boAt Business Model Explained: How Does boAt Make Money?

Working Strategy of boAt business model

boAt is one of the most successful companies in India. Ever since it was launched in our country, it has made huge tidal waves in the realm of audio. It is a brand that combines your love for music with a splash of innovation and a dash of style. It is no less than an ultimate partner on your journey to sonic bliss. In this write-up, we will dive into the world of boAt business model.

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boAt: A Brief Overview

As you know, boAt is an Indian consumer electronics company that specializes in audio products. Such as headphones, earphones, speakers, smartwatches, and other related accessories. The company has gained significant popularity in India for its trendy designs, affordability, and good audio quality.  Before diving deep into the boAt business model, let’s have a brief overview of the company-

Company’s NameboAt Lifestyle
Type of IndustryElectronics Company (Specialized in Audio Products)
Founded in 2014
Founders Aman Gupta (Founder), Sameer Mehta (Co-founder)
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)Vivek Gambhir
HeadquartersNew Delhi (India)
Operating SpaceD2C (Direct to Customer)
Market Valuation (FY22)Rs.9,840 crore
Revenue (FY22)Rs.2,873 crore
Expenses (FY22)Rs.2,737 crore
Net Profit/Loss (FY22)Profit of Rs.68.7 crore
CompetitorsNoise, Nothing, Plantronics, Sonim Technologies, etc.
boAt: A Brief Overview of the Company

Next section onwards, you will get to know about “boAt Business model” in detail.

Working Strategy: How Does boAt Work?

As you know, boAt is a D2C company i.e. Direct-to-Consumer. It means that it manufactures the products and directly ships them to consumers. It works on the concept of “Smart Pricing & Attractive Looks.” This is a significant part of boAt business model. boAt majorly focuses on building audio products of exclusive quality and offers them at affordable prices. This factor has been a major contributor to its brand-building strategy. We will delve into its marketing strategies later. For now, let’s focus on its working strategy.

1. Product Design & Quality

Audio products of boAt

boAt places significant emphasis on product design and quality. The company invests in creating visually appealing and stylish audio products that stand out in the market. Simultaneously, boAt strives to deliver good audio quality and durability to ensure customer satisfaction. The combination of attractive design and reliable performance has contributed to the brand’s popularity. They elevated a feature in its audio devices that helped it to produce exclusive products. Are you curious to know what they upgraded in their audio products? They increased the “Bass.” This is the highly sought feature in the Indian audience. But there is an interesting fact here. Nowadays, boAt doesn’t manufacture audio products on its own. Rather it prefers “Outsourcing.”

2. Product Outsourcing

See, offering exclusive products at low prices is not a cup of tea for indigenous electronic manufacturers. boAt didn’t have that expertise either. So they dig up a brilliant idea. What? You may ask. They outsourced the manufacturing to Chinese companies! You know very well that China is famous for manufacturing and offering electronic items at cheap prices. So, boAt also decided to outsource the manufacturing of its products. With this decision, they were able to fully concentrate on product design and brand building through marketing & sales.

3. Building the Brand Value 

Working Strategy of boAt business model

boAt has positioned itself as a youth-oriented lifestyle brand. It targeted the tech-savvy and fashion-conscious consumer segment. The company focuses on creating trendy and fashionable audio products that appeal to the younger demographic. BoAt’s brand identity resonates with the aspirations and preferences of its target audience.          

4. Affordability

Do you know what Indians prefer? Good quality products at pocket-friendly prices. But other famous brands like Apple, Bose, JBL, etc. fail to do that. Although they offer supreme quality products but are highly expensive. They focus on a small portion of the customer segment. The majority of the Indian population belongs to a middle-class group. Therefore, they don’t prefer to spend more than 5k on audio products or other electronic/digital accessories. boAt successfully caught this loophole in our country. BoAt products are priced competitively, targeting the mid-range and budget-conscious market segments. By offering quality audio products at affordable prices, BoAt aims to capture a larger customer base. Also, it aims to penetrate the price-sensitive Indian market. Thus, it offers an exclusive quality of products at affordable prices.

In short, by providing value for money, BoAt has successfully captured the attention of price-sensitive customers. These customers seek quality audio products without breaking the bank. The affordability factor has played a crucial role in the brand’s widespread adoption.

5. Online Sales

boAt initially gained popularity by leveraging e-commerce platforms in India. The company sells its products through its official website ( and various e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall. boAt also utilizes online flash sales and exclusive partnerships to drive sales and generate buzz around its products.

6. Retail Expansion

Offline stores/ Retail Shops of boAt

As you know, nowadays many brands are cutting off the middlemen. Various D2C brands are going offline! This process not only helps the customers to get authentic products but also helps the brands to increase their sales through offline arms. While initially operating predominantly in the online space, BoAt has expanded its offline retail presence by partnering with physical retail chains. Thus, it established its brand presence in consumer electronics stores. This strategy enabled customers to experience BoAt products firsthand and enhanced the brand’s visibility across different channels.

7. Diversification of Portfolio

boAt products portfolio

While boAt initially focused on audio products like headphones and earphones. Later on, the company expanded its product range to include speakers, smartwatches, and other consumer electronics accessories. This diversification strategy aided boAt to cater to a broader customer base and increase its revenue streams.

