Flipkart Marketing Strategy: The Expansion From Books To Everything

Flipkart Marketing Strategy

Flipkart, the name that has expanded its business from selling books to everything now! The Flipkart Marketing Strategy is one of the core elements of its expansion. 

Flipkart Marketing Strategy

Note: To know the company profile and its rise in the market, visit our article “The Rise Of Flipkart” to know about it in depth. 

Flipkart Marketing Strategy 

Flipkart has used different yet engaging marketing strategies from time to time to have a constant engagement with its audience and targets almost every base of the market. 

For instance, it uses strategies like a diverse catalog of products, affordable prices, deals, discounts, offers, engaging campaigns, and more.

(A) Diverse Product Catalog 

It is pretty evident that Flipkart has made it easy for all of us to get access to various products and services at one place. From offering products of daily use to electronics and fashion, flipkart offers different product lines for its customers. 

This digital marketplace offers product categories like- 

  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Games
  • Grocery
  • Movies
  • Apparels 
  • Beauty
  • Home furniture 
  • Music tools 
  • Travel
  • Consoles 
  • Televisions
  • Mobiles
  • Digital cameras 
  • Computers 
  • Peripherals 
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen appliances, etc. 

Flipkart product range

By boasting a diversified product range, Flipkart has very well managed to cater to changing preferences and demands of consumers and the market. With that dominates the Indian ecommerce market by having a market share of 48%.

(B) Target Audience 

The factor that is one of the main considerations of any ecommerce site. Flipkart targets any category of people who uses the internet for purchasing any product and also wants everything at one place.

It targets every base of customers from all demographics who live to shop at their convenience and want a diversified range of products at a single platform and also get access to see them all.

Flipkart target audience

While 75% of its customer base is between the age bracket of 16 to 55 years of age. This smart marketing strategy helps Flipkart to expand its base in other spaces well and a good place for those who love deals and offers while shopping.

(C) Digital Marketing Strategy 

Flipkart has made an efficient use of digital marketing tactics and platform which has collected them most of the attention among the customers as well as in the market. 

The digital marketing strategy of flipkart encompasses various factors like SEO, keyword search, google ads, user interface, etc. 

Factors Description 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Flipkart over time has worked immensely on optimizing its platform in a better way, so that it ranks on the top search engines. Flipkart majority of the traffic comes from India. 
Keyword search Flipkart has made a good use of keywords on its platform. It has included the most profitable and searched titles on its homepage which includes the most profitable and used keywords.
So, as a result when someone searches for any of the keywords used in the website, the website comes as the top search result for the user. 
Google Ads Boosting Sales Flipkart advertises mostly on the search and shop promotions, keeping in mind the focus on the correct keyword combination. 
User Interface Another essential factor of digital marketing strategy. Flipkart has a simple user interface which helps users to navigate easily and shop easily. As a simple yet good user interface ensures consumers stay at the website. 
Flipkart Digital Marketing Strategy

(D) Social Media Strategy of Flipkart 

Flipkart has maintained a good presence on various social media platforms. The presence of them on various social media platforms helps them to update their customers with the latest product line and various services, and along with that helps them to engage directly with their audience. 

Flipkart creates various engaging posts and videos in a relatable and funny manner and posts them on its various social media platforms, which attracts a good user base. 

Flipkart boasts a storing presence on its various social media platforms. Let’s have a look at it. 

Social media platform Presence 
Facebook 10 million followers 
Instagram 4.7 million followers 
Twitter 2.9 million followers 
YouTube 811K subscribers 
Flipkart Social Media Presence

The numbers in the above table narrates a tale of the strong presence of Flipkart on various social media handles. 

Flipkart Facebook Page

Flipkart reported its highest and dominant presence of Facebook, while following it comes Instagram, on which it has recorded a good amount of followers and is comparatively higher than that of Amazon. 

Flipkart lays a strong emphasis on Twitter platform and keeps running small campaigns on the platform. 

