Angel One Business Model Explained – How Does It Work?

Angel one business model

Welcome to the world of stocks, where finance and investment is power. There are many stock platforms and firms available that have made the complexity of navigating stocks and the financial market an easy one. One such among all of them is Angel One brokerage firm. Understanding its business model is the bridge to decode its art of making money in the stock world. Let’s get into the sights of Angel One Business Model, and how this magic works in the stock market.

Angel one business model explained - how does it work?

For both the seasoned and the budding investors it is essential to know about the changing dynamics of finance and stock trading and investments, and about the wide range of platforms and firms offering it.

Angel One: Overview

In the dynamic world of finance and stocks, Angel One stands as a prominent player. Angel One, also known as Angel Broking Limited, has been a trailblazer in the stock and trading market, who’s re-defining the way investors interact with the stock market and trade. Offers a vast pool of trading and stock options with numerous services available with them.

Angel one founder Dinesh D. Thakkar
Angel One founder Dinesh D. Thakkar

The company’s vision was clear: to democratize investment, provide knowledge and make it accessible to each individual, regardless of the expertise or the knowledge of the field. 

Company NameAngel One or Angel Broking Limited 
Founded August 8 1996 
Founder Dinesh D. Thakkar 
Operating space Public 
Type of company Fintech 
Headquarter Ackruti Trade Center, Andehri (E), Mumbai ,maharashtra , India
Services offered Like online trading in equity, currency segment, commodity, mutual funds, life insurance, etc. 
Valuation (2023)Rs.2,348 crore
Revenue (2023)Rs.1048 crore
Some insights to Angel One

Key features of the company

  • Angel one provides a vast portfolio of online forex trading accounts, trading facilities, investments, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, currencies, online & offline equity trading, derivatives account, etc.
  • Uses a new customer centric approach that has made them a trusted name in the market. 
  • Making a good and convenient use of transparency, assuring its customer the belief and trust in the process.
  • Has a user base of registered 1.5 crore+.
  • In addition to that, Angel on has 20, 000 a authorized company,  
  • Company also specializes in giving advice in solving problems through its vast pool of services. 
  • It provides the research reports, market insights, stock recommendations, that are regarded as the superior in the industry.
  • It also offers an extensive wide catalog of mutual funds and systematic investment plans, in order to provide investors with diversified portfolios.   
  • The standing out feature of Angel one is its relentless focus on its customer satisfaction. 
  • This company has itself created a niche for its in the rapidly growing market of financial services and stock trading. 

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Angel One Business Model – How Does it Works? 

Angel one trading platform is the center stage for its operations. This platform acts as a road that bridges the gap between stock markets and the investment knowledge and the stock buying facility. Acts as a getaway to stock market, mutual fund exchange, advisory services etc.

How does Angel one works?

Angel one works on an Authorized Person business model, in which a notable amount of the brokerage firm has been paid out in the form of commissions.  In order to cater to a large base of clients, Angel One provides insurance and loan products.   

Key points that Contributes To Its Working

User friendly interface: Angel one offers a user friendly interface for online trading and mobile apps. This interface feature helps users to navigate through different stocks and their prices, making it easy for them to select the best for them. 

Demat Account: A short form for “Dematerialized account”  allows users to store their financial details, including shares, mutual funds, bonds, and other security details in a digital format. This provides the way to seamless integration with Angel one’s security measures, protecting user’s data from unauthorized access.

Angel one demat account open

Low maintenance cost: Its user friendly platform, online account management, and seamless technology use, caters to a minimal maintenance cost. Its seamless technology reduces the need for having the manual interaction and its adding cost.

Affordable brokerage: Its transparent fee structure ensures that clients are aware of all the charges associated with their buying and investing activities. Its broking fees often makes its future contracts a little cheaper.

Vast pool of product range: Not only Angel one provides seamless security for stocks and trading, it does have a diversified range of products and services. That includes mutual funds, stock trading, loans, insurance, keeping in mind that the user can meet all their financial needs.

Product range of Angel one

Customer satisfaction: Angel one offers exceptional customer support with new age technology and dedication. Provides helpful assistance which is very vital especially, in the continuous developing world of finance.

How Do Angel One Make Money? 

Like any other financial service and trading companies, Angel one generates its money through various means. Here are some means through which it generates revenue.

Commission earning: While investing and trading through Angel one, it appoints authorized persons to the clients. Resulting in a commission earned to them, each time their clients make a transaction. This commission turns out to be their primary source of income. 

Brokerage fee: Angel one charges its brokerage fee to its clients, when they either buy or sell stocks, insurance, or perform trading activities on their platform. The fees are different according to the product or service they choose, and is a percentage of the transaction they made. For inequity trade, currency, commodity options, etc. They charge Rs.20 per executed order or 0.25%, and charge zero for equity delivery trade.

Angel one brokerage fee

Annual charges: Angel one charges annual maintenance charges for maintaining demat accounts and trading accounts. The fee is paid by the clients to maintain their accounts activities. For example, when you sell any of your shares from your Demat account it charges Rs.20 for that. 

Summing Up

From the above discussion, it is clear to observe that Angel one business model represents a fusion technology with its array of products and services of stocks and trading. Along with it the user interacting platform, that enables users to have seamless navigating.

Angel one working

Its commitment to affordable rates, brokerage fee, interest with services, maintenance costs, all accounts to bridge the gap between the investors and the users seeking to invest or buy stocks to fulfill their financial needs and aspirations. Looking to invest, buy, or trade do think of looking at Angel one working, as it can be a trusted partner for your financial security and growth. 

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