8. Customer Service & After Sales Support

As per the company’s officials, the customers are like family members for boAt. Therefore, it emphasizes customer service and after-sales support, aiming to build long-term customer relationships. The company provides warranty services, troubleshooting assistance, and product support through its website and customer care channels.

Revenue Sources: How does boAt make money?

Revenue Sources of boAt business model

Here, comes the most crucial part of the boAt business model that made you highly curious. Do you know how much it earned in FY22? Rs.2,873 crore! Such a whopping amount. Not just that but it made considerable profits too! i.e. Rs.68.7 crore. Aren’t you curious to know about its revenue sources? Let’s have a look at the following table-

Revenue SourcesAmount Earned
Sale of Audio DevicesRs.2,276 crore
Sale of WearableRs.515.5 crore
Other Operating IncomeRs.81.5 crore
boAt: Revenue Sources

Well, being a D2C brand, the major chunk of revenue comes from the sales of audio products and electronic wearables like smartwatches. The following points describe the revenue sources of boAt in detail. 

BoAt generates revenue from various sources related to its consumer electronics business. Here are some of the key revenue sources for boAt-

1. Sale of Products

The primary source of revenue for BoAt comes from the sale of its audio products and accessories. This includes headphones, earphones, speakers, smartwatches, charging cables, and other related consumer electronics items. BoAt offers a wide range of products at different price points, catering to various customer segments and generating revenue through direct sales. It occurred in both online and offline platforms-

(1.1) Online Channels

Initially, boAt conducted its sales through online platforms through its official website, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. Not only helped boAt to establish a strong presence in the online retail space but also generate a significant amount of revenue.

(1.2) Offline retail stores

In addition to online sales, BoAt has been expanding its presence in offline retail channels. The company has established partnerships with multi-brand retail chains, consumer electronics stores, and other physical retail outlets. By having a presence in brick-and-mortar stores, boAt can tap into customers who prefer in-person shopping experiences. Thus, it further diversified its revenue sources.

2. Other Operating Income

2.1) After-Sales Services

As you have read in the previous section, boAt offers warranty services and after-sales support for its products. While this may not be a significant revenue source on its own, it contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty, potentially leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

2.2) Licensing & Brand Partnerships

boAt has collaborated with various brands, celebrities, and influencers to create co-branded or limited-edition products. These partnerships allow BoAt to leverage the popularity and reach of the collaborating entities, generating revenue through exclusive product releases and joint marketing campaigns. For example- boAt collaborated with Masaba to launch spunky headphones.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies of boAt business model

boAt business model is incomplete without its unique and super-effective marketing strategies. Don’t you wonder, how boAt became a star in the segment of audio products within a decade? Due to its superb quality of products. You may say. Yes, it is true. But there is another player for this success. And that is boAt’s marketing strategies. Some of its significant marketing strategies are-

1. Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Endorsements

boAt has collaborated with popular celebrities, influencers, and cricketers to endorse its products and increase brand visibility. By partnering with influencers who have a strong presence on social media platforms, BoAt leverages its reach and credibility to promote its products and engage with the target audience. These collaborations help create brand awareness and influence purchase decisions. The two famous celebrities working as brand ambassadors of boAt are- Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani.

2. Word-of-Mouth Marketing & User-generated Content

boAt encourages its customers to share their experiences with the brand and its products through user-generated content. This immensely helps in word-of-mouth marketing. The company runs campaigns and contests that motivate users to create and share content related to b oAt products, such as unboxing videos, reviews, and lifestyle images. By leveraging user-generated content, boAt builds a sense of community and authenticity around its brand.

3. Social Media Marketing

boAt actively utilizes social media platforms to connect with its customers and create a community around its brand. The company maintains active profiles on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where it shares product updates, engages with followers, and runs promotional campaigns. boAt’s social media presence allows for direct interaction with customers and encourages user-generated content, further amplifying the brand’s reach.

4. Alluring Packaging & Designing of Products

boAt pays attention to packaging and design to create a visually appealing and consistent brand experience. The company’s product packaging is often sleek and trendy, reflecting its youthful and fashion-forward brand image. Eye-catching designs and attention to detail contribute to a positive first impression and help differentiate boAt from competitors.

5. Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

boAt has entered into brand partnerships and collaborations with other companies to expand its reach and tap into new customer segments. These collaborations may involve co-branded products, joint marketing campaigns, or strategic alliances that allow boAt to leverage the partner’s brand equity and reach. By aligning with complementary brands, boAt extends its brand presence beyond its core audience.
For example- boAt extended its partnership with famous IPL teams. Those are Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), and Gujrat Titans (GT). As of now, Cricketer “Shreyas Iyer” is the brand ambassador of boAt for its campaign “Sound of the Champions.”


From trendy headphones to powerful speakers and beyond, boAt has curated a product portfolio that resonates with the desires of the modern generation. It harnessed the power of e-commerce, riding the digital waves to reach customers far and wide. But boAt didn’t stop there. It anchored itself in physical retail stores, establishing a tangible presence that complements its online prowess.

Through strategic collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and sports icons, boAt has built a vibrant community around its brand. It has mastered the art of social media, inspiring users to become brand ambassadors through its creative content. By continuously diversifying its offerings, it became a dominant player in affordable audio products!

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