Taxbuddy vs Cleartax: What’s Different & Which One Is Better?

Taxbuddy vs Cleartax

When dealing with the complex world of taxes, finding a reliable assistant can make a significant difference. Both Taxbuddy and Cleartax offer solutions which help in easing the tax filing process, however these two differ from each other on several factors. 

Taxbuddy vs Cleartax

In this article we’ll discuss the differences between Taxbuddy vs Cleartax and which one is better among the two. 

Company Overview 

These two income tax filing platforms are among the top leading names in the income tax filing industry and offer multiple services that help people to manage their finances in a better way. 

Company name Taxbuddy Cleartax 
Founded 2017 2011 
Founders Sujit Bangar Archit Gupta, Ankit Solanki,
Raja Ram Gupta, and Srivatsan Chari. 
Head office Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaNew Delhi, India 
Number of customers  10,00,000+ customers 20,00,000+ customers 
Tax experts/firms  3000+ experts 20,000+ expert firms 
Initial pricing Rs.499 Rs.1,099 (basic)
Company Overview of Taxbuddy & Cleartax

Cleartax clearly boasts a higher customer base as compared to Taxbuddy, however, Taxbuddy charges less for its starting plan. 

Taxbuddy vs Cleartax: What’s Different? 

Both these platforms serving in the same industry differ from each other on several aspects. Here we’ll discuss some of those aspects. 

Factor Taxbuddy Cleartax 
Available on platforms A web-based as well as onsite too.Only web based 
Best used for ITR Filings, GST Filings, TDS Filings, Refund Calculators, Tax Planning, etc. Income tax e-filings.  
Live ITR filing Does not offer such service, instead offers tax experts advice. Offer ITR Filings in less than 2 minutes
Support provided Offer both email and call service.Offers only email facility. 
Training offered Via documentation Offer training via videos and webinars. 
Integration offered Limited Offer 100+ integration 
Target audience Is best for 
Salaried employees,
Business persons, 
Professionals, etc. 
Is best for 
Tax payers, 
Tax experts,
Salaried employees, etc. 
Taxbuddy vs Cleartax Differences

One of the most prominent difference between the two is that Taxbuddy can be used for variety of purpose, i.e. ITR filings, GST filings, TDS Filings, etc. whereas Cleartax only offers Income tax e-filings and ITR filings that too in a few minutes. That’s how they differ the most. 

Features Comparison 

  • Taxbuddy operates in both ways, i.e. as a web based software as well as on onsite too,whereas, Cleartax solely operates as a web based platform.
  • Taxbuddy lacks integration on its platforms as it offers integration with a limited set of softwares. While Cleartax offers 100+ integration, including MS Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc.
  • Taxbuddy offers AI-based tax planning, GST compliance & advisory, support for TDS, TCS & ROC filing.
  • Cleartax offers features like ITR verification, live ITR filing, expert tax assistance, and a tracker for GST return application status. Etc. 

Difference of Taxbuddy vs Cleartax

Pricing Plan Comparison 

Here we’ll look at different pricing plans offered by both the competitors. 

(1) Taxbuddy Pricing Plans 

Plan Name Pricing 
Starting package Rs.499 
Advance Tax Calculation Rs.899 
Tax Saver Pro Rs.1,699 
Tax Saver Advance Rs.2,599 
Tax Saver NRI Rs.4,199 
Taxbuddy Tax Pricing Planner

(2) Cleartax Pricing Plans 

Plan NamePricing 
Salaried Individuals (basic plan)Rs.1,099 
Salaried Individuals (Pro plan)Rs.1,499 
Capital Gains plan Rs.2,599 
NRI Tax planRs.4,599 
Cryptocurrency plan Rs.3,599 
Cleartax Tax Pricing Plans

Both the platforms have different pricing structures for each of their plans, however, Taxbuddy plan pricing is less as compared to Cleartax plan prices. 

Pros & Cons Comparison 

                      Taxbuddy                       Cleartax 
Offer easy filing of ITRs with the guidance of tax experts.Offers ITR verification post e-filing for returns.
Helps in reducing taxes.Offers the facility of filing the tax returns via live video with the tax professionals. 
Helps in maintaining GST & ITR notices.Automatically prefills all the tax data with a single click. 
Get free tax planning assistance Provides assistance for the complicated tax calculations. 
Provides guidance for GST return filing. It is an SSI certified platform. 
Pros of Taxbuddy vs Cleartax

Both have specific features set for its customers, while here Cleartax seems to be one step ahead as it provides the facility of automatically pre-filling all the data with just a single click. 

                        Taxbuddy                             Cleartax 
Data issues might occur.Requires many documentation processes when filing for returns. 
Slow response to queries according to the customers. Customs often face software login issues. 
Repeatedly asks for an income source. Sometimes it becomes difficult to track the status of a return application. 
Cons of Taxbuddy and Cleartax

These two platforms have provided the ease to customers for filing their income tax returns and to avail a wide range of services. Cleartax has a wider user base and tax experts, while Taxbuddy offers more tax service and less pricing for tax plans. 

However, choosing between the two depends on personal preferences and requirements. People looking for simplicity, diverse services, and personal assistance favor Taxbuddy. Whereas, those looking for more tax plans, better integration, and live ITR filing prefer Cleartax! 

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Faisal Yusuf
Faisal Yusuf
2 months ago

Yeah agreed, these platforms has really made it easy to file income tax returns and also to track those with time!

Manvi Duharia
Manvi Duharia
2 months ago

Yup, taxbuddy plans are Pretty affordable!