All You Need To Know About Tata Neu – India’s Super App

For instance, if you are given two options for shopping (at the same or discounted price) – either go to different markets or a single shopping mall. Which one would you prefer? Probably the second option! Isn’t it convenient to get all the desired stuff from a single place with a variety of options and that too with alluring discounts? 

The same principle applies to window shopping as well. To achieve the goal of providing everything in a single platform (mobile or web application), the developers built a “Super-App.” It is as superior as it sounds because you will get almost anything to everything in the Super-Apps. With the same concept, the Tata group has also built a super-app called “Tata Neu.” Thus, this article presents thorough information about “Tata Neu– India’s Super App.”

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A brief overview of Super Apps

Till now you might have got an idea about Super Apps. But still, if you haven’t, then don’t worry! Let me give you a brief overview of it. A super-app is a mobile app or web application that provides multiple services like shopping, texting, financial transactions, ticket booking, hotel/resort booking, health checkups, etc. You can perform all these tasks in a single app. All these qualities signify the superiority of Super Apps over ordinary shopping apps. Hence, it got its name.

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Have super apps worked in any country? Yes! It worked successfully in almost every developed nation around the globe. One of the best examples is China. You know the term “super-app” was used for the first time to describe WeChat in China. They called it a super app because this single application was capable of executing a wide range of functions. It included features like text messaging, online payments, e-commerce, and many other things. These exclusive features of super apps are speedily taking over Asia. For example- Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

However, it is not limited to Asia. Europe and America also prefer super-apps in the post-pandemic era. Some of the common start-ups of super apps in Europe are- Revolut, Lydia, Klarna, Bolt, etc. Now let’s come back to our country. You must be wondering whether we have any super-app. We have many! Paytm, My Jio, Troop Messenger, Clap Messenger, and many others are on the list. 

What is Tata Neu?

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With a master plan to tempt and retain customers, Tata Group launched its super app on April 7, 2022. And that super app is “Tata Neu.” The digital arm of Tata group presented it with extensive research, development, trials & testing. The prime objective was to integrate all the trusted brands of the Tata group into a single convenient platform. On this platform, you will get a high degree of versatility and choice of products. Hence, it will ultimately confer you a great shopping experience. 

Tata acquired various platforms for this purpose- AirAsia India, BigBasket, Croma, IHCL, Curefit,  Tata 1mg, and Tata CLiQ.

Features & Benefits of Tata Neu

If you prefer Tata brands, then this platform is perfect for you. Why so? Because, in this super app, you will get everything ranging from apparel to flight tickets. Some of its astonishing features are-

1: Wide range of services and products

  • Wardrobe & Apparel–  Tata CliQ and Westside
  • Latest Gadgets– Croma
  • Groceries– BigBasket
  • Flight– Air Asia India
  • Health Checkups Tata 1mg
  • Hotel Stay– IHCL Hotel
  • 5-Star Meal– Qmin

2: Appealing reward systems

  • Neu coins– Customers get rewards in the form of “NeuCoins” when they make transactions and purchases through the TataNeu app. 1 NeuCoin worth INR 01.00. You can redeem these Neu Coins to make future purchases.
  • NeuPass– This super app provides an exclusive membership service to its subscribers. With NeuPass you can get 5% additional NeuCoins through shopping on NeuApp.
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  • Financial and Payment services
    • Financial rewards on credit card spend
    • Personal loans
    • Credit lines
    • Custom Insurance Plans- This is the most admired feature of this super-app. Customer insurance plans can protect your assets and grow your wealth. (However, it is advisable to go through the documents thoroughly before signing up for such insurance.)
    • TataPay & Tata UPI- These are online payment systems offering deals and discount benefits for customers.
  • Stories – It is the in-house digital magazine of Tata Neu that provides exclusive articles and videos on diversified topics like technology, fashion, food, finance, traveling, health, etc. The stories effectively educate and inspire readers.

Reviews on Tata Neu

Ever since the app was launched, there has been a huge buzz around it! Why? Because it substantially provides more features as compared to its contemporaries. So far, Tata Neu received both positive and negative feedback. Going with the former one, some customers were highly satisfied with the service because of effective discounts and good quality. Contrarily, the big miss is the unavailability of choices to select the provider of services or products. You will get only those products or services that are associated with the Tata group… Confused?

Consider a scenario where you want to book a flight at an affordable rate. You go through the flight booking section of Tata Neu and book the tickets for AirAsia India. But when you go through Google or any other flight booking app, you surprisingly found that the tickets from Indigo were cheaper than that of AirAsia. In this situation, you will be highly disappointed unless and until you are a die-hard fan of AirAsia. Well, this goes the same with other services like grocery shopping or hotel booking. Even though Tata group has mentioned that “customers can enjoy all the services of Tata in the Tata Neu app”, still customers feel a lack of choices.

So, if you are looking to book tickets, shop, order food, or make payments from a non-Tata brand, then you will need to wait longer. 

Since the app size is quite big, some users found that it lags a lot. 

Latest News on Tata Neu

After the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) season concluded, the Tata Neu app, which underwent significant enhancements, achieved a noteworthy milestone with a total of 60 million downloads, 13 million of which occurred during the IPL. Additionally, the NeuPass rewards program, accessible through both the web and app, garnered an impressive 75 million members.

The Tata Group, serving as the title sponsor for IPL 2023 and actively promoting the Neu app during the matches, contributed substantially to these figures. It’s expected that any such promotional campaign would result in increased app downloads and attract first-time users.

What adds intrigue to these achievements are two key performance indicators-

  1. App Ratings: Following the revamp, Tata Neu’s rating on the Google Play store experienced a notable improvement, rising from 3.8 to 4.2.
  2. Repeats/Retention: Official sources reveal that Tata Neu’s repeat purchase rate stands at a robust 60 percent, marking a significant increase in multicategory purchases from 10 percent to 25 percent compared to the previous year.

The future ahead

Tata Neu app is an ambitious project that is inspiring many other groups too like Adanis and Ambanis. Even though this super app needs many improvements, it is still functioning well. The company is working diligently to bring the upgraded features as soon as possible. Remember, the beginning is not easy for everyone! The company has announced the improvements and upgrades of services that will make Tata Neu stand out among other super apps.

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