Zupee Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

Zupee funding, valuation, and shareholders breakdown 2023

With ever evolving technology and digitalization, every facet of our lives is evolving, whether it be the online way of shopping, groceries buying, even investing. So how can the gaming industry be left behind? In the heart of the ever-expanding digital gaming universe, there exists a realm called Zupee, where skill, passion, entertainment and earning all come together to form a brilliant sphere. Let’s take a look at Zupee Funding, valuation, and the shareholders who invested their time and money in this gaming gem.

Zupee funding, valuation, and shareholders breakdown 2023

The online gaming industry is more than just a pastime in the current scenario, as it has evolved into a vast industry. It connects more than a million people from around the world. The traditional way of playing games has transformed itself into a skill-based online gaming platform. 

Zupee Company Overview

Zupee, by combining the thrill and passion of game with the knowledge and skill, distinguishes itself from other e-gaming platforms and also from traditional gaming style. 

Zupee is termed as the one of the fastest and rapidly growing Indian online gaming platforms. Zupee reportedly has a 95% share in the largest sector of Indian gaming, the casual and boardgame segment. 

Name of the CompanyZupee
Founded 2018
Founders Dilsher Singh Malhi and Siddhant Saurabh.
Headquarter Gurugram, Haryana, India
Legal Name Cashgrail Private Limited
Operating SpaceB2C (Business-to-Consumers)
Serving in IndustryMobile & Gaming
Valuation (2023)Rs.60 crore
Revenue (2022)Rs.194.8 crore
Funding (2022)Rs.7.2 crore
A look at Zupee Company Insights

Zupee offers a unique way to approach mobile gaming by hosting Games Of Skill, where the players knowledge, skill, capabilities, and thinking are a major and crucial aspect of winning the game and leading to its success. 

One of the standout features of Zupee, is its reward system, it provides a real world reward system, along with other offers, making it both a playing as well as earning platform. It features a wide range of games like Ludo, tambola, trump card, snake and ladder, cricket, clash of clans, etc.

Zupee game range

During COVID, online gaming platforms were at its peak, as it was one of means to indulge in games while sitting indoors and also to interact with each other and new people. Zupee gained high popularity during those days, and after that Zupee is making waves in the online gaming sphere.

Let’s get started with the discussion of Zupee funding, valuation & its shareholders!

Note: There are key players in the online gaming industry, like Gameskraft, also one of the competitor of Zupee. To know more about it in detail, Check our article Gameskraft: India’s Gaming Ambition to grasp more knowledge about it.

Zupee Funding 

Apart from being a pioneer in the online gaming industry, it has embodied a tale of substantial enthusiasts. 

Zupee has secured the financial resources that are needed not only to thrive the business, but also to maintain its company growth in future.

April 11, 2019Seed round – invested by Smile Group 69 million
April 8, 2022Series A – invested by Matrix Partners India$8 million
January 8, 2021Series A – invested by WestCap$10 million
August 17, 2021Series B – invested by Tomales Bay Capital & WestCap$30 million
January 5, 2022Series B – (undisclosed)$72 million
Funding Rounds of Zupee

Zupee marked its latest funding round on January 5, 2022, and raised a whopping amount of total $121 million in its funding rounds. The most recent investors for this gaming gem are Matrix Partners India and Nepean Capital. 

From its humble beginnings to securing substantial investments, the journey of Zupee funding is a major milestone in the company’s success.

Zupee ad

Zupee Valuation 

As discussed till now, Zupee has a gripping record of funding till date post its foundation in 2018, and has become a recognizable and one of the best online gaming platforms. As per the latest of 2023, Zupee is valued at $600 million. 

The app reportedly has revealed that it has over 70 million downloads till now in 2023 and is 100% secure.

Zupee gold package

  • Its unique approach has led it to stand out in the market. It involves skill based quizzes and challenges, setting it different from other online gaming platforms.
  • Its user interface helps it to get more of its customers base. It involves rewarding game features that keep players hooked to the game and contributes to its valuation.
  • The app not only provides reward points but also provides real-time prizes and gives you the opportunity to win money.
  • With each successful funding round, Zupee is looking forward to its significantly higher valuation. To be at the forefront of the online gaming industry.  
  • To plan for strategic higher fundings and for investors to invest in the company and to see the company’s higher growth. 

Zupee Shareholders Pattern 

Zupee does have good funding rounds, a notable valuation, but what about the shareholders who invested in the company? Let’s look at the shareholding pattern of Zupee, and explore about the investors who believe in the company’s vision.

Founders 30.64%
ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program)14.48%
Enterprise 13.36%
Angel 0.63%
Shareholding Pattern of Zupee

From the above, it is clear that funds hold most of the shares of the company with a net worth of Rs.2,010 crore.

Following it the founders hold the second stage of owning shares with a net worth of Rs.1,500 crore. Enterprise has a net worth of Rs.655 crore, ESOP holds shares with a net worth of Rs.710 crore. Angel has the least net worth of Rs.30.6 crore among all the investors. 

Summing Up

As we have come to the last part of the discussion, we have observed that Zupee has a significant remarkable funding journey, which represents the company’s confidence and its growth. With each captivating funding round, the company has raised a notable amount of valuation that has contributed to retain themselves in the competitive market of online gaming.

Zupee online gaming

About its shareholders, they have a mix of investors who contribute to its success by building on the company’s vision and to sustain themselves with the company throughout the gaming revolution. 

As the world of online gaming continues with time, Zupee is all set to be at the center stage to cater to its gaming audience and to make every step and click exciting and enthusiastic for them.

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