Skoda vs Volkswagen: Which Brand Is Superior In India?

Skoda vs Volkswagen

Skoda and Volkswagen, the two prominent car brands in India, belongs to the same group but differ from each other on several aspects. To know which one is superior, we’ll have a comparative analysis of Skoda vs Volkswagen. 

Skoda vs Volkswagen

1. Skoda vs Volkswagen: Company Overview 

Aspects Skoda Volkswagen 
Founded 1859 May, 1937 
Founders Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin German Labor Front
Headquarters of the company Mlada Boleslav, Czechia Wolfsburg, Germany 
Parent company Volkswagen Group Volkswagen Group
(Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft)
Entered the Indian market November 20012007 
Global presence In over 100 countries Around 153 countries 
Market share 2.2%2.2%
Revenue (FY23)Rs 17,041.72 crores Rs 17,041.72 crores 
Company Profiles of Skoda vs Volkswagen

Both the companies belonging to the same group, i.e. Volkswagen Group, which is also known as Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft or Volkswagen AG, entered the Indian market in different years. 

  • In 2000, Skoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.
  • In October 2019, Volkswagen Group India made an announcement about the merger of their three Indian subsidiaries which are Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd (VWIPL), Skoda Auto India Pvt. Ltd (SAIPL), and Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd (NSC), into a single entity named Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd which is headquartered at Pune.

The revenue numbers, market share are same for both. 

2. Market Share Comparative Analysis 

As stated above, both these prominent automobile brands are operated under the same group in India, which is Volkswagen Group, thus both, i.e. Skoda and Volkswagen have similar market share, i.e. 2.2%. 

Not only this, the Skoda brand in India is planning to target the market with 5% of its share by 2030. The Skoda Auto brand in India in 2023 accounted for 1.19% of India’s over 4-million unit passenger vehicle market, and around 1.4% in 2022. 

3. Sales Analysis of Skoda vs Volkswagen 

(3.1) Sales volume of Volkswagen cars in India

Here, we’ll look at the sales volume of some of the top cars by Volkswagen in 2023. 

Volkswagen Car Name Number of Units Sold (2023)
Volkswagen Virtus 2,140 units 
Volkswagen Taigun 1,943 units 
Volkswagen Tiguan 91 units 
Sales Volume Of Volkswagen Cars

From the above table, it is pretty visible that Volkswagen Virtus is among the most cars sold by the brand in 2023. The Volkswagen group had sold 134,667 of its cars units in the January-December period of 2022, and has increased around 8 % to 1,45,713 units in 2023. 

(3.2) Sales of Skoda Cars in India 

Year Number of Units Sold 
2022 53,721 
2019 15,100 
Sales of Skoda Cars

The Indian division of the Volkswagen Group, i.e. Skoda Auto Volkswagen India – recorded a milestone in its sales in 2023. Although the sales of the company dropped in 2020, due to the covid 19 pandemic. 

4. Revenue Analysis of Skoda vs Volkswagen 

Both the brands working under the same group, i.e. Volkswagen Group has recorded the same numbers for its revenue. 

  • In 2023, the company witnessed an increase of 49% in its net profits at Rs.309.5 crores, while the company had posted a net profit of Rs 208.34 crore in FY22. 
  • In FY23, the company posted a revenue of Rs.17,041.72 crores, which is considered as the highest revenue as compared to its previous year’s revenues. 
  • In FY22, it registered a revenue of 12,410.48 crores, while in FY21, they posted a revenue of 6,796.5 crores. 
  • Not only this, the revenue numbers for the company in FY20, was 261.3 crores. 

5. Skoda Slavia vs Volkswagen Virtus 

Aspects Skoda Slavia Volkswagen Virtus 
Maximum power capacity of the engine The Skoda Slavia has a maximum power of 113bhp (brake horsepower), and 148 bhp. Virtus too has a similar power capacity, i.e. 113bhp and 148 bhp. 
Design look Skoda Slavia provides a more sophisticated, elegant and decent design look to its car. Also has a rear styling with it. Volkswagen Virtus offers a sharp as well as sportier look. 
Infotainment system Skoda Slavia infotainment system offers exclusive features and is around 20.32 cm. Virtus too has a great facility for its infotainment system and is 25.65 cm along with touch screen controls. 
Safety Offers updated safety features, that has multi collision braking, traction control, airbags, etc. and is also 5 star rated by GNCAP ratings. This one too is 5 star rated by GNCAP, and has innovative safety features like, ADAS safety suite, airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system, multi collision braking, etc. 
Warranty It has a standard warranty period of around 4 years. Has a similar warranty period of 4 years. 
Comparative Analysis of Skoda Slavia vs Volkswagen Virtus

Both the cars have somewhat similar features, and is managed by Volkswagen Group in India. However, prices of Skoda models are often less as compared to Volkswagen car models, with that Volkswagen designs are more stylish and attractive than the Skoda designs. Also the Skoda cars have a better resale value than Volkswagen models. 

6. Summing Up: Skoda vs Volkswagen 

Skoda and Volkswagen, both the brands are headed by the same name, i.e. Volkswagen Group in India, although their set of features vary from model to model. 

Skoda vs Volkswagen

Both the brands have nearly the same market share, i.e. 2.2%. Also the company registered its highest revenue in 2023, as compared to its previous numbers. 

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Which one is the superior among the two, overall depends on your choice of features, preference, budget, and the type of automobile you want. 

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