Hyundai vs Honda: Which Brand Has Better Presence In India?

Hyundai vs Honda

Two names, i.e. Hyundai and Honda with time have emerged as the top famous automobile brands in India. Not only that, these two brands also give a high-end competition to each other. In this article, we will compare Hyundai vs Honda- which brand has a better presence in India.

Hyundai vs Honda

1. Hyundai vs Honda: Company Overview 

Aspects Hyundai Honda 
Founded 1947September 24th, 1948
Founders Chung Ju-Yung Soichiro Honda 
Base of the company Seoul, South KoreaMinato City, Tokyo, Japan 
Parent company Hyundai Motor Group Honda Motor Co. 
Global presence 200 countries.150 countries. 
Entered Indian market In 1996 as Hyundai Motor India Limited. Entered the Indian market in 1995 with Usha International. 
Market share 13.50%1.90%
Revenue Globally (FY23) $123.58 billion $136.43 billion 
Revenue (India for FY23)Rs 60,307.58 croresRs 14,439.71 crores 
Company Overview of Hyundai vs Honda

Both the companies entered the market around almost the same time, a one year gap only. Started around the same time, but varies a lot when it comes to their revenue generation, market presence, global operations, etc. 

Hyundai launched its first car in India in 1998, which was Hyundai Santro. On the other hand, in the same year, Honda also launched their first car in the Indian market which was the Honda City Sedan. 

2. Comparing Market Share of Hyundai vs Honda

Hyundai has a market share of 13.50% and has experienced a 6.90% year-on-year growth in the Indian automobile market. On the other hand, Honda Motors has a market share of 1.90%, in the Indian automobile market. The market share numbers depicts that Hyundai has a better market share as compared to Honda Motors in India. 

3. Market Capitalization

According to the sources, the market cap of both companies over the years are- 

Year Hyundai Honda 
2024 $43.48 billion $60.26 billion 
2023$36.89 billion $50.21 billion 
2022$27.65 billion $38.67 billion 
2021$40.28 billion $48.04 billion 
2020 $40.17 billion $48.17 billion 
Market Capitalization of Hyundai vs Honda

By looking at the above table, it can be stated that Honda Motors has a greater market cap as compared to Hyundai in the automobile industry. However, the numbers may evolve with time. 

4. Revenue Comparison

Hyundai at a global scale has a revenue of $123.58 billion for the year 2023, while Honda recorded a revenue of $136.43 billion. Here, Honda seems to have the command over Hyundai. 

Talking about the revenue of both the companies in the Indian landscape, here the numbers depicts a different story. 

Hyundai revenue in India increased to Rs 60,307.58 crore in FY23, from Rs.47,378.43 crores in FY22. The company reported a consolidated net profit of Rs.4,709.25 crores in FY23, a total 6.23% jump in its profits. 

Honda Motors in India posted a revenue of Rs.14,439.71 crores in FY23, which is a 14% increase in its revenue numbers as compared to its previous year’s revenue. Apart from that, the company recorded its best ever exports of units during the year 2022-23, registering a growth of 17% (approx.) since its previous numbers. 

5. Sales Numbers  

Here is the sales analysis of both the companies in India in different time durations. 

Sales Duration Hyundai Honda 
February 2024 50,201 units 7,142 units 
January 2024 57,115 units 8,681 units 
December 202342,750 units 7,902 units 
November 202349,451 units 8,730 units 
October 2023 55,128 units 9,400 units 
September 202354,241 units 9,861 units 
Sales Overview of Hyundai vs Honda

By looking at the numbers above in the table, it is clearly visible that Hyundai has sold more units in India currently as compared to Honda Motors.

6. Hyundai vs Honda: Features Comparative Analysis 

Factors Hyundai Honda 
Interior Hyundai in recent years has made significant changes in its interior. It now offers aesthetic and stylish designs. Offers straightforward and user friendly easy to reach features and simple designs. 
Reliability Offers great reliability and quality on automobile models. Is known for long lasting reliability on vehicles. 
Safety Hyundai offers great sensing systems for safety, like Smart Sense, which helps in avoiding collisions, helps in lane keeping assist, etc. Offers great features for safety cover, like its Honda Sensing. Under which it offers a collision mitigation braking system (CMBS) which uses brakes to avoid a collision. 
Power and efficiency Hyundai models offer more horsepower than Honda. They can address a wide range of performance preferences and choices. It offers more smooth and reliable engines and with that prioritize fuel efficiency. 
Price Generally offers more affordable prices than Honda, and has lower prices at the starting range. Honda often offers a higher price range with more additional deals. 
Warranty It offers a 5 year warranty as its  New Vehicle Limited warranty.
A Powertrain warranty of 10 years. 
Honda offers a 3 year warranty as its New Vehicle Limited Warranty. 
A Powertrain warranty of 5 years. 
5 year warranty as its Unlimited miles corrosion perforation limited warranty. 
Additional features It has advanced driver assistance features and a user-friendly infotainment system. Also offers some models that have turbocharged engines. Offers a great comfortable seating, and user friendly simple designs and layouts. Also offers sporty driving experience with good fuel efficiency. 
Comparative Analysis of Features of Hyundai vs Honda

Both the companies offer a different set of features to its customers that have updated innovations and technologies. Hyundai is known for offering more stylish, aesthetic, and modern designs for its models, whereas Honda is known to offer a user friendly, minimalistic simple designs, with that also offers updated features too, like Hyundai. 

7. Summing Up: Hyundai vs Honda 

Both Hyundai and Honda have a unique set of features and technologies to offer to its customers. Talking about which one has a better presence in the Indian market, if we look at the market share of both the companies, then surely Hyundai has a better market presence of 13.50% than Honda, which has a market share of only 1,90%. 

Hyundai vs Honda

If we look at another factor, i.e. market capitalization, then Honda has an upper hand than Hyundai. However, Hyundai recorded a higher sales unit as compared to Honda. 

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However, choosing between the two, rolls down to your car priorities, preference, budget, and type of automobile you want. 

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