Fire Boltt vs Noise: Which Brand Is Winning More Consumers?

Fire Boltt vs Noise

In the current scenario, numerous Indian brands are ruling our smartwatch industry. And the prominent ones of them are- Fire Boltt vs Noise.

Fire Boltt, an Indian contender, and Noise, a tech giant, bring distinctive offerings to the table, each vying for a significant share of the market.

Fire Boltt vs Noise


How do they differ? Which brand is winning more consumers? Your mind must be full of such queries.

So, stick to this article because here we will delve into crucial business aspects, including market share, valuation, sales figures, and financial performance, shedding light on the factors influencing consumer preferences. 

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(A) Fire Boltt

Firebolt smartwatch

Fire-Boltt, an Indian brand that has left a notable impact in the audio and wearable sector, offers a compelling range of smartwatches and wireless earphones designed for both men and women. Their smartwatches boast an array of features, including water resistance,

Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate tracking, and even blood pressure monitoring. What sets Fire-Boltt apart is the convenience it offers through a dedicated app, allowing users to effortlessly customize and manage messages, calls, and emails right from their wrist.

This brand has achieved official recognition as the undisputed leader in the smartwatch market, not only within India but also on an international scale. With its inception in 2015, Fire-Boltt has consistently gained prominence, earning a reputation for its innovative products and cutting-edge designs.

The diverse product range from Fire-Boltt caters to various preferences and needs. Models like the Luxe Quantum, Blizzard Invincible Plus, Legacy Blizzard, Ultra Infinity, and more showcase the brand’s commitment to providing options for every user. Whether you’re in search of a stylish smartwatch or reliable wireless earphones, Fire-Boltt is dedicated to delivering quality products equipped with the latest features, ensuring a satisfying experience for both men and women.

(B) Noise

Noise Smartwatch

Noise, an influential Indian-based tech brand, has left an indelible mark in the consumer electronics market with its diverse array of lifestyle products. Under different categories, Noise presents an extensive selection of smart wearables, including smartwatches equipped with features like water resistance, heart rate tracking, and even blood pressure monitoring.

The brand extends its product offerings to wireless earbuds featuring active noise cancellation (ANC) and gaming capabilities, action cameras designed for capturing adventures, and wireless chargers ensuring convenient device charging.

Founded in 2015, Noise stands as an aspirational connected lifestyle brand aiming to redefine how India stays connected. The brand has garnered recognition for its impressive range, boasting over 40 products across the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and smartwatch categories. 

The roots of Noise are firmly planted in Mumbai, India, where it is headquartered. Catering to the masses, Noise goes beyond headphones, offering a diverse product lineup that includes earphones, speakers, power banks, and fitness bands.

In essence, Noise embodies a fusion of innovation, accessibility, and style, enhancing the tech experience for consumers not only in India but also beyond. With its commitment to delivering a wide range of cutting-edge products, Noise continues to play a significant role in shaping the connected lifestyle landscape.

(C) Fire Boltt vs Noise: A Brief Overview

Before diving deeper into the question of which brand is winning more consumers, let’s have a brief overview of Fire Boltt vs Noise-

ParticularsFire BolttNoise
Founding Year20192014
FoundersArnv KishoreAmit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri
HeadquartersGurugram (Haryana, India)Gurugram (Haryana, India)
Product RangeSmartwatches, Fitness BandsSmartwatches, Fitness Bands, Earbuds
Popular ModelsBSW001, Phoenix Pro, AstroColorFit Pro, NoiseFit Fusion, Buds
Design AestheticsModern, Sleek, SportyStylish, Contemporary, Trendy 
Target AudienceFitness Enthusiasts, Tech-SavvyYouth, Active Lifestyle
Water ResistanceYes (varies by model)Yes (varies by model)  
Battery LifeVaries (typically 5-10 days)  Varies (typically 7-15 days)
ConnectivityBluetooth, App Integration Bluetooth, App Integration
Customer ReviewsMixed (some positive, some critical)Generally Positive 
Fire Boltt vs Noise: A Brief Overview

Note: We have also explained Noise vs boAt thoroughly. Go through the article “Noise vs boAt: Which brand has been doing better?” to get detailed information.

(D) Comparing the popular smartwatches of Fire Boltt vs Noise

In this section, we will compare the popular smartwatches of Firebolt vs Noise.

