OnePlus vs Oppo: Which Chinese Brand Is Leading The Indian Market?

OnePlus vs Oppo

Since the last decade, several Chinese smartphone brands have been ruling India. Among them, the competition between technology giants OnePlus and Oppo is a focal point of discussion. The comparison between OnePlus vs Oppo has garnered attention as these Chinese brands vie for supremacy.

OnePlus vs Oppo

This exploration aims to dissect their market strategies, net worth, market share, and overall impact on Indian consumers. By delving into their respective strengths and areas of influence, we will determine which of these prominent brands is currently leading the Indian market.

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(A) OnePlus vs Oppo: A Brief Overview

Before delving into the details, let’s have a look at the profiles of OnePlus vs Oppo-

Company TypeSubsidiary of OppoPrivate
IndustryConsumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics
FoundedDecember 2013October 2004
FoundersPete Lau,
Carl Pei
Tony Chen
HeadquartersTairan Building, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaDongguan, Guangdong, China
Area ServedWorldwideWorld Wide
Phone cases,
Smart Watch
Home cinema, 
Tablet computers, 
SoftwareOxygenOS (based on Android)ColorOS
CompetitorsiPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Vivo, XiaomiMotorola, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme
OnePlus vs Oppo: A Brief Overview

In the next section, we will examine the intricate details of OnePlus vs Oppo.

Note: We have already thoroughly compared the following smartphone brands-

(B) Sales, Growth, & Achievements of OnePlus in India

OnePlus was super hit in 2023 in the Indian market! Here’s how-

Sales & GrowthData
OnePlus Open 5G Foldable Smartphone LaunchTopped the > ₹1 lakh price segment for 2023 & sky-high sales at Reliance Digital and
Overall Growth70% YoY growth and became the fastest-growing smartphone brand for H1 2023 according to IDC’s 2Q23 release
Indian Market DominanceDominated the $400-600 (Mid to high-end) price segment in India with 40.6% market share in shipments
Flagship Devices ContributionOnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R contributed to a quarter of shipments
Tablet Market EntryDominated the $400-600 (Mid to high-end) price segment in India with a 40.6% market share in shipments
OnePlus Pad SuccessContributed to 34.5% of shipments in the mid-premium ($350-400) price segment in the Indian tablet market in Q2’23, as per IDC
Key Specifications and FeaturesImpressed with specifications including Fast & Smooth user experience, Hasselblad Camera for Fold, and spatial entertainment in a modern, ultra-portable foldable design
OnePlus Open AvailabilityWas available for open sale in India since October 27, 2023, priced at ₹1,39,999 in Voyager Black and Emerald Dusk colors
Sales ChannelsWas available through, OnePlus Store App, OnePlus Experience Stores, Reliance Digital,, and select partner stores
Sales, Growth, & Achievements of OnePlus in India

The release of the OnePlus Open 5G foldable smartphone marked a significant milestone, achieving remarkable sales upon its debut at Reliance Digital and This flagship device outperformed competitors in the foldable smartphone category, becoming the best-selling device in the > ₹1 lakh price range for the entire year.

OnePlus showcased its strength in the Indian smartphone market by earning the title of the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the first half of 2023. With a remarkable year-over-year growth exceeding 70%, as per IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Device Tracker for 2Q23, OnePlus solidified its position as a major industry player.

Additionally, OnePlus dominated the Indian smartphone market in the $400-600 (Mid to high-end) price range for the first half of 2023, capturing a significant 40.6% market share in terms of shipments.

This achievement was credited to the success of flagship devices like the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R, which collectively contributed to a substantial portion of shipments in this competitive segment, according to IDC.

Furthermore, OnePlus expanded its success beyond smartphones by entering the tablet market, securing a position among the top three brands in the mid-premium segment for Q2 2023. The OnePlus Pad played a significant role, accounting for 34.5% of shipments.

(C) Sales, Growth, and Achievements of Oppo in India

OPPO, a successful smartphone brand in India, follows a global strategy of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.” It achieved a grand success in India. Let’s look at its sales, growth, and achievements in India-

Sales & GrowthData
Latest LaunchOPPO introduces the e-commerce-focused OPPO K Series in India, led by the OPPO K10, targeting young online consumers with high-end features at an attractive price.
Manufacturing StrengthA sprawling 110-acre manufacturing facility in Greater Noida produces over 6 million smartphones monthly, showcasing OPPO’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative.
Quality AssuranceRigorous quality checks, including 28,000 drop tests and 35kg hard pressure tests, ensure durability and performance at OPPO’s Greater Noida Superfactory. 
R&D InnovationOPPO’s Hyderabad-based R&D center focuses on developing technologies catering to Indian consumers, exemplified by the advanced features in the K Series for a holistic smartphone experience. 
Consumer-centric approachInitiatives like the MyOPPOApp and an AI-powered Chatbot named ‘Ollie’ demonstrate OPPO’s commitment to meaningful customer engagement and after-sales service, available in 9 different languages.  
Online PresenceOPPO strategically launches the K Series with an online focus, partnering with Flipkart and the OPPO Online Store to cater to the growing trend of online smartphone purchases.  
Retailer EmpowermentOPPO invests in increasing brick-and-mortar retail stores, empowering retailers, and enhancing accessibility through the OPPO Online Store offering over 80 different products. 
OPPO K Series FeaturesThe OPPO K10, part of the latest K Series, features a 50MP AI Triple Camera, dynamic RAM expansion technology, 33W SUPERVOOCTM fast charging, a 90Hz Color-Rich Punch-Hole display, and OPPO Glow Design, targeting young, tech-savvy online shoppers. 
Sales, Growth, and Achievements of Oppo in India

OPPO aims to redefine industry benchmarks and maintain its leadership position in the Indian smartphone market with the comprehensive approach of the K Series.

