Noise vs boAt – Which Brand Has Been Doing Better?

Noise vs Boat

These Indian brands have been continuously making waves in the audio industry since their inception with their respective products. Both competing to be the bigger market leader. 

Noise vs Boat

Noise Vs Boat: Company Overview 

Both of these companies stand out as noteworthy names, with their tech-savvy products, and have risen to prominence. With a focus on innovation and style, these brands not only in India, but are rising in global space too. 

Founded 20142016
Founders Amit Khatri &
Gaurav Khatri 
Aman Gupta &
Sameer Mehta 
Revenue (2023)Rs.1,426 croresRs.3,377 crores
Market share 13.5%26.6%
Company insights of BoAt and Noise

From the above, it is clear that Boat is having a bigger market share along with a higher revenue generation currently in the audio market. While Boat reported a 21% growth in their numbers as compared to last year, whereas Noise reported a 100% year-on-year growth in 2023 and reported its exceeding revenue growth scale this year.

Noise Vs Boat: Differences 

Difference Noise Boat 
Battery life Comes with a charging case of battery life of upto 12 hours. Comes with a charging case
that provides a long playtime within just 10 minutes of charging. 
Material used for better sound quality Neodymium magnet Its products do not have
neodymium magnet features.
Adjusting feature It offers touch controls to adjust volume, taking calls. Etc. Do offers similar features but comes with around 18 hours of
playtime on just a single charge. 
Single charge playtime 35 hours 18 hours 
Battery feature provides  120 minutes of playtime
within 10 mins of charging.
1.5 hours of playtime within 5 minutes of charging. 
Market Valuation (2023)Rs.3,655 crore Rs.9,555 crore 
Product sales increase  revenueRs.792.7 crore (2022)Rs.2870 crore (2023) 
Total expenses surged (2022)Rs.756.7 crore Rs.2,787 crore with
a 131.8% increase 
Revenue generation from smartwatches and wearables Rs,2,000 crore Rs.4,000 crore 
Company worth (2023)Rs.800 crore Rs.700 crore 

BoAt’s PROS 

Affordable pricing – Offers products at varying and affordable prices in each category of its offering. That comes in products ranging from affordable user friendly to the premium ones. This helps them to cater to a diverse range of customer base. 

Diversified product range – It boasts a diverse presentation of audio products that includes earphones, speakers, wireless earplugs, wireless headphones, wired headphones, wireless speakers, smartwatches, soundbars, etc. providing customers a pool of options to choose from.

BoAt pros and cons

Design representation – Many of BoAt’s products offered distinct and eye-catching design and look, that finds appealing to customers looking for sleek, fashionable, and trending products design accessories. 

Sound quality & Compatibility – These products are often praised and talked about for their bass-heavy material used for better sound quality and durability. Also comes with additional features like sweat resistance, long battery life, packaging, etc.

Note: Visit the article- BoAt’s YOY business results and BoAt’s business model.


Sound material – Heavy bass sound material can be better for some people, while there are some who prefer a neutral sound balance. 

Noise cancellation – The noise cancellation feature of products is not much advanced as it helps to reduce about 70-80% of noise, which can be a hindrance for the ones who are seeking a full high-end noise cancellation feature.

Reviews and Customer Support – Like every other high end brand, Boat too has a mixed set of reviews for its products. Some report it to be one of the best products, while some not. Some reports have faced challenges while resolving their issues.

Noise’s PROS 

Advanced features – Noise has incorporated innovative features in its audio products like the touch control panel, adjusting features, and connectivity options.

Wide line-up of products – Noise too has a range of products including both the wired sets and wireless audio sets. That includes smartwatches too, with great design and offerings.

Noise pros and cons

Quality of sound – These products often provide a well balanced and high quality of sound, the most important thing we look for when buying any audio accessories.

Design look – Many of its products approach modern and stylish designs, that make it look more appealing and increase its demand.

Noise’s CONS 

High pricing – Some of its products are relatively expensive than the other platforms. The products may not be affordable for ones who have a fixed budget.

Battery life – Battery life on some of its products is not that much effective. Like the noise cancellation headphones of noise tend to consume more battery to operate, thus resulting in less battery life. 

Summing Up 

Noise and Boat both the companies have certainly made their voices and brand heard in the market and within the user base. To conclude this discussion, there is no specific answer that fits all.

Noise, with its commitment and innovative approach, designs, sound quality, stand out as a shining name in the audio market. Whereas, BoAt on the other hand is a place of affordable, bass heavy and tech-savvy products, stands out as a prominent name.

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