Fire Boltt BSW001

Noise ColorFit Pro 3

The models are Fire Boltt BSW001 and Noise ColorFit Pro 3. Their thorough comparison is described in the table given below-

FeaturesFire-Boltt BSW001Noise ColorFit Pro 3
Screen Size1.4 Inch1.55 Inch
Price in India₹2,799₹3,299
Water ResistantYesYes 
Operating SystemAndroidAndroid & iOS 
Box ContentsSmart Watch, User Manual, Warranty CardSmart Watch, User Manual, Warranty Card
DesignRectangular, Flat Rectangle
Body MaterialStainless Steel Aluminum Alloy
Strap MaterialSiliconSynthetic
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue, Grey  White 
Clock FaceDigitalDigital 
Screen Resolution240 x 240 Pixels320 x 320 Pixels
Battery LifeUp to 8 DaysUp to 10 Days
Bluetooth Versionv5.0v5.0  
SensorsAccelerometer, Light, GyroAccelerometer, Light 
CompatibilityAndroid v4.4, iOSAndroid & iOS  
Incoming CallYesYes
Music ControlYesYes
Heart RateYesYes
Calories BurnedYesYes
Distance TrackingYesYes
Sleep QualityYesYes
Comparing the features of popular watches of Fire Boltt vs Noise

(E) Fire Boltt vs Noise: Business Comparison

The following table provides a comprehensive snapshot of the business aspects for Fire Boltt vs Noise in the fiscal year 2023.

Business Aspects (FY23)Fire BolttNoise
Market Share23.6%27.6%
Market Valuation$1.4 billion$420 million
Total Smartwatch sales2.5 million (2021)NA
RevenueRs.2,400 croreRs.1,426 crore
Marketing & Advertising ExpensesUndisclosedRs.284.9 crore
R&D ExpensesRs.166 crore($20 million)Undisclosed
Total ExpensesUndisclosedRs.1,431.6 crore
Profit/LossRs.90 lakhsRs.88 lakh
Fire Boltt vs Noise: Business Comparison

In terms of market share, Noise slightly outpaces Fire Boltt with 27.6% compared to Fire Boltt’s 23.6%. However, when it comes to market valuation, Fire Boltt takes the lead significantly, boasting a valuation of $1.4 billion, while Noise stands at $420 million.

In the realm of smartwatch sales, Fire Boltt has a recorded figure of 2.5 million in 2021, whereas Noise’s data is not available. Fire Boltt’s revenue of Rs.2,400 crore surpasses Noise’s Rs.1,426 crore. 

The marketing and advertising expenses reveal a noteworthy contrast, with Fire Boltt’s expenditures undisclosed and Noise allocating Rs.284.9 crore towards this aspect.

Turning to research and development (R&D) expenses, Fire Boltt invested Rs.166 crore (equivalent to $20 million), whereas Noise’s R&D expenses remain undisclosed. The total expenses for Noise reach Rs.1,431.6 crore, while Fire Boltt’s total expenses are not specified.

Interestingly, both companies exhibit a similar profit/loss scenario, with Fire Boltt reporting a profit of Rs.90 lakhs and Noise closely trailing with a profit of Rs.88 lakhs. 

This detailed analysis provides valuable insights into the financial and market performance of Fire Boltt and Noise, showcasing their competitive positions and areas for potential growth or improvement.

(F) Pros & Cons of Fire Boltt

Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Fire Bolt

(F.1) Pros of Fire Boltt

The following table describes the advantages offered by Fire Boltt smartwatches-

Pros of Fire BolttDetails
Feature-richFire Boltt smartwatches often come with a variety of features, including fitness tracking, health monitoring, and smart notifications.
DesignMany Fire Boltt smartwatches have sleek and modern designs, catering to users who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics.
Fitness TrackingFire Boltt devices typically offer extensive fitness tracking capabilities, monitoring activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, and more.
Health MonitoringThese smartwatches often include health-centric features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen level measurement.
Battery LifeFire Boltt smartwatches are known for their long-lasting battery life, providing users with extended usage between charges.
AffordabilityCompared to some other brands, Fire Boltt smartwatches often offer competitive pricing, making them accessible to a broader range of users.
App IntegrationFire Boltt devices are designed to seamlessly integrate with companion apps, providing users with a user-friendly interface to access and analyze their health and fitness data.
Pros of Fire Boltt

(F.2) Cons of Fire Boltt

While Fire Boltt smartwatches have their advantages, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks. Here are some cons associated with Fire Boltt smartwatches-

