Samsung Marketing Strategy Explained – Insights & Takeaways

Samsung Marketing Strategy

Samsung, the name which is a prominent and a high valued player in the electronic operating industry. Samsung has not only thrived in the technology space with innovative models and variations but also has set a benchmark in marketing excellence, and becoming one of the big electronics powerhouse. One of the important thing that has helped them to sustain in the market is – Samsung Marketing Strategy.

Samsung Marketing Strategy

Samsung that has always been commendable and with time has created a blend of adaptability and foresight. That has become a testament of them understanding consumer preferences and adding their brand profile in the market. 

Samsung Company Evolution 

Company Name Samsung 
Name meaning In Korean, Samsung means “Three Stars”. 
FounderLee Byung-Chull
Founded 1938 
Entered Electronics market 1969 
Initial business A grocery trading business 
Expanded business Later on expanded its business into finance,
retail, textiles, manufacturing, and in other domains. 
Stepped into semiconductor business 1974 
Entered in global space Between 1990s – 2000s.
Samsung in India December 1995.
First partner of Samsung electronics Sanyo Labs in order to manufacture
microwaves & televisions. 
Birth of samsung smartphonesJune 2009. 
Recognized & well appreciated smartphone Samsung’s first smartphone, the Galaxy GT-17500
was well appreciated & recognized in the market. 
Samsung net worth (2023)$355 billion 
Samsung Company Evolution

Samsung Marketing Strategy 

Samsung has always been pushing its boundaries in order to deliver the best to their customers and cater to the changing as well as the diverse market trends over time. 

Over the years, Samsung has become a household name be it for electronics gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, for home appliances, etc. Samsung has successfully made a place in everybody’s daily lives. 

Samsung strategy

Samsung uses a blend of strategies for its marketing like having a strong digital presence, campaigns, promotions, marketing mix, its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, and more new innovative strategies. 

Samsung Marketing Mix 

This known high valued and recognized brand uses a 4P’s marketing mix strategy, that helps them to survive and sustain in this cutting-edge technology scenario. 

4P’s are – Product, Price, Place, & Promotion. 

1. Product 

Samsung has an extensive wide portfolio for its products that ranges from electronic gadgets to home appliances devices. Samsung is well known for its great service and quick support system.

Samsung product mix

To maintain its diversified portfolio Samsung invests a great time and amount in establishing research and development places to stay ahead of the bar, and to constantly evolve according to the preference and demands of the audience. 

The company keeps a watch on the emerging market trends in the industry, and does the modifications as per the changes with the times and develops the product accordingly.

Diverse portfolio of Samsung 

  • Televisions (Plasma, LEDs, Smart TV, LCDs)
  • Smartphones 
  • Smartwatches 
  • Tablets 
  • Home Appliances (Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioners)
  • IT Devices (Laptops, Printers, & other IT accessories)
  • Cameras 
  • Audio Devices 

2. Price 

With a diverse product portfolio, Samsung also has a varied range of its prices that are crucial to sustain in the competitive market. To counter the competition and be in the game, Samsung uses a different pricing strategy to cater to the customers as well as the market. 

Pricing strategies are-

Competitive Pricing: As the Identical products are being launched in the market by other electronic companies, Samsung adopted a competitive pricing strategy. According to which it reduces the prices of the products that are being launched by other companies too. 

Samsung price strategy

Price Set: Samsung whenever releases a new smartphone or any other gadget in the market, it sets a price that most of the customers would be willing to pay and gradually with time lowers its price. 

Price Promotion: Samsung often uses promotional pricing, in which they offer major discounts and deals on its products on major events or occasions. 

3. Place 

In this samsung uses a mix of its distribution channels which can make their products easily available to the customers. 

Samsung deals and sells its products to retailers that are set by the company and the service retailers. Apart from this, the company also makes use of the direct sales, i.e. through their websites and stores. The website provides a friendly user interface and easy navigation. 

4. Promotion 

This aspect of 4P’s includes many promotional and marketing activities like advertising, sales promotion, digital marketing, discounts, etc. 

Samsung makes use of both the age old traditional ways of advertising as well as the new online digital way of advertising and promoting. 

Samsung Digital Presence 

With the use of 4P’s into its marketing strategies, a strong online presence can contribute to its marketing success on the digital platforms.

Samsung has introduced various marketing campaigns, social media ads, online advertising, sponsorships, has helped the brand to have a strong online presence. 

Samsung website

To interact and address the numerous preferences of the customers, Samsung has its presence on every major online platform, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 

Moreover, Samsung has maintained its several profile pages ranging from country to country, like Samsung India, Samsung UK, Samsung Appliances, etc. which helps the company to know new trends and preferences of every region they are operating in. 


  • Samsung’s page on Instagram has around 1.5 million followers.
  • Samsung India page has about 4.9 million followers on Instagram. 
  • Samsung India page on twitter has about 2.7 million followers. 
  • Samsung Galaxy page on twitter has around 12.4 million followers. 

Apart from it the company also makes use of the website optimization and SEO quality content which helps them to address the customer related problems. 

Key Approaches of Samsung Marketing Strategy 

The different Samsung marketing strategy and campaigns are based on some key approaches that have helped them to thrive their business. 