(E) Collaboration & Sponsorships 

It’s a pretty evident fact that how well a collaboration and sponsorship with famous names can play a big role in marketing of the company.

Similarly, Flipkart has collaborated with various celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and with other famous influencers as well. 

Flipkart's collaboration

Flipkart also sponsors various events and ads. All these help brands to cater to a wider base of audience as people love to buy and see the products their famous celebrity is endorsing. 

(F) Customer Facilities 

Customer facility initiatives, one of the ideal and major parts of flipkart marketing strategy. It incorporates aspects like customer relationship management, EMI facility, offers, discounts, cash payment options, etc. 

Aspects Reason 
Customer Relation ManagementThis forms the base of customer initiatives by Flipkart. For this, Flipkart uses demographic analysis, buying behavior analysis of the user, sales force automation, cloud software solutions, sales lead tracking, browsing history monitoring, etc.
Apart from it, Flipkart also offers customer loyalty programmes and rewards timely in order to keep their customers engaged and with them. 
EMI & COD facility The EMI and Cash on delivery facility has allowed customers to pay the amount as per their convenience and method. Flipkart has won over the Indian market by offering ‘Cash On Delivery’ option to the customers. 
While the EMI options, helps users to purchase the product and pay amount later in easy EMIs without disturbing their monthly budget. 
Payment options Flipkart offers its users with the option of Buy Now Pay Later, when the customer is out of cash. This ensures more reach of customers towards them as it allows customers to shop easy and fast without taking any tension about the payments. 
Offers & Deals Flipkart timely presents its loyal customers with the loyalty membership and rewards. One of the most effective parts of flipkart marketing strategy. This not only helps in sustaining the already existing customers but also helps in attracting a new base of the customers. 
The discounts and offers have helped Flipkart become a market leader in the ecommerce industry. 
Flipkart Customer Facilities

(G) Remarketing Strategy 

One of the most potential marketing strategies of Flipkart. 

With this Remarketing strategy, Flipkart targets its already existing customer base and re-establishes a connection or a bond with its potential buyers. 

Flipkart remarketing strategy

Flipkart boasts a huge customer base that shops from various categories and sometimes even visits the product, adds them to their cart, but doesn’t buy it. Flipkart indicates and timely sends notification about those products through various means like email notifications, messages, etc. 

Marketing Campaigns Of Flipkart 

1. Big Billion Days 

One of the most well recognized and famous campaigns by Flipkart.

It is an annual sales event by Flipkart and is regarded as India’s one of the largest shopping occasions, which provides amazing discounts and offers on various products and services. The campaign usually takes place in the month of October and continues till many days. 

Flipkart Big Billion Days Campaign

Apart from offering deals and discounts on a plethora of products, it also offers coupons and cashback offers. 

2. Flipkart Kidults Campaigns 

One of the most interesting and popular marketing strategies by Flipkart. The campaign features kids behaving like adults in various relatable and demands of young adults. 

Flipkart Kidults Campaign

The campaign was launched in 2014. It features a series of various advertisements in a very cool and humorous manner. 

3. India Ka Fashion Capital

Another great campaign by Flipkart. It is one of the famous marketing campaigns which highlighted the Flipkart’s exclusive and wide range of products offerings, which includes fashion, accessories, appliance, etc. product lines. 

Flipkart 'India ka Fashion Capital' Campaign

The campaign featured actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, who delivers the company’s commitment as a one stop solution for all their fashion needs and new trends. 

Summing Up: Flipkart Marketing Strategy 

In a statement, Flipkart’s journey from being a book selling site to becoming the largest e-commerce giant in India is driven by strategic decisions and marketing strategies which evolved with time. 

Flipkart marketing strategy

In this journey, Flipkart marketing strategies have played a pivotal role in making this name a largest expansion in the digital marketplace. 

These marketing strategies combine the latest trends, trending campaigns, various offers, deals, efficient use of digital marketing, and so on.

Flipkart has not only expanded its business from book selling website to being one of the largest digital marketplace but also has set new benchmarks in the e-commerce industry!

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