Cons of Fire BolttDetails
Limited Brand RecognitionFire Boltt may not have the same level of brand recognition as some established competitors, leading to concerns about long-term reliability and support.
App EcosystemThe app ecosystem supporting Fire Boltt devices might not be as extensive or polished as those of more prominent brands, potentially limiting the overall user experience.
Build QualitySome users have reported concerns about the build quality, durability, or materials used in certain Fire Boltt models, suggesting a need for careful handling.
Third-Party App CompatibilityThe smartwatches may have limitations in terms of compatibility with third-party apps, which could impact the customization options available to users.
Customer SupportThere have been occasional reports of inconsistent customer support experiences, including delays or challenges in resolving issues with the devices.
Limited Model VarietyFire Boltt may offer a more limited selection of smartwatch models compared to well-established brands, limiting the options available to users with specific preferences.
Cons of Fire Boltt

We would recommend you research and read user reviews for the specific model you are interested in to get a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

(G) Pros & Cons of Noise

In this section, we will delve into the pros and cons of Noise.

(G.1) Pros of Noise

The following table describes the advantages of Noise-

Pros of NoiseDescription
Style VarietyNoise is known for offering a wide range of stylish and trendy smartwatch designs, catering to diverse fashion preferences, and allowing users to express their individuality.
Customization OptionsMany Noise smartwatches provide extensive watch face and band customization options, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their devices according to their preferences.
Strong App EcosystemNoise devices often have a robust app ecosystem with well-developed companion apps, enhancing the overall user experience and providing a seamless interface for monitoring health and fitness data.
Innovative FeaturesNoise smartwatches frequently incorporate innovative features, such as gesture controls, music playback controls, and unique watch faces, adding a layer of creativity and convenience to the user experience.
Community and Social IntegrationSome Noise models may offer features that encourage social interaction among users, fostering a sense of community through shared fitness achievements, challenges, or other collaborative elements.
Value for MoneyNoise smartwatches often provide good value for money, offering a balance between features, design, and affordability.
Pros of Noise

However, you must remember that the specific features and strengths can vary between different models, so it’s advisable to check the specifications of the Noise smartwatch you are interested in for the most accurate information.

(G.2) Cons of Noise

Here are some flip sides (disadvantages) of Noise smartwatches-

Cons of NoiseDescription
Build Quality ConcernsSome users have reported concerns about the build quality of certain Noise smartwatch models, including issues with durability and the materials used in construction.
Battery PerformanceWhile Noise smartwatches generally offer decent battery life, some users may find that they fall short compared to other brands, requiring more frequent charging.
Software StabilityThere have been occasional reports of software stability issues, including bugs, glitches, or crashes, affecting the overall user experience with Noise smartwatches.
Limited CompatibilityCertain Noise models may have limitations in terms of compatibility with third-party apps or devices, potentially restricting users who wish to integrate their smartwatch with a broader ecosystem.
Customer SupportLike any brand, Noise has faced occasional criticism regarding customer support, with reports of delays or challenges in resolving issues to users’ satisfaction.
Less Diverse Health FeaturesWhile Noise smartwatches provide basic health and fitness tracking, some users may find the range of health features less extensive than other brands, limiting the depth of health-related insights.
Cons of Noise

It’s essential to consider these factors based on the specific model you are interested in and to check for the latest user reviews to gain insights into users’ real-world experiences with that particular smartwatch.

(H) Wrapping Up: Fire Bolt vs Noise


In essence, the comparison of Fire Boltt vs Noise highlights a dynamic competition in the consumer electronics market, with each brand bringing unique strengths to the table.

While Noise claims a slightly higher market share at 27.6%, Fire Boltt counterbalances with a more substantial market valuation of $1.4 billion, showcasing the nuanced nature of their respective successes. 

The total smartwatch sales of Fire Boltt, reaching 2.5 million in 2021, demonstrate a significant consumer base, although specific data for Noise in this regard remains undisclosed.

Revenue figures reveal Fire Boltt’s financial prowess, generating Rs.2,400 crore, outpacing Noise’s Rs.1,426 crore. Interestingly, despite divergent marketing and advertising strategies, both brands showcase comparable profit/loss figures, with Fire Boltt at Rs.90 lakhs and Noise at Rs.88 lakhs.

The decision between Fire Boltt and Noise ultimately hinges on individual consumer priorities – whether valuing market share, financial valuation, or product sales. 

Fire Boltt’s emphasis on undisclosed marketing expenses and Noise’s focus on R&D investments introduce elements of mystery, leaving room for speculation on their future strategies. 

In this consumer-driven landscape, the ongoing competition between Fire Boltt and Noise ensures a vibrant market, providing consumers with diverse choices and pushing both brands to innovate further to capture the hearts and preferences of an evolving consumer base.

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