The approaches are to double or increase its sales, to reach & address their target audience, and also to make more good relations with the already existing customers with their services. 

Samsung marketing strategies tactics

The above approaches or elements are achieved through sponsorships, collaborations, celebrity endorsements, etc. 

(A) Sponsorships & Collaborations

Samsung makes absolute good use of the events and competitions, where it becomes a sponsor and makes the brand more prominent and visible all out there. 

Samsung began its sponsorship tale by sponsoring at the Olympics Games Seoul in 1988, where it became a local sponsor. 

Through these sponsorships, collaborations, partnerships, Samsung targets and reaches a huge customer base which helps them to raise their business to tremendous heights. 

(B) Celebrity Endorsements 

This tactic greatly works and results in positive outcomes many times for the brands.

Celebrity endorsements or the brand ambassador is the powerful as well as working strategy that is adapted by many brands. 

Samsung brand endorsement
Samsung Celebrity Brand Endorsements

Celebrities ranging from movie world, sports world, designers to music world, with time the company has collaborated with many high named celebrities. Not only this, Samsung also partners with many influencers which has a strong hold on the respective social media platforms.

For example, 

  • Samsung in India has brand ambassadors like Neeraj Chopra & Alia Bhatt for their flip smartphones. 
  • BTS, the famous South Korean boy band, are also the brand ambassadors of Samsung. 

(C) Samsung CSR Activities 

Another important aspects of Samsung marketing strategy is its CSR. The company also lays its efforts on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and social initiatives.

Like in 2012 Samsung Engineering launched a Dream Class program, where the university students would serve as the mentors and role models to middle school students who are in their adolescence.

These mentors support the young minds to identify their hopes and dreams by helping their studies to take them closer to their goals.

Samsung CSR Activities
Samsung CSR PizzAut App

Another CSR activity is the PizzAut, which was an initiative of Samsung’s Italy CSR activity. It was an app that was designed for individuals with autism to manage a restaurant business. 

Nevertheless, it also offers good customer service support and commitment to their customers. 

Samsung Marketing Campaigns 

1. Monster Trail – Marketing Campaign 

The campaign that was launched in 2019 with the message of “always on” lifestyle. The campaign unveils Samsung’s Galaxy M30s sports which has a massive 6000 mAh battery life. The campaign features Indian celebrity Amit Sadh in the video. 

Monster trail campaign
Monster Trail Campaign

The aim behind the #GoMonster in Samsung’s marketing campaign was to highlight and pinpoint the phone’s incredible long battery life.

In the video it is shown that with only a single charge of the Samsung M30 monster battery is enough to keep him company on the risky mountain trail path from Leh to India’s highest astronomical observatory in Hanle. 

2. India Ready Action – Marketing Campaign 

With  #IndiaReadyAction marketing campaign, Samsung has highlighted and empowered people especially the Gen Z and millennials generation to capture and share the shorts of real India with their smartphones. 

India Ready Action campaign_
India, Ready, Action! Campaign

The campaign features photographer Avani Rai and was launched in May 2019. This campaign urged and empowered the millennials & Gen z in India to represent real India through their cameras and their voices.

3. Epic Dreams of 21 – Marketing Campaign 

This campaign came into the market in 2021. The campaign highlighted the features and capabilities of its then new smartphone Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with its exceptionally great ground-breaking 108MP pro-grade camera. 

Epic Dreams 21 campaign
Epic Dreams of 21 Campaign

In this campaign, for the first time, #EpicDreamsOf21 video captures 21 individual dream shots in one amazing photo.

With its unmatched and exclusive good  image quality and exquisite style, the campaign sets itself as a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign and an experience for Samsung customers.

4. You Make It Happen – Marketing Campaign 

This campaign of Samsung touched the hearts of millions. The campaign was launched in 2022. The idea behind the campaign was to thank and pay a tribute to its retail partners all around the country. 

YouMakeItHappen campaign
You Make It Happen Campaign

Through this campaign Samsung showed its gratitude towards the retailers that have helped them to become one of household names in the country.

It signifies how the company and its retailer partners have got each other’s backs and looks after each other to access new innovations, future perspectives, etc. 

The video is a perfect example of how the company respects and supports its partners throughout their journey. 

5. Partnering With Alia Bhatt & Masaba Gupta 

Samsung collaborated with celebrity Alia Bhatt for their launch of Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphones. Samsung collaborated with Alia Bhatt and designer Masaba Gupta. 

Alia Bhatt & Masaba Gupta campaign
Alia Bhatt & Masaba Gupta Campaign

The campaign showed how the designer created a new outfit from the old loved clothes of the actor. 

The campaign emphasizes the value of creating a sustainable future by recycling old things and creating a “Unfolding a Better Future for Everyone.”

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Summing Up: Samsung Marketing Strategy 

Samsung is one of the major, fully established, and profitable electronic operating companies. Samsung marketing strategy incorporates various factors like collaborations, the 4P’s, various promotion tactics, and whatnot.

These strategies have helped the brand to cater to the ever changing customer preferences and choices since its establishment.

Samsung Marketing strategy

Samsung has a vast global presence making the brand well recognized and reputable at the world stage. 

The commitment to provide their customers with the best services and products has garnered them the name of being one of the best brands in the electronic industry. Samsung is also one of the top 5 global brands in the industry. 

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