What Is Black Card In India? Features, Benefits & Differences

What is black card in India? Features, benefits and differences

In the ever changing world of finance, there exists a rare metallic card that has entered the financial market to stand at the forefront of it. The card goes by the name Black Card. This card is said to be a symbol of prestige and luxury everywhere in the world, but the question that has surrounded everyone here is What is Black Card in India? What are the exclusive features it offers, and what makes it different from other cards.

What is black card in India? Features, benefits and differences

This enigmatic card transports into a world of exclusive and premium features, a realm where the simple card rules and regulations do not matter. A card with a huge credit limit and extravagant features, that makes it one of a kind credit card  in India.

What is Black Card?

Black cards are credit cards which come with ultra high exclusive features. These cards are typically referred to as high-end credit cards that are being offered by various banks and financial institutions. These cards are typically designed and offered to financial biggies, industrialists, wealthiest persons, etc. 

Black cards are known for their extraordinary features and come with numerous high class privilege access. 

  • These are termed as the highest tier of credit cards. These cards symbolizes class, privilege, prestige and offer more prestigious features than the other credit cards.
  • Not only its exclusive offers but its attractive and appealing design makes it more worthy of having it. 
  • Beyond the magnetic and appealing design of the card, it opens the way to enjoy some next high level class attributes.  
  • Black cards, especially designed for elite class people, offer features and a status symbol that provide this card and their cardholder an upper hand in the world of credit  cards. 

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Origin of Black Card    

This card was originally introduced in the United States in 1999. Black card is considered as the synonym for Centurion® Card from American Express, or the “Amex Black Card. The card was launched for the wealthiest and high-net worth individuals, who meet the certain requirements of having this card.

What is black card

To further make a worthy card, there are reward programs accompanying it, that is nothing less than a lavish feature. Later on, American Express launched this high valued card in India, for the wealthiest individuals in India. 

How To Avail Black Card?      

This card comes on an INVITE-ONLY basis, that means certain wealthiest individuals will be sent an invitation from the concerned banks by looking at their financial worthiness. Also if they met the particular criteria set for the card or not. 

If want to have this card, to maintain an excellent and strong financial statement is a must. Different banks offer a distinct set of regulations that are associated with the card. 

Origin of black card

Black Card In India

American Express first launched this super feature card in India, for the people who meet the perks of having this card. However, the business families like  Burmans, Munjals, Oberois, and Godrejs, are reportedly said to have this card when launched in India. Some of the best known black cards in India are ICICI Bank emeralde credit card, HDFC Bank Infinia Credit card, SBI card elite, American express platinum card, and Axis bank reserve credit card. 

Features And Benefits Of Black Card

Black card also known as the Centurion Card, is not just an ordinary credit card, it offers extraordinary features and benefits that makes this one of the top most credit cards to avail.

Features and Benefits are as follows                    

Invitation Only Process – One of the prominent features of black card is its oneness. This card does not come with an apply option, it comes with an invite-only access feature. That means the concerned person doesn’t have to go either to the bank nor to their website to apply for it. By looking at your financial statements and credit score, the bank itself provides the concerned individual with the invitation ticket to avail the black card.

Invite only feature of black card

Card Design – The texture and its sleek metal design makes it as lavish as its features. Made from anodized titanium, the card becomes a statement and the symbol of wealth and prestige.

The Concierge Services –  A true sign of trustworthiness of black card is its concierge services availability. The concierge service is available 24/7 to its cardholders. From traveling, shopping, dining, special tickets, etc. these concierge services will make the experience into a memorable one. 

Reward Points – While spending you earn, is not a bad deal. Right! Some of the black cards often come with a reward points program that allows earning reward points on the purchase you make through this card.

Black credit card

No Pre-Set Spending Limit – Like the traditional credit cards, black cards don’t have a pre-set spending limit. Some of the black cards like Amex black cards don’t have a fixed pre-set spending. 

Airport Lounge Access Globally – That’s interesting, like having this card and you can enjoy any airport lounge access at any airport in the world. The card provides access to VIP lounges, presenting the extravagant travel experience and comfort for you. 

Purchase Protection – The black card provides insurance packages for travel accidents, a purchase protection for the items that are purchased through this card and are damaged, and also provides extended warranty protection. Ensuring that you have a seamless experience of payments and warranty.

