5 Smooth & Best Credit Card Payment Apps in India – 2024

Best credit card payment apps in India 2023

While among many credit card payment apps, there are some of the best credit card payment apps in India that tops the list in 2023. These cards come with a unique set of benefits and a fresh line-up of exciting rewards and offers.

Best credit card payment apps in India 2023


What are Credit Card Payment Apps?

Credit card payment  apps are specifically designed to make sure the convenient and secure use of credit cards for various financial purposes. These apps enable customers to make payments, both online and offline, helps to maintain credit score, check payment history, timely reminders, offers, and whatnot.

Credit card payment apps

These apps also serve as the bridge between seamless transactions in the digital age.

Paytm 500M+ 
Amazon Pay100M+
MobiKwik 50M+
Cred 10M+

Note: The apps in the above don’t represent any ranking, however we’ve ranked them on the basis of number of downloads.

(A) Paytm 

One of the most well-known and popular apps among everyone. Paytm provides the facility to use its platform for various payments, be it for shopping, at departmental stores, groceries shopping, phone recharge, bill payments, transfer money directly to bank account, etc. 

Paytm credit card payment app

Key features of Paytm credit card payment app – 

  • The app rewards you with a scratch card of upto Rs.1 lakh, when paying Rs.5,000 bills from the app. The 1 lakh cash point will be equal to Rs.1,000. 
  • Not only this the app, for every card transaction, you’ll receive cash points upto 1,000.
  • Paytm lets you to pay through debit cards for the bills, except for two i.e. Visa and MasterCard.

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(B) PhonePe 

PhonePe offers its best of the services for online payments, UPI transfers, mobile recharge, utility bills, etc. 

Apart from providing cashback rewards, offers, prizes, PhonePe do provides insurance cover for different categories. PhonePe also has investment options, banking services, loan repayments, paying gas bills option, etc. on their platform.

PhonePe credit card payment app

Key features of PhonePe credit card payment app – 

  • As a prize feature, PhonePe gives scratch cards that unlock many features.
  • The scratch card feature will only be enabled once you’ve paid the bill. 
  • PhonePe is considered to be the best among the UPI payment apps. 

(C) Amazon Pay 

Amazon has provided its fantastic and amazing services in different domains, be it in entertainment, shopping, or paying bills. Amazon’s new feature, Amazon Pay offers a convenient, rewarding, and easy way to pay their payments and bills. The app uses the already stored information of customers on their Amazon account to provide more fraud protection, checkout options, good customer experience, and more.

Amazon pay credit card payment app

Amazon pay also comes with features like cashback rewards, QR scan payments, online payments, buy now pay later option, secure transactions, and more. The app comes with in-built integration, optimizing, and assistance processes. 

Key feature of Amazon Pay credit card payment app – 

  • Amazon pay app provides free services to Amazon app users, and the amazon app users do not need to make a new account on Amazon pay.
  • Cashback in Amazon pay is not always guaranteed on each transaction, however they do provide cashbacks occasionally. 
  • Discounts on paying credit card bills are displayed at the credit card bills section. 
  • Amazon pay lets you pay at any other website or store, through the payment options that are linked with Amazon Pay.
  • The app lets you make payments via voice, by integration with Alexa.
  • With amazon pay app, obtain free credit reports.
  • Credit card bills can be paid through UPI or online / net banking.  
  • Also do have a EMI specific dashboard, that simplifies repayments and expense tracking.

(D) MobiKwik 

The app currently has a 140 million registered user base (2023). The app provides a facility to pay for the basic needs like daily bills, along with the utility bill payments, e-commerce sites bills, shopping bills, food delivery bills, departmental stores bills, etc.

Mobikwik app

Key features of MobiKwik credit card payment app – 

  • One of the prime features of the app is that it provides supercash as reward, when credit card payments are made.
  • The supercash can be used to make other payments through the app, that can be 5% for every transaction. 
  • Incentives are offered in the form of supercash. 
  • The app provides an option to pay credit card bill payment either through UPI or through debit card.
  • Comes with a MobiKwik wallet feature that charges a fee of 1.5%+GST, and this wallet feature can be used to make other payments with the app. 
  • Provides timely reminders to pay bills, this can help them save money by avoiding penalties and late fee fines. 

(E) Cred 

One of the primary functions of Cred app is to facilitate payment of credit card bills. The app allows users to link multiple credit cards with their platform and to experience a seamless way of making payments. The app comes with many offers and perks associated with credit card bill payment. It offers credit score tracking, reward system, discounts, membership, allows you to pay rent, etc.

Cred credit card payment app

Key features of Cred credit card payment app – 

  • Considered to be the only credit card payment platform, that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bill payments on time. 
  • The Cred members on the app get exclusive and amazing discounts, offers, rewards, from best of the brands for clearing their credit card bills.
  • The credit cards linked to the cred app are only valid after successful verification.
  • Provides the facility to add upto 10 credit cards at once. 
  • Pay your credit card bills via UPI or net banking. 
  • Also provides timely reminders for paying bills, payments, for checking free credit score, etc,
  • Allows the facility to pay rent too. App also facilitates tracking the record of upcoming bills too.

Summing Up 

The credit card payment apps have provided the ease and flexibility to the customers to pay their bills smoothly and without standing in lines at the bank. The above best credit card payment apps are sure to not miss out in 2023. These apps come with amazing and remarkable perks and benefits, each offering unique and fantastic features that provide stress free and quick payments. 

These apps are best among the rest and are worth considering while looking out for the best app for credit card payments.

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