Emirates vs Qatar Airways – Which Is Better For Flying & Why?

Emirates Vs Qatar Airways - which one is better

While traveling, choosing the best airline service for your journey is a crucial decision, one that can greatly influence your travel experience. Among the world’s leading airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways standout as renowned names in the airline industry. This resulted in the debate of Emirates Vs Qatar Airways – which one is better among the two.

Emirates Vs Qatar Airways - which one is better

Ultimately, to choose the better among the two is an ever-evolving concept, influenced by the personal preferences, destinations, facilities and expectations of the customers. 

Let’s get started with the discussion!

Emirates Vs Qatar Airways

It’s important to note that it’s not about getting from one destination to another; it’s about the whole journey – the comfort, the experience, and the adventure that constitutes our journey. 

Emirates and Qatar Airways both the airlines are leading at the forefront of the airline industry, at the global level too. 

Emirates, with its fine hub in Dubai, is known to offer an incredibly convenient stopover point for travelers from all over the world. Titled as one the most busiest airports and airlines in the world, has grown to establish itself as one of the largest and most prestigious airlines globally. 

Well, the discussion doesn’t stop there, the other leading player is also in the line!

Qatar Airways, based in Doha, Qatar, one of the premier airlines globally. Qatar Airlines is known for its excellent services, extensive route network, and luxurious flight experience. Qatar Airways is known for redefining the art of flying and level of service that transforms the ordinary service into an excellence one. 

Let’s go through their points of differences 

Founded March 25, 1985 November 22, 1993
Founders Maurice FlanaganAkbar Al Baker
CEOAhmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Akbar Al Baker 
Headquarter Dubai, United Arab Emirates Doha, Qatar
Parent company The Emirates Group, owned by Government of DubaiGovernment of Qatar
Destinations serving globally 160170
Airline loyalty program Skyward Miles Privilege Club 
Part of AllianceIndependent Oneworld Alliance
Market Capitalization (2023)$941.9 billion$165.9 billion 
Revenue (2023)$32.6 billion $20.9 billion 
Net worth (2023)$11.6 billion $1.21 billion
Passenger count 43.6 million31.7 million 
No. of flights per day215 (average)14,250 (average)
Fleet format Airbus A380 & Boeing 777Boeing 777 & 787, Airbus A380, A350, A320, & A330
Points of differences between Emirates and Qatar Airways

From the above factors, the thing to notice is that both the airlines are dominating each other in various factors. Emirates dominates Qatar airways in terms of factors like market capitalization, revenue, etc. while Qatar airways becomes the leading player with its per day flight count, fleet format, and services.

Well, to know more about their in-sight differences, we’ll look at a deeper side for some of the factors!

Types of service class

Emirates – Offers fleet format of two types Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 on international flights. Along with it offering classes of traveling – Economy, Premium economy, Business class and First class. While traveling through A380 premium class,  a free order facility of drinks at the onboard cocktail lounge come with it. 

Emirates Vs Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways – Offers economy, business, and first class traveling. That comes with ultrawide lie flat seats, an on demand menu, and also the access to Al Safwa First Lounge, at Hamad international airport in Doha.

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Airline Packages  

Emirates – Loyalty program offered by Emirates is known to be Skywards. Under this program, the number of miles you earn on the ticket depends entirely on where you travel, type of class choosing, and the type of fare. 

Types of bonuses earned for the miles traveled at the following rates-

  • Blue – 0% bonus earned
  • Silver – 30% bonus earned
  • Gold – 75% bonus earned
  • Platinum – 100% bonus earned (elite offer).

The platinum Skyward member has more benefits than the other memberships.

Emirates Skyward

Qatar Airways – Loyalty flight program offered by Qatar Airways is known as Privilege Club. Offers four types of membership services under Privilege Club-

  • Burgundy
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum 

Burgundy is the membership that is available to every member under this program. While the additional services like extra luggage allowance, priority boarding, etc. aren’t available at this stage. Only available when you reach silver level.

Fees for services 

Emirates – Charges extra fees for additional services that surpass the recommended mark on the flight.

Charges extra fees for –

  • For twin seats: $35-$135
  • For selecting preferred seats: $25-$100
  • For availing extra legroom seating: $55-$250
  • For carrying additional piece of luggage: $100-$250
  • Per kilogram charged for carrying extra baggage: $15-$50

Qatar Airways – Like any other airline, Qatar also charges extra fees for some services, while it differs in prices. 

Qatar Airways

Charges extra fees for – 

  • Charge on extra piece of luggage: $150-$350
  • Charges on purchasing ticket through phone: $25 service charge
  • Per kilogram charged for carrying extra baggage: $8-$55
  • Seat selection charge: $9-$220, according to the seat type and class, while as a member of Qatar Privilege Club Platinum and Gold, you’ll be charged zero. 

Food offering facility

Emirates – Offers food according to the destination you’re traveling. Provides facility of food service as any other premium service availed on the flight. Gets an additional feature of ordering whatever you want at any time, like having a full course of meal at the starting of flight.

Emirates flight services

While traveling through business class of Emirates, drinks are complimentary and get the advantage of having multiple meals in the flight. While in the premium economy and economy class, dining experience remains the same, with drinks and alcohols included – which are complimentary. 

Qatar Airways – Offers more than the simple food, plus also prepares food as per the requirements of special diets. While traveling through first class of Qatar Airways, you’ll receive a wine glass before take-off, who wouldn’t love that? 

While going through its business class, i.e. Qsuite, they provide with the on-demand dine-in options. Passengers can order their meal whenever they want, and get a drink too before the take-off.  In economy class, they offer their passengers the option of choosing their own meal. It all comes along with the beverages, which are complimentary in this traveling class.

The Entertainment Quotient 

Emirates –  Offers passengers with the option of selecting through 4,500 channels with movies, music, TV shows, audio books, and a lot more. If you’re a member of the Skyward pack, then Wi-Fi will be free on any flight you book, if not the member, you can access to Wi-Fi through extra charges. 

Qatar Airways – Provide large screens in front of every passenger with the option to access over 100 of movies, shows, and also shows the updated ones too. 

Qatar Airways flight features

Along with this, they provide the option of selecting music and playing games too.

Summing Up    

The choice of which airline is better entirely depends on your specific journey. While these two giants, by offering their quality services and options, are trying to be the best of them with each passing day. With the much global presence and alliance Qatar has an upper hand in the airline industry, while the Emirates too have a global presence but less than that of Qatar Airways.  

Emirates vs Qatar airways

Qatar Airways has a global alliance with Oneworld, making it a globally powerful airline, along with it by offering various fleet formats, classy food services, becomes one of the prominent airlines. Emirates, on the other hand with its market capital, charging low extra fees, offers various services. 

Well, whichever you choose between the two, both of them will serve you a memorable experience in the beautiful skies. 

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