Travel Experience – This card enables a first class flying experience for its users. Cardholders often receive special access and regular updates about elite symbols from the airlines, hotels, and dining restaurants that are associated with the card. 

Differences of Black Card 

Elite status service – As compared to traditional credit cards, black cards offer their cardholders an enjoyable status in various programs. Whether it’s dining, travel, hotel bookings, priority services, etc. black cards offer the road to these services with premium access. 

Annual fee charge – While the traditional credit cards charge or do not charge any annual fee, but black cards charge a high annual fee. This fee is compensated with the expensive benefits card offers. 

Black card difference

Invite Access – The major difference and feature of black card is its invite only access. An exclusive high service card designed specially for the selected few individuals. That makes the black card a rare one in the sphere of credit cards.

Some of the best known Black Card available in India 

This premium prestige card comes loaded with an array of benefits and features. Black card is purposely designed to meet the high-net demands of people, which will not be possible with the regular credit card.

Here are some of the best known of them 

ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card 

Termed as the super premium credit card that offers high end services on lifestyle, travel, dining, reward points, hotel memberships, hotel booking services, and provide a lot more services to high-net worth individuals. 

ICICI Bank black card

  • Charges an annual fee of Rs.12,000.
  • Provides unlimited complimentary access to international as well as domestic  lounges.  
  • Charges low markup fee of 1.5% on international transactions. 
  • No overlimit, late payment, and cash withdrawal fee. 
  • Provides personal air accident insurance of around Rs.3 crores.
  • Earn one cash back point on spending Rs100 on insurance categories and products. 
  • Earn four cash back points on spending Rs.100 on retail payments except for the fuel transactions. 

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

A card best suited for high profile people, that provides them with the exclusive premium facilities that are not associated with the traditional credit cards. Offers services on travel, airport lounge access, and many more.

HDFC infinia black card

  • A high reward rating card.
  • Charges an annual fee of Rs.10,000.
  • With this card HDFC offers its customers a cheaper foreign currency rate of 2%, along with this a complimentary Priority Pass program. 
  • For spending Rs.150, you’ll get 5 reward points.
  • Provided 12,500 reward points as a welcome after getting the card, along with it a complimentary one year membership of Club Marriott.
  • Provide accidental air death insurance upto Rs.3 Lakhs. 

SBI Card Elite

This black card charges an annual fee of Rs.4,999. Comes loaded with perks like reward points benefits, remarkable travel perks, airport lounge access, and a lot more. 

SBI black card

  • Provides 5x reward points on grocery spends, shopping stores, and restaurant dining.
  • Access provided to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide.
  • Get an enjoyable complimentary membership of Club Vistara silver membership.  
  • Earn a welcome e-gift voucher of worth Rs.5,000.
  • Also provides 2 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges every quarter in India. 
  • Also offers a complimentary Trident Privilege Tier Red Membership.
  • Provides high facility concierge services

American Express Platinum Card 

Another one on the list of high end benefit cards. This card provides exclusive upper hand benefits on categories like airport lounge access, dining at restaurants at all places, luxury brand privileges, good reward points benefits, to name a few. 

American Express black card

  • Charges an annual fee of Rs.60,000.
    Offers remarkable travel-related perks.
  • Earn reward points every time you make a transaction.
  • Get access to around 1,400 VIP lounges in more than 140 countries.
  • Provides fine hotels and resort bookings.

Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card 

The premium services card offering comes at an annual fee of Rs.50,000 along with taxes applied. This card also offers an upper hand benefit on dining offers, travel booking, airport access, and more just like the other black cards.

Axis bank black card

  • Provides 2x reward points on all the international transactions. 
  • For every spend of Rs.200 earn 15 edge points.
  • With priority pass membership, get unlimited access to domestic as well as international airport lounges.
  • Offers 25% on dining at partner restaurants.
  • Charges a nominal amount of 1.5% on all foreign transactions. 

Summing Up

Nevertheless, Black Card is more than just a normal credit card. It is considered as the symbol of exclusivity, luxury, high-net earning individuals. With its most prominent invite-only access feature, a sleek design, and a bonus of extraordinary benefits, it has become a top-notch card in the world of credit cards. While it may not be available to everyone, still it continues to evolve and come up with new and exclusive remarkable perks. 

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