Mygate Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

MyGate funding

The app that is specifically designed for the security in this urban surroundings. The MyGate app operates to bridge the gap between technology and real estate security concerts. MyGate is an Indian pioneer based app, in the proptech industry (property technology) that specializes in providing the best, secure, and effective living in gated communities.

MyGate funding, valuation and shareholders breakdown 2023

The company offers a mobile based app and also a cloud based platform, that works to simplify and enhance different aspects of community living.

MyGate founders
MyGate founders

This platform allows residents, guards, and the community to manage their visitors, deliveries, security check, along with other services, instead of seeing age-old tradition of keeping the records. 

Name of the Company MyGate
Founded 2016
Founders Vijay Arisetty, Shreyans Daga, Abhishek Kumar. 
Parent company Vivish Technologies
Headquartered Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Operating spaceB2B, SaaS space
Industry serves inReal Estate, Construction Tech
Company type Private 
Valuation (2022)$206 million
Funding (2022)$12.2 million
Revenue (2023)$711 million
Insights of MyGate company

MyGate acts as a bridge that combines technology with the gated communities system or the real estate security concerns, by offering them a suite of benefits and solutions to elevate the residential living. 

The app platform has allowed residents to manage their visitors, exits, services, maintenance requests, deliveries, security concerns, etc. Providing the way out of the traditional methods of security concerns and other residential gate community services. 

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MyGate company

MyGate Funding Road

Being at the forefront of the proptech industry, MyGate has acquired an impressive tale of fundings since its inception. 

These funding rounds have not only helped the company to accelerate its growth but also shaped the security sphere and convenience in residential living in gated premises.  

January 1, 2016Seed round – investors
160 million
October 16, 2018Series A – invested by
Prime Venture Partners
650 million
October 17, 2019Series B – investors (undisclosed)56 million
November 23, 2022Series B – invested by Acko,
Urban Company
1 billion
MyGate Funding rounds

In total, MyGate has raised $80 million in its funding rounds. Marked its latest funding round on November 23, 2022. In the latest funding round of MyGate, 6 investors participated, Acko and Urban Company are two of them. Along with it on December 10, 2021, MyGate has acquired MyCommunity Gennie. 

As the funding journey of MyGate will continue in future, it’ll lead to more success and growth of the company. Seeking to reshape and unlock the doors of secure and smart living. 

MyGate Valuation Sights  

MyGate has raised a good amount in its funding rounds till now, unlocking the doors of success for the company. As of latest 2022, MyGate has raised a total of $206 million in valuation post its funding rounds.

MyGate company valuation

  • The app is reportedly used in more than in 27 major cities.
  • Used in over 3.5 million homes.
  • Present and used in 25,000+ societies.
  • MyGate app has become no. 1 community app, that is used to ensure the security and convenient living in gate premises society.
  • This gated security app offers facilities that simplify daily activities, enhancing security measures, through its models like ERP, account management, record keeping, etc.
  • An app that is useful for everyone including residents, security guards, delivery persons, vendors, management committee, etc. 
  • Offers other services too like, community ERP, home services, and apartment security management. 

MyGate Shareholders Lot

MyGate does have a good shareholders lot, which is impressive to look at. Behind its offering solutions for the gated premises living, MyGate poses a diverse group of shareholders who invested in making the company a recognizable one in the technology market. 

Founders 24.94%
Enterprise 27.14%
(Employee Stock Ownership Program)
Angel 2.07%
Other people holding0.41%
Shareholding pattern of MyGate

Key Facts

  • While the founders of the company hold 24.94% shares, the second on the list, with a net worth of Rs.415 crore.
  • Following it the Enterprise holds its shares at a net worth of Rs.451 crore, ESOP holds its shares at a net worth of Rs.152 crore, angel at a net worth of Rs.34.1 crore, and other people holding shares at Rs.7.1 crore. 

Summing Up

MyGate journey towards its growth and success has been underpinned by various factors like its strategic funding rounds, each representing a step forward in growth. The valuation it has raised with its funding rounds, represents its promise to provide seamless security and convenient living to many of us.

The shareholders who believe in the company’s promise and vision to provide utmost facilities through its app and invested in its potential promise.

MyGate company

MyGate journey will continuously evolve with time, by having new funding rounds, investors, that’ll lead to company’ growth and success and make it stand out in the market with its various features and facilities.

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