What Is Zomato Edition Card? Is It Useful? Everything You Need To Know- 2024

Zomato Edition Card

Are you a frequent Zomato user, always on the hunt for great food and amazing deals? Well, imagine this- what if I told you there’s a way to make your Zomato experience even more rewarding? Yes, you heard it right, it’s called the Zomato Edition Card, and it’s not your typical credit card.

Zomato Edition Card

Now, I know what you might be thinking – Zomato isn’t a bank, so how can they issue credit cards? Well, that’s where the magic of collaboration comes into play. Zomato has teamed up with RBL Bank to create a one-of-a-kind co-branded credit card.

Sounds interesting! Right?

The Zomato Edition card is designed to make your Zomato orders even more delightful, with fantastic perks and benefits. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. When you dine out, shop online, or celebrate your birthday, this card has a whole array of surprises waiting for you. Unfortunately, there is a dark scenario too! What’s that?

Go through this article and you will get to know every detail of the Zomato Edition Card!

What is the Zomato Edition Card?

The Zomato Edition Card is designed in collaboration with Zomato, a popular online food delivery platform, and RBL Bank. With this credit card, you can enjoy various dining-related benefits. You’ll receive discounts on food orders and even have the ability to order free food. 

While it used to offer a 5% cashback on all dining places, it has now been updated to provide a flat 1% cashback. The card also includes a reward structure that grants you cashback in the form of Edition Cash, conveniently viewable on the Zomato app. In a nutshell, it’s a card tailor-made for food lovers while offering exclusive perks related to your dining experiences.

Zomato Edition Card: A Brief Overview

Edition Cash functions similarly to Reward Points, allowing you to exchange them for food orders on Zomato or apply them to reduce your card’s statement balance. Each Edition Cash point is equivalent to one Indian Rupee (INR 1). 

You can also accumulate Edition Cash at an accelerated rate, earning 5 times the amount on Zomato food purchases and 1 times the amount on other transactions. 

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to receive up to 2,000 bonus Edition Cash annually, depending on your yearly expenditure. 

Continue reading to discover more about the advantages of the RBL Bank- Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card.

Zomato Edition Card Charges

Look at the following table to know the charges for Zomato Edition Card-

Type of CardDining Credit Card
Joining FeeRs.500 + GST (LTF, as of now)
Reward Rate1% to 10%
Annual FeeNil
Welcome  BenefitRs.500 worth of Zomato Credits
Renewal FeeRs.500 + GST
Best forDining & Birthday Spends
USPAccelerated rewards on birthday
Zomato Edition Card Charges

Is the Zomato Edition Card Useful?

In this case, you receive a 5% benefit not only on Zomato expenditures but also on any expenses incurred at brick-and-mortar restaurants. You receive Zomato credits equivalent to your spending (if you pay the fee), although it’s worth noting that the card was originally issued as a Lifetime Free card. Go on to read the following section to know whether the Zomato Edition Card is useful or not!

Zomato Edition Card Benefits: Rewards

Let’s look at the rewards that you will get on using Zomato Edition Card-

(A) Regular Rewards

Type of SpendingCashback
Dining Spends (Zomato)5%
Offline Dining Spends (Anywhere)5%
Birthday Spends10%
Online Spends1.5%
Offline Spends1%
Regular Rewards of Zomato Edition Card

The reward structure is straightforward and user-friendly. These rewards, calculated at the aforementioned rates, are deposited as Edition cash, accessible through the Zomato App. You can easily review a transaction-wise breakdown of the rewards earned with just a few taps on the app.

What’s particularly impressive is that the cashback percentage and its corresponding value appear instantly as soon as a transaction is made. This pioneering feature offers a level of transparency that’s likely the first of its kind in the industry.

(B) Milestone Rewards

Within the milestone rewards program, an annual spending of Rs.2 lakh will earn you Rs.2,000. This amounts to an extra 1% reward rate on top of the existing reward structure. This feature aids you to attain rewards as high as 2.5% on online expenses, up to Rs.2 lakh. Naturally, dining and birthday spending can yield even greater rewards.

