Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Which Service Is Performing Better?

Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

When it comes to Satellite television in India, two platforms stand on the top with intense competition i.e. Tata Play vs Airtel DTH. Not only do they offer a huge chunk of entertainment but also offer excellent customer support.

Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

So, without any delay, let’s get into a thorough comparison analysis of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH!

(A) Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Profile Comparison

First of all, let’s compare the profiles of both the platforms-

ParticularsTata PlayAirtel DTH
Former NameTata Sky (2006-22)Airtel Digital (2006-10)
Company TypeJoint VentureSubsidiary
IndustrySatellite TelevisionSatellite Television
Founded8th August 200630th November 2006
Founder Launched by Tata Group and News Corporation Sunil Mittal (Chairman)
Key PeopleHarit Nagpal (MD & CEO)Sunil Taldar (MD & CEO)
Pay Television, 
Streaming Television
Pay Television, 
Streaming Television
Owner (Parent Company)Tata Group (50.2%), 
Disney India (29.8%), 
Temasek (20%)
Bharti Airtel
Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Profile Comparison

In the next sections, we will look at India’s prominent satellite television platform in detail.

(B) Tata Play

Tata Play formerly known as “Tata Sky Limited” is an Indian subscription-based satellite television (DTH) service provider. Let’s have a brief overview of Tata Play-

(B.1) Founding & Ownership

  • As you have read in the above table, Tata Play is a joint venture of Tata Group (50.2%), Disney India (29.8%), and Temasek (20%).
  • Incorporated in 2006, it has become a prominent player in the Indian DTH market.

(B.2) Technology

  • Tata Play utilizes  MPEG-4 digital compression technology for its satellite television services.
  • The service is transmitted via satellites such as  INSAT-4A,  GSAT-10, and  GSAT-24.

(B.3) Channel Offerings

Tata Play offers a broad range of channels-

  • 630+ channels in total 
  • 543 SD (Standard Definition)  channels
  • 91 HD (High Definition)  channels

Alongside these channels, Tata Play provides various value-added services to enhance the viewing experience.

(B.4) Tata Play Binge

Tata Play Binge is an innovative offering that aggregates multiple  OTT (Over-The-Top)  apps into a single subscription. It bundles  24 OTT apps together, providing users with a seamless entertainment experience.

Tata Play Binge is available in three plans-

  • Mobile Pro 
  • Super
  • Mega

In short, Tata Play has established itself as a reliable DTH service provider in India, offering a wide array of channels, advanced technology, and convenient bundled OTT services.

(C) Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH (Direct-to-Home) is a satellite television service provided by Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecom operators. It offers a wide range of channels and services, including regional, national, and international content. Airtel DTH provides features such as an electronic program guide (EPG), interactive channels, pay-per-view movies, and parental control.

(C.1) Types of Airtel DTH Set-Top Boxes

Airtel DTH offers two types of set-top boxes viz-

  • HD Box: Provides high-definition video quality, Dolby Digital sound, recording and playback features, and high-quality audio.
  • XStream TV Box (DTH + OTT): Offers 4K clarity, Dolby Atmos sound, built-in Chromecast, and seamless integration with over-the-top (OTT) streaming services.

(C.2) Recharge Plans

Airtel DTH provides various recharge plans for both new and existing customers. New Customers can choose from HD or SD plans, with options like the HD Box or Xstream TV Box. Existing Customers can customize their DTH recharge plans based on their preferences and needs.

Plans are available for different durations (1 month, 6 months, or 12 months). Customers can also opt for broadcaster bouquet packs or Ala-carte packs.

We will discuss the recharge plans in detail in the upcoming section.

(C.3) How to recharge Airtel DTH?

You can recharge it through any of the following ways-

  • Airtel Thanks App: If you’re using the Airtel Thanks app, log in with your DTH ID or registered number, select DTH recharge, browse through the plans, and complete the payment process.
  • Airtel Website: On the Airtel website, choose the operator, enter your account number, specify the recharge amount, and complete the payment.

(C.4) How can you check account information in Airtel DTH?

To check your Airtel DTH account balance, send an SMS with the text “INFO” to  54325  from your registered mobile number. You’ll receive details such as customer ID, plan type, monthly rental/top-up, balance, validity, last recharge information, and the number of connections.

Thus, Airtel DTH aims to enhance your entertainment experience with a variety of options. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a movie addict, there’s always a plan to suit your preferences!

(D) Business Comparison: Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

Now, let’s see how Tata Play and Airtel DTH are performing in their respective businesses.

