Whoscall vs Truecaller: Which Caller ID App Is Doing Better?

Whoscall vs Truecaller

The two most common caller identification apps that are widely used and are in quite competition with each other are Whoscall vs Truecaller.

Whoscall vs Truecaller

As there were many scenarios of fraud calls, spam calls, messages, etc. before these caller identification apps entered the market. 

Caller identification apps

Among the plethora of these apps the two apps are in a race are Whoscall vs Truecaller. 

Both these apps offer their users a better communication experience, fraud call detection, spam alert, has different privacy policies, and more to it.

Whoscall vs Truecaller: Company Overview 

Aspects  WhoscallTruecaller 
Founded 20122009 
Founders Jeff Kuo, Jackie Chang, and
Reiny Song 
Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan Stockholm, Sweden
Parent company Gogolook Ltd. True Software Scandinavia AB
Type of company Private Privately held 
Global presence Available in over 31 countries Operates in more than 36 countries 
Active users More than 100 million users 368 million+ users 
Spam calls & SMS Blocked Over 10 Billion 100 Billion+
Number of downloads More than 50M1 billion+ downloads 
Revenue (2023)$17.8 million $0.16 billion  
Website Whoscall.com Truecaller.com 
Company Profiles of Whoscall & Truecaller

Whoscall which has a strong operating base in over 31 counties and has its active user base across 100 million users.

Wheras Truecaller app has its hands on service in more than 36 countries and boasts an active user base of more than 368 million users. 


Whoscall vs Truecaller: Revenue Comparison 

Year Whoscall Truecaller 
2023 $17.8 million ($22,303K)$0.16B
2020 $5,909KUndisclosed
Whoscaller vs Truecaller Revenue Comparison

For the latest year revenue i.e. 2023, Whoscall stands at a number of $17.8 million, and the other app which is Truecaller, it has recorded a number of $0.16B. It clearly shows that Truecaller has been at the forefront in terms of revenue. 

While Truecaller internally has shown a decrease in its revenue, as in 2022 it reported a revenue of $0.17B and in 2023 it recorded a revenue of $0.16B. 

Whoscall has shown an increase in its revenue in 2023 as compared to 2022. 

Whoscall vs Truecaller Ranking

Both the caller identification apps that serve somewhat similar features have ranked differently in respect to their app traffic according to the site similarweb.

Truecaller has been ranked at the 13th position in the programming and developer software category and at 3,319 in the world. It has increased its ranking from 3,062 to 3,319. 

Whoscaller & Truecaller ranking

While in the case of Whoscall, it has been ranked at 501 position in the computers and technology sector, and at 8323 globally. While the ranking globally differs from country to country. 

Looking at the market capitalization of both the apps, Whoscall has a market cap of $172 million, while in the case of Truecaller it has a market cap of $0.98B.

This shows the direct view of who has more hold of the market.

Whoscall vs Truecaller: Largest Market To Operate 

For Truecaller, India is the largest market to operate and generate revenue, as in India it has around 248 million monthly active users, while it has an active user base of 338 million globally, and is looking to double its user base by 2026. 


For Whoscall, currently Thailand is generating more revenues from advertisements than what in Taiwan. However, the number of users in Thailand is slightly less than what they have in Taiwan.

While, according to the executives of the company in 2023, they were planning and working on to surpass its user base of Thailand to that of Taiwan in the year i.e. 2024. 

Whoscall vs Truecaller: Comparative Analysis

Both these caller identification apps somewhat deliver and offer its users similar features while they both also differ in some factors.

Factors Whoscall Truecaller 
Type Caller identification and spam blocking app. Caller ID identification and spam blocking app.  
Price for the service The app is available for free for the basic services, and is also available on a premium basis to unlock more special features.  Is available for free to avail the basic facilities, and is also available on premium basis.  
Available on platforms Available at both Android & iOS systems. Can be used for both Android and iOS. 
Privacy This app focuses on collecting a minimal amount of data and makes calls anonymous. It claims to have a large database, and concerns were raised about how it collects its data and keeps it. 
User interface User friendly interface & easy to use. Provides an user friendly interface and easy to navigate options. 
Number of downloads 50M+1B+
Other features Offers,SMS blocking, Verification tools, Call analytics, Caller details, Fraud blocking, Etc. Provides,In-built call recording,SMS blocking,Fraud detection,In-app dialer,Caller insights,Etc. 
Accuracy of caller ID & spam blocking Despite having a smaller user base & database, it masters in blocking community powered spam calls as well as messages. As it has an extensive database, truecaller is capable of showing callers identity and block fraud SMS efficiently. 
User database Slightly smaller as compared to Truecaller. Has an extensive and large user base. 
Advertisements display Occasionally shows in-app advertisements. Displays in-app advertisements.  
Whoscall vs Truecaller Comparative Analysis

The apps are available for free to use and download, however to avail the special features, the apps offer premium service packages. 

Talking about the privacy factor, Whoscall protects its user information and data by collecting it in minimal amounts and makes the call anonymous, it focuses on in-built privacy. 

Truecaller on the other hand claims to have a large user base and database, and has a strong spam detection. However, the concerts were raised about how Truecaller collects the information and maintains privacy. 

Whoscall & Truecaller comparative analysis

In terms of number of downloads, Truecaller seems to sit at the first between Whoscall vs Truecaller, as it has 1B+ downloads. Whereas, on the other hand Whoscall has 50M+ downloads.

Whoscall displays advertisements on its platform occasionally, which can result in less amount generated from its other services. While Truecaller displays in-app advertisements, which contributes to its revenue generation. 

Whoscall vs Truecaller: Which Caller ID App Is The Best? 

Truecaller has an amount of $0.16B for its revenue generation and a market cap of $0.98B, which is higher in comparison to Whoscall’s numbers. 

Whoscall which has a revenue around $17.8 million and a market cap of $172 million. Truecaller has also been ranked at a higher position as compared to that of Whoscall.  

Which caller ID app is the best

In other features like call detection, SMS spam blocking, fraud call detection, caller details, etc. both seem to have somewhat similar features, while the privacy policies and factors differ between the two. 

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