However, it’s important to note that you will receive this additional Rs.2,000 in Edition cash if your yearly spending exceeds Rs.2 lakhs (excluding EMIs). If you primarily use this card for online food delivery or dining bills, that would entail a substantial amount spent on dining out throughout the year.

(C) Zomato Pro

Apart from all the rewards mentioned above, you also get a Zomato Pro membership that comes with the following alluring features-

  • Up to 25% extra off on food deliveries.
  • Up to 40% off on each dining experience.
  • 20,000+ restaurant partners to choose from.
  • Jump the queue for faster food deliveries.
  • Zomato Pro weekend with unbelievable offers.

The most enticing aspect of the Zomato Edition Card was the complimentary Zomato Pro membership. You might be curious as to why this is discussed in the past tense. Fear not, as you’ll soon discover the reason as you continue reading this article!

Returning to our discussion. In case you aren’t already aware, Zomato offers a two-tier membership structure, which consists of Zomato Pro and the more premium and costly Zomato Pro Plus. 

Both of these memberships provide exclusive discounts at numerous restaurants and reduced delivery fees. It’s important to note that the membership is automatically renewed each year upon card renewal.

Zomato Edition Card Redemption

Zomato Edition Card Redemption

Redeeming your rewards is easy. When you earn Edition cash through your credit card spending, you can quickly turn it into Zomato Credits with just one click. These Zomato Credits work like real money and can be used when you order food on the Zomato app. The best part is you can also use them along with other Zomato promo codes to get even more benefits.

Onboarding Experience of Zomato Edition Card

Applying for the card is a quick and easy process, typically taking only 10-15 minutes. All that’s required are the details from your Aadhaar card, which you’ll authenticate via OTP. While you might have encountered a similar process with Unicard, Slice, and other BNPL apps, the Zomato Edition Card stands out by necessitating a video KYC.

Note: We have explained the Slice Business Model in detail. Check out the article for detailed information.

The great news is that you don’t need any prior relationship with RBL Bank to obtain the card. It’s issued promptly, often within minutes. Nevertheless, it may take about a week for the physical card to be delivered to your doorstep.

Interestingly, the ICICI Amazon Pay card follows a similarly straightforward onboarding process, but it’s fast exclusively for ICICI account holders, while the Zomato Edition Card is accessible to everyone.

How to Apply for a Zomato Edition Card?

To begin, please navigate to the “Money” tab within the Zomato app. Subsequently, proceed to furnish the details outlined in the previous section. It’s worth noting that while the majority of Zomato app users can access the invitation on the app if you’re not currently eligible, there’s no need to be concerned. You should become eligible to apply within approximately a month or so.

List of Zomato Edition Card

Zomato had two editions of credit cards-

  • Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card
  • Zomato Edition Black Credit Card

However, Zomato has ended its co-branded credit card partnership with RBL Bank, and users can no longer use their Edition credit cards starting from May 15th. The existing cards will be replaced by RBL Bank. 

The Zomato Edition Classic credit card offered benefits such as amazing discounts on food and the ability to order free food. It also provided a complimentary annual Zomato Pro membership and 500 Edition Cash as a welcome offer.

Final Words: Zomato Edition Card Discontinued

Zomato Edition Card Discontinued

Unfortunately, the rewards of the Zomato Edition Card weren’t sustainable for Zomato, causing the company significant losses. You might be wondering just how much this card contributed to those losses, but there’s no official data available yet.

When the Zomato Edition credit card burst onto the Indian market, it seemed almost too good to be true. A 5% cashback on restaurant expenses, a generous 10% cashback on your birthdays, a free Zomato Gold membership, and all this without an annual fee—it was indeed an enticing offer. 

However, it turned out to be unsustainable, and Zomato tried to address this by removing the Birthday Benefit and reducing the restaurant benefit. The final blow came when they discontinued the Zomato Pro Membership. After all these changes, your Zomato Edition Credit Card might have ended up collecting dust.

Now, both the Edition Classic and Edition Black credit cards are set to be discontinued from May 14, 2023. You probably received an email notification about this if you’re a cardholder!

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