Angel One vs Groww – Which One Is The Better Investment App?

Angel one vs groww

With time, investment apps have emerged as the essential tools for both the seasoned and the new investors in the financial world. At present, two such prominent names in the investments world are Angel One vs Groww, both offering the unique and up-to-date features for its customers.

Angel one vs groww

Angel One Vs Groww: Company Overview

The choice between these two platforms can be stated as choosing the right broker for buying a house. These companies offer different investment plans with brokerage charges according to the plan. Both of these platforms offer free trading account opening fees.

Founded August 8, 19962016
Founders Dinesh Thakkar Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh, & Ishan Bansal
Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Type of platform Full service broker & Discount brokerDiscount Broker
Offers investment in Equity, 
IPOs across BSE, NSE, NCDEX, & MCX
Mutual Funds,
Brokerage rate Max. Rs.20 per tradeRate ranges between Rs.20
Active customer base (2023)13.33 million6.63 million 

Account Opening Charges 

Trading account opening charges Zero (Free)Zero (Free) 
Annual Maintenance charges for account Zero Zero 
Charges for opening commodity account Zero Zero 
Demat account opening charges Zero Zero 
Annual Maintenance charges for demat account Rs. 240Zero 

Brokerage Charge Comparison 

The brokerage charges are different according to the trading platform and investment plan. Understanding and effectively comparing these charges is a must before investing and starting trading. 

EQUITYDelivery Zero Rs.20 or 0.05%, the lower one between the two.
Intraday Rs.20 or 0.03% of plan, whichever is considered lower. Rs.20 or 0.05% per executed order, whichever is considered lower. 
Futures Rs.20 or 0.25%, the lower value among them. Charges a fee of Rs.20.
Options Rs.20 or 0.25%, the lower value among the two.Charges a fee of Rs.20.
COMMODITYFutures Rs.20 for every executed order.Not Available 
Options Rs.20 for every executed order.Not Available 
Trading A percentage of 0.25% or Rs.20, the lower one among the two.Not Available 
CALL & TRADE CHARGES Rs.20 for every order.Rs.50 for every executed order. 
MARGIN TRADING CHARGE  NILCharges for margin trading
CURRENCY Options Rs.20 or 0.25%, the lower charge between the two.Not Available 
Futures Either one of the two, Rs.20 or 0.25%, whichever is lower.Not Available 

The table above depicts the charges and the different parameters the two platforms considered while conveying their brokerage charges. On one side, Angel One charges zero equity delivery charges, while Groww charges a minimal amount i.e. Rs.20 or 0.05% of the plan as the brokerage fee for the equity charges. 

While the similarity between the two platforms is that they charge zero as their account opening fee, however there are some sub elements on which the two investment hubs charge some amount of fee.  

While Groww doesn’t charge for commodities (that includes Futures, Options, & Trading), on the other hand Angel One charges Rs.20 for futures & options, and for trading it charges Rs.20 or 0.25%. Similarly, is the case in currency charges, Angel One charges Rs.20 or 0.25%, while Groww doesn’t charge any. 

Note: Vist the articles – Angel One Business Model and Groww Business Model.

Transaction Charges Comparison

EQUITY Delivery NSE – Rs.335 per Cr i.e. 0.00335%.
BSE – Rs. 300 per Cr i.e. 0.00300%.
NSE – Rs.335 per Cr i.e. 0.00335%.

BSE – Rs. 300 per Cr i.e. 0.00300%.
Intraday NSE – Rs.335 per Cr i.e. 0.00335%.
BSE – Rs. 300 per Cr i.e. 0.00300%.
NSE – Rs.335 per Cr i.e. 0.00335%.

BSE – Rs. 300 per Cr i.e. 0.00300%.
Futures NSE – Rs.200 per Cr. i.e.  0.002%NSE – Rs.200 per Cr.  i.e. 0.002%
Options Rs.5050 per Cr. i.e. 0.0050%Rs.5050 per Cr. i.e. 0.0050%
Commodity charges Multi commodity exchange (MCX) – 0.0015% i.e Rs.150 per Cr
NCDEX – 0.003% i.e. Rs.300 per Cr
Not Available 
Currency Futures Rs.90 per CrRs.90 per Cr
Options Rs.3500 per CrRs.3500 per Cr

The transaction charges in the above table vary according to the NSE & BSE, also the charges may vary with time according to the financial market. 

Pros & Cons of Angel One and Groww

ANGEL ONE Zero account open fee Doesn’t offer 3-1 account service.
Free demat account openHidden charges 
No margin trading charges Pay interest for margin funding. 
Allows trading in all market segments – NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX Doesn’t allow trading in SME shares.
A huge partner network 
Doesn’t allow NRI trading.

Zero account open feeNo 3-1 account facility is provided.
Free research services & reports are available Doesn’t allow commodity trading. 
Charges zero opening demat account No trading options are provided like GTT orders, etc. 
Does not charge for NEFT or fund transfer.Charges for margin trading.
Provides options to invest online in SGBs, gold funds, gold etfs. No NRI trading 
Zero charges for demat AMC. No trading is allowed in SME shares. 

Summing Up

Angel One and Groww, have proven to be daunting contenders to each other. In terms of number of active customers base, Angel one is surely ahead of Groww in this race, while there are other factors too that vary between both these platforms.

However, the one thing to note down here is that, the charges, percentage, may change or evolve with changing time and market, it is important to keep updated with the changing environment of the financial market.

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