority services emphasize fast and secure delivery.
Parcel ServicesEfficient parcel services for sending packages of various sizes, with options for both domestic and international shippingNot specified, but likely offers comprehensive parcel services.
Same Day DeliveryProvides same-day delivery services within select cities for urgent shipmentsOffers same-day and next-day delivery options for time-sensitive shipments 
Essential Services of DTDC vs Blue Dart

(F.2) Some other services of DTDC vs Blue Dart

ServicesDTDCBlue Dart
Supply Chain SolutionsAspires towards efficient supply chain solutions with a sophisticated infrastructure, network, and technologyNot specified, but has a comprehensive range of services indicating a focus on supply chain optimization.
Priority ServicesExclusive product for a niche customer base, including multinationals, large corporate clients, financial institutes, insurers, and banks.Not specified, but known for offering a wide range of services, including cash on delivery.
Cargo ServicesOffers cargo shipping solutions for businesses, allowing efficient and cost-effective transport of bulk goods and shipmentsNot specified, but Dart Surface Line indicates an affordable ground delivery service for less time-sensitive shipments
E-commerce LogisticsCaters to the growing e-commerce industry by providing tailored logistics solutions for smooth order fulfillment and delivery.Not specified, but offers a wide range of services, including cash on delivery, indicating support for e-commerce logistics.
Customized SolutionsProvides customized logistics solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective shipping for all clientsNot specified, but the comprehensive range of services suggests flexibility in meeting diverse shipping requirements 
Some other features of DTDC vs Blue Dart

(G) DTDC Services: Navigating the Logistics Landscape

DTDC, a key player in the logistics industry, offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the dynamic needs of its diverse clients.

Let’s delve into the deep info on DTDC Services-

(G.1) Domestic Services

  • Catering to bulkier shipments, DTDC’s domestic cargo services employ larger trucks, material handling equipment, and a specialized crew.
  • It facilitates priority surface and air delivery at a cost-effective rate, ensuring swift and efficient domestic logistics.

(G.2) International Services

  • Boasting 26 years of experience, DTDC has emerged as a significant supplier of express, courier, and logistics services in India.
  • Expanding its footprint globally, DTDC’s international services are favored for both outgoing and inbound shipments.

(G.3) Premium Express

The Premium Express Product guarantees delivery to critical cities, specifically designed for the quick dispatch of urgent shipments, especially beneficial for online sellers.

(G.4) Priority Services

DTDC introduces the Priority Product, an exclusive offering catering to a niche customer base that includes multinationals, large corporations, financial institutes, insurers, and banks.

(G.5) Some other services offered by DTDC

DTDC Image

  • Supply Chain Solutions: Aspiring towards comprehensive supply chain solutions, DTDC leverages a sophisticated infrastructure, network, and technology to provide an efficient supply chain platform.
  • International Freight: Prioritizing supply chain and courier tracking optimization, DTDC’s International Freight Forwarding employs a network of modes and carriers to manage products, customs, compliance, and documentation globally.
  • New World Retail: As part of DTDC Retail’s portfolio, New World Retail aims to simplify the lives of sellers by offering a multitude of services, focusing on unsurpassed comfort and building long-term connections with clients.
  • Express Domestic Shipping: DTDC ensures fast and reliable domestic shipping services, guaranteeing timely deliveries to destinations across India.
  • International Courier Services: Extending its reach globally, DTDC provides international courier services, facilitating shipping to over 240 countries worldwide.
  • Parcel Services: Efficient parcel services are offered for sending packages of various sizes, catering to both domestic and international shipping needs.
  • Same Day Delivery: For urgent shipments, DTDC provides same-day delivery services within select cities, ensuring prompt and reliable package delivery.
  • Cargo Services: DTDC offers cargo shipping solutions tailored for businesses, providing a cost-effective means to transport bulk goods and shipments efficiently.
  • E-Commerce Logistics: Recognizing the growth in the e-commerce industry, DTDC provides tailored logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of online retailers, ensuring smooth order fulfillment and delivery.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding the unique shipping requirements of different businesses, DTDC provides customized logistics solutions to ensure efficient and cost-effective shipping for all clients.

(H) Blue Dart’s Versatile Shipping Solutions: Enhancing Your Logistics Experience

Blue Dart image

Blue Dart, a prominent player in the integrated transportation and express air sector, offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and individuals alike.

  • Domestic Priority: Blue Dart places a premium on your time, prioritizing fast and secure delivery to provide a competitive advantage to time-sensitive enterprises. This commitment ensures that your packages reach their destination with efficiency and reliability.
  • Dart Apex: Dart Apex stands out as a day-definite delivery service catering to packages weighing 10kg or more within India. Tailored for time-sensitive shipments requiring regulatory approvals or special handling, Dart Apex ensures precision and reliability in delivery.
  • Dart Surface Line: Addressing the need for cost-effective ground delivery, the Dart Surface Line extends its reach to over 35,000 Indian locations. Ideal for less time-sensitive shipments, this service comes with the added benefit of excellent customer support from Blue Dart.
  • Dart Plus: Dart Plus introduces a cost-effective speed trucking service, ensuring swift delivery of time-sensitive cargo. This solution combines speed, handling, security, and added value to meet the demands of businesses seeking efficient and reliable shipping.
  • Smart Box: Beyond seamless packing, Smart Box and Air Express Ground Express offer the convenience of free shipping within India. These services enhance the overall shipping experience by providing easy packing solutions along with cost-effective shipping.
  • Express Pallet: The Blue Dart Express Pallet emerges as a customized wood-free palletized packaging solution, facilitating quick and easy shipping within India. Capable of supporting shipments weighing 50-100kg, this service adds efficiency to the transportation process.
  • Airport-to-Airport: Blue Dart’s airport-to-airport service is strategically offered in key cities including Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. This service ensures efficient shipping connections, catering to diverse logistics needs.
  • Interline Services: Blue Dart Aviation, recognized as India’s only domestic express airline, sets itself apart with in-house ground maintenance, bonded warehouses, and company-owned courier handling assets. These interline services contribute to a seamless shipping experience, solidifying Blue Dart’s position in the industry.

In short, Blue Dart’s commitment to excellence is evident through its array of services, each tailored to meet specific shipping requirements. From prioritizing time-sensitive deliveries to providing cost-effective ground solutions and efficient airport-to-airport services, Blue Dart ensures a seamless and reliable logistics experience for businesses and individuals across India.

(I) Business Comparison of DTDC vs Blue Dart

Now, let’s see how the courier giants are performing in terms of business

Business AspectsDTDCBlue Dart
Market Cap Rs.1,000 croreRs.17,515.25 crore
Revenue EarnedRs.1,200 croreRs.3,000 crore
ExpendituresRS.1,100 croreRs.2,800 crore
ProfitRs.50 croreRs.200 crore
DTDC vs Blue Dart: Business Comparison

In terms of business, both have performed well. However, Blue Dart’s financials sound quite strong as compared to its opponent.

(J) Wrapping up DTDC vs Blue Dart: Which is the better shipping company?

Choosing between DTDC and Blue Dart involves weighing their unique strengths. DTDC shines with high-calibre services and expansive coverage, while Blue Dart excels in rapid delivery and client support. The decision hinges on personal preferences, regional needs, and specific service demands. 

Notably, Blue Dart Aviation’s status as India’s sole domestic express airline grants it a distinctive edge. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your specific shipping needs and priorities as a merchant!

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