(D) Features Comparison: OnePlus vs Oppo

Let’s look at the differential features of OnePlus vs Oppo-

Brand IdentityEmphasis on premium flagship devices with a focus on tech enthusiasts. Offers a diverse range, targeting various consumer segments. 
User InterfaceOxygenOS, known for a close-to-stock Android experience.  ColorOS, a customized Android interface with additional features.
Product DesignOften features a minimalist design with a focus on premium materials. Varied designs, catering to different preferences and demographics. 
Market PositioningPositioned as a premium brand with a slightly higher price range.Offers a wide range, including budget to mid-range and premium phones.
Global PresenceStrong global presence, with a significant focus on North America. Global presence with a strong foothold in Asian and Indian markets. 
Community EngagementActive community engagement and developer-friendly approach.Community-focused initiatives, but not as prominent as OnePlus. 
Charging TechnologyDash Charging/Warp Charge for rapid charging capabilities.VOOC/SuperVOOC Flash Charging for fast and efficient charging. 
Camera FeaturesFocus on camera quality, especially in flagship models.Diverse camera offerings, with an emphasis on innovative features.
Retail PresenceLimited offline presence, primarily sold online.   Strong offline presence, including brick-and-mortar retail stores.
Features Comparison: OnePlus vs Oppo

While OnePlus and OPPO share the same parent company (BBK Electronics), they have distinct brand identities and cater to different market segments!

(E) Business Comparison: OnePlus vs Oppo

Here comes the most anticipated part of this write-up. The business comparison of OnePlus vs Oppo will help you to determine- Who is winning the premium Android market!

The following table provides a snapshot of key business parameters for OnePlus and Oppo, shedding light on their financial standing and market performance-

Business ParametersOnePlusOppo
Net Worth$1.5 billion$1.5 billion
Market Share (India)4.82%11.71%
RevenueBetween INR 100 crore to 500 croreRs.38,574.5 crore
Profit76% year-on-year growth in net profit (FY 2022-23)Loss of Rs.46 crore
OnePlus vs Oppo: Business Comparison

In terms of net worth, both companies share a valuation of $1.5 billion, signifying a comparable financial strength. However, when it comes to market share in India, Oppo holds a substantial lead with 11.71%, dwarfing OnePlus’s 4.82%, suggesting Oppo’s wider acceptance or market reach. 

The revenue figures reveal a significant contrast, as OnePlus falls within the range of INR 100 crore to 500 crore, while Oppo boasts a substantial Rs.38,574.5 crore revenue. This considerable revenue gap underscores Oppo’s broader market presence or product diversification, potentially capturing a larger consumer base. 

Moving to profitability, OnePlus demonstrates robust financial performance with a remarkable 76% year-on-year growth in net profit for the fiscal year 2022-23. In contrast, Oppo faces a loss of Rs.46 crore during the same period, indicating potential challenges or investments impacting their bottom line. 

In essence, while both companies share a comparable net worth, the data suggests that Oppo’s market share and revenue outshine OnePlus, though OnePlus stands out in terms of profit growth.

(F) Smartphone Specs Comparison: OnePlus11 vs Oppo Reno 10

OnePlus vs Oppo

In this section, we will look at the details of individual smartphones-

FeaturesOnePlus11Oppo Reno 10
Price$639 (256GB/12GB RAM) $366 (256GB/8GB RAM)
Display6.7-inch AMOLED, 1440 x 3216 px, 525 ppi 6.7-inch AMOLED, 1080 x 2412 px, 394 ppi 
Main CameraTriple camera setup: 50 MP + 48 MP + 32 MPTriple camera setup: 64 MP + 32 MP + 8 MP
CPU Speed1 x 3.2 GHz + 4 x 2.8 GHz + 3 x 2 GHz1 x 2.4 GHz + 3 x 2.2 GHz + 4 x 1.9 GHz   
Water ResistanceDustproof and water-resistantNot specified
Pixel Density525 ppi394 ppi  
Resolution1440 x 3216 px  1080 x 2412 px
Front Camera16 MP32 MP
Weight205 g180 g
Thickness8.5 mm7.6 mm
OnePlus11 vs Oppo Reno 10: Smartphone Specs Comparison

However, you must remember that individual preferences and priorities significantly influence choosing between these two brands. You must consider factors like design, camera quality, software experience, and additional features to make an informed decision.

Now, it is up to you which one you find the most suitable!

(G) Wrap-up: Who is the winner in OnePlus vs Oppo?

OnePlus vs Oppo (1)

So, when it comes to picking a smartphone in OnePlus vs Oppo, there’s no clear winner – it’s more about what you’re looking for. Sounds a bit different, but its true!

If you’re into top-notch tech and a community vibe, OnePlus might be your go-to. On the other hand, Oppo’s got a broad product range and a big market share, making it a solid choice for many. It’s all about your personal preferences. Both OnePlus and Oppo have their own strengths, so take a look at what matters most to you, and that’s your winner.

The smartphone game is pretty dynamic, and these brands are playing their part in giving you options that suit your style!

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