Why do we compare these satellite television brands in terms of business? You may wonder.

See, the businesswise comparison of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH provides consumers, investors, and industry stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive features of each brand. 

By going through the key business aspects such as product formulation, market presence, and financial performance, individuals can make educated choices based on their preferences and requirements. 

Here is a quick note. We have thoroughly discussed “Jio Fiber vs Airtel XStream- Which one is faster and better?” You can go through it to decode its working strategy, revenue sources, and marketing strategies.

Now, let’s go through the business comparison of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH in the following table-

Business AspectsTata PlayAirtel DTH
Market Valuation$1 billion (Rs.8,300 crore)N/A
Market Share32.65%26.35%
RevenueRs.4,741 crore (FY22)Rs.3,100 crore (FY22)
Operating IncomeRs.4,499.19 crore (FY23)Rs.2,100.6 crore (FY22)
Net IncomeRs.69 croreN/A
Total ExpensesRs.4,691.25 crore (FY23)N/A
Profit/LossLoss of Rs.105.25 crore (FY23)Net profit of ₹68.6 crore in FY22
Net WorthIncreased by 7.68% (FY23)N/A
EBITDADecreased by -31.09% (FY23)N/A
LiabilitiesDeclined to ₹8,658.22 crore from ₹9,198.1 crore in FY22Not explicitly reported
Business Comparison: Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

Another notable fact is- Tata Play is not a publicly listed entity, but it has received approval for an IPO. Airtel DTH, on the other hand, has a wide subscriber base and has seen growth in its consolidated quarterly revenue!

(E) Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Features Comparison

Here comes the most anticipated part of this write-up. In this section, we will compare the features to determine which is better in the battle of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH-

FeaturesTata PlayAirtel DTH
PricingGet a new connection for ₹1099Get a new connection for ₹900
Channel Selection600+ HD and SD channels600 channels across various genres
HD OfferingsExtensive HD channels and servicesHigh-quality HD content available
Interactive ServicesAllows recording and rewindingAirtel Xstream Box for interactive TV
TechnologyAdvanced technology with 4K set-top-boxAirtel Internet TV for smart features
Customer SupportResponsive customer serviceDedicated helpline with swift assistance
Installation ProcessProfessional and hassle-free setupInstallation with easy-to-follow steps
Additional FeaturesAccess to Tata Play mobile appAirtel Thanks benefits, Airtel Payments bank, and app access
Package CustomizationFlexibility to customize channel packagesMix and match channel packs for variety
AvailabilityNationwide availability with strong reachExtensive network coverage across remote and urban regions 
Tata Play vs Airtel DTH: Features Comparison

(F) Comparing the Recharge Plans of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

In this section, we will compare the recharge plans of various channels along with the number of channels and monthly prices-

Tata Play DTHNo. of ChannelsMonthly PriceAirtel DTHNo. of ChannelsMonthly Price
Tata Play Hindi Dhamaal81₹ 200.15Hindi Basic HD47₹ 133.25
Tata Play Kannada Regional Pack13₹ 118.12Tamil Entertainment SD49₹ 183.10
Telugu Hindi Dhamaal94₹ 266.63Telugu Premium Family Kids Sports SD81₹ 392.75
Odia Super Value13₹ 82.72Odia Family Kids Sports 72₹ 246.00
Marathi Hindi Sports Kids100₹ 313.68Marathi Mega SD125₹ 517.00
Tamil Malayalam Starter36₹ 186.78Malayalam Entertainment HD41₹ 264.00
Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids102₹ 313.38Gujarati Mega SD128₹ 531.00
Bangla Hindi Dhamaal HD86₹ 312.44Bengali Family Kids Sports SD88₹ 232.00
Kannada Telugu Starter HD32₹ 310.46Kannada Entertainment HD26₹ 261.00
Comparing the Recharge Plans of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

By looking at the features and recharge plans, you must have got the answer to the query- Which service is performing better- Tata Play vs Airtel DTH?

(G) Final Thoughts on Tata Play vs Airtel DTH

Wondering which is better in the comparison of Tata Play vs Airtel DTH? Here’s what you need to know- Tata Play boasts an extensive channel lineup, a cutting-edge 4K set-top box, and a user-friendly interface. 

On the other hand, Airtel DTH offers competitive pricing, a diverse selection of channels, and advanced features such as Airtel Internet TV. It all comes down to your personal preferences for home entertainment!

By the way, which one is your favorite in Tata Play vs Airtel DTH? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

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